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Dec 13, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View - December 13, 2016: Time Isn't on Luxury Watchmakers Side
Bloomberg View
Upper-Middle-Class Angst Is Depressing Swiss Watch Sales

If this generation can’t afford one, and the next generation doesn’t want one, the future looks bleak for Swiss timepieces. Mark Gilbert explains why social and economic changes around the world are keeping horologists in Geneva up at night.
U.S. Companies Were Hurt By China, Too
American manufacturing workers weren’t alone in taking a beating from low-cost overseas competition, Noah Smith finds: New research suggests U.S. businesses also shrank from the free-trade challenge.
Innovators Succeed Outside of Regulators’ Boxes
Renting an Airbnb isn’t the same as staying at a hotel, and thank goodness for that. Virginia Postrel is happy to accept some trade-offs in service and convenience, if it means entrepreneurs are free to explore.
Expect the Unexpected From Trump the Deal-Maker
Real-estate bargaining has its own logic. In a government context, that opens the door to surprises. Tyler Cowen lays out a possible scenario for the next administration based on Donald Trump’s experience as a developer.
Five Facts About Trump’s ‘Popularity’
There’s nothing nothing Teflon about this president-elect, even if he tells the American people otherwise. Jonathan Bernstein offers reason to be skeptical.
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