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Oct 20, 2016

The Guardian | Euro Zone | Business Live: European Central Bank Leaves Interest Rates and QE Unchanged - Business Live - October 20, 2016
Graeme Wearden
ECB day has arrived, and as a result markets are becalmed, waiting to see what the oracle of Frankfurt will pronounce.

Having firmly shot down reports of tapering, the ECB meeting will be closely-watched for any sign that the bank is looking to broaden its options with respect to more QE in coming months.
Clearly the euro thinks looser policy is coming, as the currency slumps to its lowest level since July. The Germans might not be keen on further stimulus, but they’ll be even less keen on a stronger euro that hits exports, having already suffered this to some extent due to the fall in sterling, which will boost the price of German imports into the key UK market.

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