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Oct 26, 2016

From Bloomberg View | Share The View: The Forecast For China's Economy
Bloomberg View
China Can Resist a Crash, But It Can’t Prevent One
Most people in China haven’t lived through a true economic crash, but some fear one is on the way. Tyler Cowen says the government’s brawn will let it overpower economic weaknesses after years of supercharged growth — but only for so long.

Politicians Overreact to the AT&T-Time Warner Deal
It’s hardly surprising that lawmakers responded to Saturday’s $85 billion takeover proposal with knee-jerk populist rhetoric. But Paula Dwyer argues blocking the tie-up would hurt consumers more than it helps.
I Saw the Future of Politics at an Evan McMullin Rally
He’s only been running for president for 11 weeks, but Evan McMullin could become the first third-party candidate with to carry a state in nearly 50 years. Leonid Bershidsky says the independent storming the Mountain West might offer a new vision for conservatives.
Obama Embarks on a Political Comeuppance Tour
In the waning days of his presidency, Barack Obama is on the campaign trail delivering payback with a smile. Francis Wilkinson cheers on the reserved head of state as he lets his inner brawler come out.
A World Series for the Losers Is Anything But Sad
As the Chicago Cubs battle the Cleveland Indians for the 2016 World Series, Stephen L. Carter savors the particular tang of joy of that comes from watching an all-underdog championship contest.
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