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Sep 6, 2016

NYT | First Draft on september 6, 2016: Election Clock Ticks Down to 60-Plus Days to Go, by Maggie Habberman

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The New York Times

The New York Times
Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence made a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday.
Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence made a campaign stop in Ohio on Monday. Ty Wright for The New York Times
Election Clock Ticks Down to 60-Plus Days to Go

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, with Labor Day behind them, enter the final stretch of the grueling 2016 presidential campaign on Tuesday as they emerge from Ohio and fan out across the country.
Mrs. Clinton began using a different plane this week, accompanied by her press corps, who until now had been flying separately. Mrs. Clinton, who went about nine months without addressing her traveling press corps, answeredquestions for nearly half an hour on Monday on topics including the controversy over her use of a private email server while secretary of state and whether Russia was trying to meddle in the elections.
Mr. Trump held his own news conference aboard his personal plane, which reporters are occasionally allowed to fly on. But reporters do not travel with him full time, and that practice diverges from the approach taken by previous nominees who submitted to having a “protective pool” of journalists follow them everywhere.
Mrs. Clinton is almost all the way there, but she is still not adhering in full to past practices.
The fact that it makes news when the candidates let reporters travel on their planes says something about the state of this election.
Monday was also another milestone — three weeks until the first presidential debate between two nominees from New York, to be held on Long Island.
The campaign trail will get busier in the prelude to the debates and to the voting on Nov. 8. On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton will hold a rally in Tampa, Fla., while her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, will give a national security speech in Wilmington, N.C.
Mr. Trump will hold rallies in Virginia Beach and Greenville, N.C., and Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, his running mate, will make two stops in Missouri.
The trips that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump made to Ohio, a crucial battleground state, highlighted the disparities between them. Mrs. Clinton’s team and the Democrats have a well-established ground game in the state, while Mr. Trump, who is at odds with the state’s Republican governor, John R. Kasich, lags far behind in organization.
Turnout efforts and a focus on absentee ballot programs could help determine the outcome of close contests in crucial states. And with two months left, Mr. Trump has a wide gap to close.
Hillary Clinton greeted members of the news media on Monday on her new charter plane on her way to Cleveland.
Sam Hodgson for The New York Times
Mrs. Clinton returned to the trail on Monday after a summer of fund-raising, while Mr. Trump went to Ohio to begin a week of swing-state campaigning.
Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia on the campaign’s new charter plane on Monday in Cleveland.
Sam Hodgson for The New York Times
Mrs. Clinton, who had for months crisscrossed the country on a plane separate from the news media, brought journalists on her new Boeing 737.
Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned on Monday for Hillary Clinton in Lebanon, N.H.
Jacob Hannah for The New York Times
The Democratic runner-up urged attendees at a Labor Day rally to vote for Mrs. Clinton as a bulwark against Donald J. Trump. But many did not seem convinced.

Hillary Clinton on Monday in Hampton, Ill. “It’s almost unthinkable,” Mrs. Clinton said, referring to what she called recent “credible reports about Russian interference in our elections.”

In an open letter that is set to be released, the retired generals and other officials urge a “long overdue course correction in our national security posture.”

Donald J. Trump at a diner in Brook Park, Ohio, on Monday. Almost none of Gov. John R. Kasich’s seasoned political staff are helping Mr. Trump in his close battle here with Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump’s Feud With John Kasich May Haunt Him in Ohio
Almost none of Mr. Kasich’s seasoned staff members are helping Mr. Trump in the state, which no candidate since 1964 has lost and still won the White House.
Marble Collegiate Church, on Fifth Avenue, where Donald J. Trump attended Sunday services for almost 50 years.
Overlooked Influences on Donald Trump: A Famous Minister and His Church
For all that has been written about Mr. Trump, relatively little attention has been paid to the time he spent at Marble Collegiate Church and his relationship with the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale.
Congress Returns From Break to a Pre-election Landscape
Republicans who control the House and Senate do not seem inclined to try anything bold in a session that will probably be heavy on political positioning.