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Sep 8, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View - September 8, 2016: Behavioral Economics and Apple's Earbud Folly

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You'll Miss What You Don't Use on the New iPhone
Remember the New Coke debacle? There's a lesson in it for Apple, which revealed Wednesday that its next-generation iPhone would come without a headphone jack. (Music lovers can plunk down $159 for Apple-branded wireless headphones.) Megan McArdle says the move, which has already alienated some fans, illustrates the importance of "option value" in economics.
In Global Banking, Apps and Security Don't Mix

Everybody likes cool technology. Unfortunately, hackers love it. Every app on your smartphone is entry point for malicious attacks, and as Elaine Ou warns, there's no easy solution in sight.
A Nationalist Eastern Europe Could Reshape the EU
The European Union has three factions, Leonid Bershidsky argues -- the German-led north; the restive, struggling south; and the post-communist east. And as Poland and Hungary unite to push for a larger, more fortified, and more decentralized EU, Bershidsky says their "cultural counter-revolution" has a chance of success.
U.S. Jobs Rebound Isn't Helping the 'Missing Men'
The most recent jobs report offered some good news for teenagers, but not for the 7 million working-age men -- mostly poor, mostly uneducated -- who've dropped out of the labor force. Conor Sen says their plight belongs at the center of the national political debate.
Marijuana Could Be the Next Sin-Tax Gusher
Colorado collected $157 million in marijuana taxes last year; for cash-strapped states nationwide, legal cannabis could amount to an $18 billion windfall. Paula Dwyer explains why some cash-strapped governments hope to see a pot of gold at the end of the legalization rainbow.
The Case for Paid Parental Leave
Pushing back against economists (including BV's own Tyler Cowen) who argue governments should offer parents cash instead of paid family leave, Noah Smith says policy decisions shouldn't be made purely on grounds of economic efficiency.
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