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Sep 15, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View: New Frontiers in Political Manipulations - September 15, 2016
Bloomberg View
Google Isn't Swinging Elections, But It Could

Don't worry; the mammoth of Mountain View probably isn't gaming its political search suggestions. But Leonid Bershidsky warns that search engines could easily tweak their algorithms to benefit their preferred candidates.  
The World's Most Important Graph Heads to the Graveyard
A simple visualization of shifting global income, much beloved by economists, turns out to be wrong. Noah Smith explains why you shouldn't trust the "Elephant Graph."
Income Liftoff Shows the Recovery Is Real
It's been a long time coming, but finally lots of Americans are doing better -- including the working poor and middle class. Barry Ritholtz lays out explains why the gains are finally being shared more equally.
Trump's New Middle-Class Entitlement
Sure, Donald Trump's new child-care plan would cost a lot and help wealthier families more than the poor -- but still, Paula Dwyer says, it's an enormous leap for a Republican.
Mega-Ships May Be Too Big Not to Fail
For years, shipping lines kept adding capacity even as demand slowed; now, companies are stuck with half-filled leviathans, some too large to enter major ports and canals. Justin Fox considers what it means for the global economy.
Ritholtz's Reads
  • Complex markets don't need complex solutions (Evidence-Based Investor)
  • Three lessons from Warren Buffett's bet against hedge funds (Morningstar)
  • Ikea forever: By upping its design but not its prices, the Swedish giant is making its ephemeral furnishings more pervasive than ever (NYT)
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