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Sep 16, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View: The C of Prosecuting Bankersase of

Bloomberg View
The Lehman Moment Is Still With Us

Elizabeth Warren wants to prosecute bankers for the misdeeds of the financial crisis -- and if that's what it takes to close the book on an era of fraud and abuse, then Barry Ritholtz is on board.  
Globalization Goes National
Trade deals between countries may be stalled, but barriers inside nations are falling -- and economically, Tyler Cowen says, it's much the same thing.
The Three Meanings of 'Power'
Political analysis is filled with loose language that muddles as much as it clarifies, and "power" is among the most ubiquitous terms. Before you take to the streets to fight it, Noah Smith says, you should know what you're talking about.
Maybe Clinton Should Take a Little More Time Off
Even if she's recovered from pneumonia, Hillary Clinton would be smart to spend a few more days out of the limelight, Margaret Carlson says: During her convalescence, Obama and Bill did a better job of selling her than she's done for herself.
This Loophole Ends the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
Federal law should protect your Social Security number from government inquiries, but a recent court ruling lets states ask for the digits whenever they want. Noah Feldman makes sense of a worrisome decision.
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