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Aug 31, 2016

The Guardian | World | Australia | Australian Politics - Live: August September 1, 2016 (04:02 BST): Senate Calls malcolm Turnbull to Establish a Banking Royal Commissio. - Politics Live
Gareth Hutchens

Senate calls on the prime minister to establish a banking royal commission


Jacqui Lambie: don't go shoving this folder down my throat either

From Gareth:
George Brandis has just demanded, in the Senate, that Labor senator Sam Dastyari properly explain his decision to allow a company with links to the Chinese government to pay a $1600 bill incurred by his office.
Brandis said Dastyari had recently taken public positions on foreign policy matters regarding China, which were “starkly at variance” with Labor’s official position.
He wondered if Dastyari’s close relationship with Chinese interests had anything to do with it.
“Did Senator Dastyari’s links with China influence him in presenting what he himself called ‘The Chinese View’ in a speech in the senate?” Brandis said.
“Senator Dastyari’s acceptance of personal benefits from an entity or entities with links to the Chinese state and the carefully opaque way in which the payments have been described in the register of senators’ interests raises the inevitable question of whether Senator Dastyari, whether advertently or unwittingly, has allowed himself to be compromised.
“This is a very serious matter.
“It is much more serious than, for instance, the allegations which were made against the member for Fadden, Mr Robert, which caused him to lose his position in the ministry.
“Senator Dastyari is an extremely influential matter in the alternative government of Australia. If he has been compromised, that is a very grave matter.
“It is incumbent upon Senator Dastyari now to provide to the Senate a full explanation of the affair, a full account of the nature of his dealings with these two Chinese companies, and in particular a full explanation as to why it was that they were paying personal debts of Senator Dastyari’s.
“It is for Mr Shorten to insist that Senator Dastyari do so.”