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Aug 22, 2016

NYT First Draft - August 22, 2016: Trump, With Bare -Bones Campaign, Relies on G.O.P for Vital Tasks

Monday, August 22, 2016

The New York Times

The New York Times

Monday, August 22, 2016

Donald J. Trump on Saturday in Fredericksburg, Va. Much of his support is from small donors.
Donald J. Trump on Saturday in Fredericksburg, Va. Much of his support is from small donors. Al Drago/The New York Times
Trump, With Bare-Bones Campaign, Relies on G.O.P. for Vital Tasks
Donald J. Trump is leaning heavily on Republican Party organizations to provide crucial campaign functions like getting out the vote, digital outreach and fund-raising, at a time when some leading Republicans have called for party officials to cut off Mr. Trump and focus instead on maintaining control of Congress.
Despite an influx of campaign cash from small donors in July, Mr. Trump’s operation still largely resembles the bare-bones outfit that he rode to victory during the primary season, more concert tour than presidential campaign, according to interviews and documents filed with the Federal Election Commission through Saturday night. And some Republicans believe he is effectively out of time to invest in the kind of large-scale infrastructure that the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, will bring to the polls in November.
At a time when a typical presidential campaign would be fielding hundreds of organizers in swing states across the country and Mrs. Clinton is spending almost $3 million a month on staff, Mr. Trump spent more money on renting arenas for his speeches than he did on payroll. He had just 80 staff members on the ground at the beginning of August.
Although he has opened offices in Ohio and Florida in recent weeks, Mr. Trump’s field efforts rely primarily on roughly 500 Republican National Committee organizers scattered across 11 swing states.
Some Republicans believe that with the fall campaign weeks away, the party should focus its money and efforts down ballot to protect Republicans’ congressional base.
The difficulty, though, is that as November approaches, the Republican National Committee is more reliant on Mr. Trump for cash than on other recent nominees. Millions of dollars are coming in through a small-donor-focused committee operated jointly with the committee, which is splitting a share of the proceeds with Mr. Trump. Over half the money raised in July by the Trump campaign and the committee came from donors giving less than $200.
On the Trail
Mr. Trump will hold a rally in Akron, Ohio, while Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana will be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Mrs. Clinton has no campaign events but will tape an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and will hold fund-raisers in Los Angeles. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia will campaign in Las Vegas and will attend a fund-raiser in Denver.
A rally last week in Philadelphia, where Hillary Clinton said voter registration efforts were the best tactic against Donald J. Trump.
Ruth Fremson/The New York Times
Observers say the Republican nominee’s warnings of voter fraud in Pennsylvania belie his real target: predominately black precincts like those in Philadelphia that traditionally vote for Democrats.

A copy of a photo from the early 1900s of Donald J. Trump’s forebears. From left, Fred Trump, his father; Friedrich Trump, his grandfather; Elizabeth Trump; Elizabeth Christ, his grandmother; and John George Trump.
Bryan Thomas for The New York Times
For decades, in part to avoid alienating Jewish friends and clients, the Trumps buried their German heritage, instead saying that the family was Swedish.

Sean Hannity of Fox News did not dispute that he lent his thoughts to Donald Trump and others in the candidate’s orbit.
Sean Hannity Turns Adviser in the Service of Donald Trump
Mr. Hannity has given Mr. Trump and those around him suggestions on strategy and messaging while still hosting his show on Fox News.
President Obama discussed the Trans-Pacific Partnership after a meeting with current and former diplomats and defense officials at the White House in November 2015.
Obama Prepares One Last Push for Trans-Pacific Partnership
As both presidential candidates campaign against it, the White House is negotiating with Republicans in Congress to ratify the largest regional trade agreement ever.
Donald J. Trump at a rally Saturday in Fredericksburg, Va. Much of his support comes from small donors.
Trump Said to Begin Preparation for First Debate Against Clinton
Mr. Trump, who often boasts of his lack of serious preparation for his Republican primary debates, was said to have begun practicing for the event, scheduled for Sept. 26.