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Aug 31, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View: The Taxman Comes For Apple
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Apple Finds Out It Took the Tax Game Too Far 

The Republic of Ireland gave Apple 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in illegal tax breaks, the European Commission ruled Tuesday -- money the tech company will now have to pay back itself. As some wonder if the era of easy European tax breaks is coming to a close, Justin Fox considers the line between corporate responsibility to shareholders and to the world. Meanwhile Leonid Bershidsky calls the outcome nothing short of farcical -- after all, Ireland now has to deal with a multibillion-dollar windfall it didn't even want).
In Praise of Radical Transparency
The U.S. government collects boatloads of information that could be useful to the public. Why not let the people see? Cass Sunstein urges the next administration to let it all hang out, data-wise.
Why Geographic Inequality Matters
When a country's talent and wealth are limited to just a few big cities (say, San Francisco and New York), the rest of the country suffers. Conor Sen makes the case for spreading the wealth around.
A Parallel-Universe U.S.Without Free Trade
Donald Trump wants to repeal NAFTA, and Hillary Clinton has turned her back on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but how would protectionist trade policy affect everyday life for Americans workers and consumer? Paula Dwyer asks economist Tyler Cowen and former U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, and the outlook is grim.
Expand the Best Program for Fighting Poverty
Why aren't progressives marching in the streets for a higher earned-income tax credit? It may not be glamorous, but Noah Smith says it would do a lot more good than raising the minimum wage.
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