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Aug 6, 2016

Bloomberg View - August 6, 2016: Trump's Business Partners

Relationships are the key to business success. What do Trump's relationships reveal about him? Biographer Tim O'Brien notes that in Atlantic City and New York alike, Trump has relied on a melange of associates with questionable ethics and "colorful" backgrounds, while struggling to maintain alliances with sober professionals. (That doesn't bode well for his belated effort to make nice with the GOP establishment.) 

Yay, Jobs! So Why Isn't the Economy Following?
U.S. employment grew by a healthy 255,000 nonfarm jobs in July, but GDP growth has been stagnant. Why the disconnect? Mark Whitehouse considers the paradox of companies that are happy to hire but hesitant to invest in expansion, Meanwhile, Mohamed El-Erian says the report offers much-needed good news (even if it's not enough to fuel the takeoff the U.S. really needs).
The Amazing Shrinking Government
Meanwhile, Justin Fox notes one countertrend in the jobs report data -- when it comes to employment, big government is getting smaller. The federal government employs the lowest share of nonfarm workers since Eisenhower was in office, and the number of active-duty military service members has shrunk by 60 percent in that time.
Paying Ransom for Hostages Isn't Always Bad
President Obama swears that when the U.S. airlifted $400 million in cash to Iran, it wasn't at all connected to the release of four American hostages that very same day. Noah Feldman wonders: So what if it did? Sending a pallet of cash to Iran is better than sending in troops.
Facebook, I Want My Clickbait Back
The social network has once again tweaked its algorithm to keep clichéd, manipulative headlines out of users' feeds. Not only is this bad news for Upworthy fans (now how will they find out what happened next?), Leonid Bershidsky fears it could ultimately become a tool of censorship.