Jun 30, 2016

WSJ | Forex Closing on June 30, 2016

Major Currencies
Thursday, June 30, 2016
US$ vs.
AmericasIN US$PER US$% CHG
Argentina peso0.066515.04250.53
Brazil real0.31123.2138-0.22
Canada dollar0.77371.2925-0.09
Chile peso0.001511662.000.05
Colombia peso0.00034242920.190.16
Ecuador US dollar11unch
Mexico peso0.054718.2802-1.10
Peru new sol0.30433.28650.26
Uruguay peso0.0326130.6700-1.38
Venezuela bolivar0.10009969.9901unch
Australian dollar0.74501.34230.03
China yuan0.15066.64150.09
Hong Kong dollar0.12897.7592unch
India rupee0.0148167.503500.12
Indonesia rupiah0.0000759131720.47
Japan yen0.00969103.200.37
Kazakhstan tenge0.00295339.05-0.02
Macau pataca0.12518317.988-0.01
Malaysia ringgit0.25063.9911-0.37
New Zealand dollar0.71351.4015-0.31
Pakistan rupee0.00955104.750.10
Philippines peso0.021247.13200.39
Singapore dollar0.74231.3471-0.06
South Korea won0.00086771152.53-0.16
Sri Lanka rupee0.0068634145.70-0.61
Taiwan dollar0.0310332.23-0.17
Thailand baht0.0284735.120unch
Vietnam dong0.0000448622294-0.07
Bulgaria lev0.567471.7620.13
Croatia kuna0.14756.77960.15
Czech Rep. koruna0.0410224.3760.04
Denmark krone0.14936.69810.18
Euro area euro1.11080.90030.15
Hungary forint0.00351840284.22-0.28
Iceland krona0.008138122.88-0.49
Norway krone0.11968.3634-0.35
Poland zloty0.25363.9432-0.74
Romania leu0.24564.07230.04
Russia ruble0.0155764.2170.83
Sweden krona0.11828.45980.04
Switzerland franc1.02440.9762-0.35
Turkey lira0.34752.8780-0.39
Ukraine hryvnia0.040324.7909-0.52
U.K. pound1.33110.75130.89
Middle East/Africa
Bahrain dinar2.65110.3772unch
Egypt pound0.11278.8746-0.07
Israel shekel0.25943.85570.15
Kuwait dinar3.31470.3017-0.03
Oman sul rial2.598310.38-0.01
Qatar rial0.27463.6413-0.01
Saudia Arabia riyal0.26663.75090.04
South Africa rand0.067914.7365-0.36
The "US$ vs. % chg" column reflects the percentage change in the value of the U.S. dollar vs. each currency.
Source: Tullett Prebon

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