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Jun 3, 2016

DealBook P.M. Edition - June 3, 2016: Top Story: William D. Cohan: Finra Arbitration Case Offers a Peek Into a Murky World

Friday, June 3, 2016
William D. Cohan: Finra Arbitration Case Offers a Peek Into a Murky World Forced arbitration can circumvent legal rights, but Finra's version of arbitration comes with an additional dollop of what seems like bias.

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    Norman Stein, a legal expert at the Pension Rights Center, worries about a race to the bottom in benefit programs.
    Gretchen Morgenson: When Your 401(k) Is Better for Your Employer Some companies are using legal tactics to shield themselves from litigation over issues like fees and plan choices.
    A construction site in Orlando, Fla. The average monthly job gains so far in 2016 have fallen far shy of the nearly 240,000 average of the last two years,
    Sharp Fall in U.S. Hiring Saps Chance of Fed Rate Increase in June The slowdown could delay a decision by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. The unemployment rate dipped after workers dropped out of the labor force.
    A welder in Hapeville, Ga., last month. The unemployment rate fell to 4.7 percent from 5 percent, but that was primarily a result of Americans dropping out of the labor force.
    Upshot: The Jobs Report Is Not Quite as Terrible as It Looks A slightly longer-run perspective offsets some short-run gloom, but the numbers suggest the economy is slowing.
    Tony Fadell is leaving Nest, the company he helped found, following months of controversy regarding his leadership.
    Nest Leader and Co-Founder Leaving After 6 Years at Helm Tony Fadell said it was his idea to leave the maker of digital versions of thermostats, smoke detectors and other common household products.
    U.S. to Return $6 Million to Diamondback Capital in Insider Trading Case The hedge fund forfeited the money as part of a non-prosecution agreement, according to a court filing.
    Kate Levenstien, center, is founder of the Bacon and Beer Classic. Her early success was financed by cash flow - she has produced 15 bacon and beer events - but she is thinking about her next options.
    Paul Sullivan: Needing Cash, Some Small Business Owners Bypass the Bank For some entrepreneurs, growing their businesses has a lot to do with their risk tolerance and how they think about cash flow and partnerships.
    Chinese guards at the North Korean Embassy in Beijing. The United States Treasury Department has designated North Korea as a
    U.S. Sanctions Expected to Hit Small Banks' Business With North Korea The Chinese banks most affected by the sanctions on Pyongyang will be regional ones that facilitate the bulk of North Korea's business in China.
    Breakingviews: Shareholder Initiatives Show Their Value A plethora of examples involving companies like Dell, Facebook and Tribune Publishing prove that shareholder votes can be of great consequence.
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    Video: JPMorgan Chief Warns of a Brexit Jobs Cut "Brexit could mean fewer JPMorgan jobs in the U.K. and more jobs in Europe," Jamie Dimon said. The bank employs 16,000 staff in Britain.
    JPMorgan Says Employees Don't Always Have to Wear Suits Sweatpants, leggings and yoga pants, aren't acceptable, nor are halter tops, flip-flops, hats or hoods. "Distracting, tight, revealing or exceptionally loose or low-cut clothing," isn't allowed either
    How to Wear Really Short Shorts And other stylish items not suitable for office hours.
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