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Jun 7, 2016

Bloomberg View - June 7, 2016: Beware China's Shadow Banks, by Share The View

Share the View

China's "shadow" banks, which hold assets worth about 80 percent of the country's GDP, have become dangerously intertwined with commercial banks. Christopher Balding explains why they pose a growing systemic threat.

Bring On the Blockchain Future
A technology much loved by anarchists and drug dealers could make the global financial system safer. The Bloomberg View editorial board lays out why the code that powers bitcoin could be a force for economic stability.
Switzerland Passes on Universal Basic Income
Swiss voters on Sunday roundly rejected a proposal to provide stipends to all citizens, an idea that's gained traction with social reformers and Silicon Valley evangelists alike. While Megan McArdle is as skeptical of the concept as the Swiss are, Leonid Bershidsky says their rejection will likely be a temporary setback for a promising movement.
Tuning Out the Financial Noise
When you're engulfed in a swirling blizzard of news and information, each new data point can seem critical. The good news for traders and investors is: It isn't. Barry Ritholtz considers what to focus on, what to ignore, and how to make sense of out of the chaos.
Ritholtz's Reads
  • Inside McKinsey's private hedge fund (Financial Times)
  • Twitter's anti-Semitism problem is exactly why Twitter has a growth problem (Quartz)
  • The risk-free rate has been falling for over 30 years. This isn't a post-crisis blip; it's a secular trend. (Coppola Comment)
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