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Jun 19, 2016

Australian Elections 2016: Penny Wong Won't Commit on Plebisdcite Legislation - Politics Live: The Guardian | World | Australia | Australian Elections 2016
Helen Davidson
Have you seen the bill?

No one has seen the bill. No one has seen the bill. This has been a proposition that the Liberal party have been trying to use to take attention off Malcolm Turnbull’s capitulation to the right, his capitulation on this important issue. LGBTI Australians everywhere are so disappointed he has capitulated on this issue because we understand what it means. They are trying to get attention away from his capitulation by trying to talk about what happens after the election on a bill they haven’t even drafted.

This has been Liberal party policy from prior to the time Mr Turnbull knocked off Mr Abbott, it dates back to Mr Abbott’s prime ministership. No bill yet somehow they want to talk about what happens after the election. This election will be about Medicare, it will be a referendum on Medicare, on schools, on hospitals, on universities and it will be a people’s vote on marriage equality. If you elect a Labor government, we will deliver it.

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