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Dec 13, 2015

The Guardian | World | Europe | Marine Le Pen - December 13, 2015: Front National Held Back in France – But Its Trajectory Is On The Up.

Front National held back in France – but its trajectory is on the up

Angelique Chrisafis
The election night mood in France was one of grim introspection.
Even if the rising tide of the far right Front National (FN) had been held back – temporarily at least – by tactical voting and a leap in turnout, the lessons were clear to see. The nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-European party was here to stay.

The Guardian | Environment | Climate Chamge | Cop 21: UN Conference | Paris: Paris Climate Deal: The World's Greatest Diplomatic Success

Paris climate deal: the world's greatest diplomatic success

Fiona Harvey
In the final meeting of the Paris talks on climate change on Saturday night, the debating chamber was full and the atmosphere tense. Ministers from 196 countries sat behind their country nameplates, aides flocking them, with observers packed into the overflowing hall.

The Guardian | Environment | Climate Change | Global Climate Talks - December 13, 2015: How The Historic Paris Deal Over Climate Change Was Finally Agreed

How the historic Paris deal over climate change was finally agreed

Lenore Taylor
“I see no objections,” said the expressionless French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, barely glancing at the rows of country delegates then sharply banging his gavel. There was a moment’s silence as if no one could quite believe it, and then the cheers rang out, the tears of relief flowed and in scenes of high emotion, the anonymous conference hall in a northern suburb of Paris erupted. Thousands of delegates started to applaud each other. They had done it.