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Nov 26, 2015

RT Keiser Report: Government Giving Burgerly Bad Name (E841)

Keiser Report: Government Giving Burgerly Bad Name (E841)

In this special episode of the Keiser Report from New York City Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert carry two bucks with them in case they get shaken down by the police. They also discuss New York regulators fining recidivist bankster, Barclays, for ripping off clients with the Last Look algorithm which automatically cancelled trades unfavourable to the bank’s own positions. In the second half Max interviews Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group about bitcoin, blockchain and the near future prospects for both.

BBC Newsnight - November 26, 2015: Life in Raqqa.

Life in Raqqa - Newsnight

BBC Newsnight BBC Newsnight
Published on Nov 26, 2015
A glimpse into what life in Raqqa is like under the so called Islamic State by talking to those who've managed to get out.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Occupy Peace Or Occupy Hell?" - (11/20/15)

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Occupy Peace Or Occupy Hell?" - (11/20/15)

Gerald Celente
Published on Nov 25, 2015
"European Central Bank Chief: Mario Draghi hints at further monetary easing, “natural resource prices have not bottomed/could fall further” says Goldman Sachs & the FDA states “no label will be required for genetically modified salmon”."

The Economist Editor's Picks - November 26, 2015: The Rise and Fall of Tech Unicorns.

Editor’s Picks   November 26th 2015  

On our cover we look forward to the Paris climate talks, which start on Monday. We argue in a leader and a 14-page special report that today’s tools and thinking cannot deal with global warming. It is time to come up with something bolder

Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief

A new president in Argentina
Mauricio Macri’s remarkable victory will reverberate right across Latin America

Tech unicorns
Investors are worried that many private technology firms are struggling to justify their valuations. In fact, a correction would be good news

General relativity
A century ago Albert Einstein unveiled ten equations that changed the way people saw the cosmos. His work is still offering insights today


Health Without Wealth
The pioneering new approaches to low-cost health care that are saving lives—and saving money, too

Politics this week
Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on its border with Syria, claiming the aircraft had violated its airspace. Russia is carrying out air strikes in Syria. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, called Turkey’s action a “stab in the back” and accused it of supporting Islamic State. Barack Obama said that Turkey had a right to defend its borders, but that America would also be willing to work more closely with Russia in the fight against IS
Business this week
Italy’s central bank helped to create a largely private fund that allows the government to rescue four ailing banks and hive off their poorly performing assets into a “bad bank”. It seems to have acted now to spare senior bondholders any losses


The Guardian | World | Middle East | Labour - November 26, 2015: Labour Leadership in Turmoil Over Vote on UK Military Action in Syria.

Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria

Patrick Wintour
Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow foreign secretary, Hilary Benn, have adopted sharply opposing views on UK military action against Islamic State, hours after David Cameron argued it was time to extend bombing to Syria.
The Labour leader wrote to his MPs saying that the prime minister had failed earlier on Thursday to explain how an aerial campaign would protect UK security, setting up an intense debate in the party ahead of an expected Commons vote next week to broaden RAF airstrikes from Iraq to Syria.
“I do not believe the prime minister’s current proposal for airstrikes in Syria will protect our security and therefore cannot support it,” Corbyn wrote.

WSJ | Forex Closing on November 26, 2015.

The Wall Street Journal Forex Closing
Major Currencies
Thursday, November 26, 2015
US$ vs.
Americas in US$ per US$ % chg
Argentina peso 0.1033 9.6848 0.53
Brazil real 0.2672 3.7430 unch
Canada dollar 0.7522 1.3295 0.05
Chile peso 0.001401 714.00 0.11
Colombia peso 0.0003238 3088.80 0.55
Ecuador US dollar 1 1 unch
Mexico peso 0.0604 16.5626 0.36
Peru new sol 0.2959 3.3791 0.02
Uruguay peso 0.03377 29.6100 0.30
Venezuela bolivar 0.15853262 6.3079 unch

NYT | DealBook - November 26, 2015: Brazil Hedge Fund Star Looks Elsewhere for His Next Big Bet

Brazil Hedge Fund Star Looks Elsewhere for His Next Big Bet

Dan Horch
SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Luis Stuhlberger’s Brazilian hedge fund has had an astonishing run — even in the face of his country’s sinking economy.

But he has grown increasingly bearish about the economic outlook for Brazil, and he is no longer placing most of his bets here, deciding to look elsewhere for investment opportunities.
“Brazil is going to get much worse before it gets better,” he said.
Given his record, when Mr. Stuhlberger talks, Brazil watchers pay attention. His flagship fund Verde, known for its big-picture calls on economic trends, has returned an average of 29 percent a year, after fees, since it was founded in 1997.
Brazil’s stock market returned 10 percent a year, on average, and its main bond market benchmark returned 16 percent a year over the same period.
And while Brazil has been practically synonymous with economic volatility, Verde has had only one down year ever — 2008, during the global financial crisis, when it lost a modest 6 percent.
These numbers are in Brazil’s currency, the real, in which Mr. Stuhlberger’s fund is priced, and most of his clients are Brazilian retail investors. But even in dollars, Verde’s average annual return has been over 20 percent.

The Guardian | Opinion | Columnists: Syria - November 26, 2015: The Case for Airstrikes on Syria – The Guardian writers' verdicts

The case for airstrikes on Syria – our writers' verdicts | The panel

Owen Jones

Martin Woollacott: Anxiety over past failures shouldn’t influence this decision

Martin Woollacott circular byline
Britain does almost nothing in the world alone. Our foreign policy amounts to deciding whether or not to join other countries in projects and campaigns they are conducting or proposing to conduct. That is why to cast the decision over whether or not Britain should bomb in Syria in narrowly national terms distorts the situation.
This is about Britain’s relationship to the United States and especially, after Paris, about its relationship to France. After that massacre, the French president has set himself the task of building a broader coalition against Isis, giving it a more coherent agenda, and making it more effective, both militarily and diplomatically. Whether France has the weight to achieve this, whether France can help bridge the gap between Washington and Moscow, to what extent François Hollande is grandstanding without a real plan, are important questions.

GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH - November 26, 2015: Perth Mint to Collaborate with Australian Securities Exchange

Perth Mint to collaborate with Australian Securities Exchange

Submitted by cpowell on November 26, 2015By Bron Suchecki
The Perth Mint, Perth, Australia
Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today the Perth Mint and Australian Securities Exchange, one of the world's top-10 listed exchange groups measured by market capitalisation, announced that they would be collaborating on developing new exchange-traded precious metals products.
The first product is mostly likely to be a gold futures contract deliverable in Perth. Given the focus the gold community has on futures markets, and Comex in particular, I'm sure there will be a lot of interest is this Aussie gold contract. As we are in the process of talking to the market about what features they would like, it is not possible to get into contract specifications at this time but I can make some general comments about the approach ASX and Perth Mint will be taking. ...

... For the remainder of the announcement:

The Guardian | World | Europe | Islamic State - November 26, 2015: Hollande's Anti-Isis Talks With Putin Complicated by Downing of Russian Jet

Hollande's anti-Isis talks with Putin complicated by downing of Russian jet

Shaun Walker
François Hollande has landed in Moscow, where he will hold talks over dinner with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, as the French president continues diplomatic efforts to form a broad coalition against Islamic State after the Paris attacks.
Hollande met Barack Obama in Washington on Tuesday and Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, in Paris earlier on Thursday. He met David Cameron on Monday and Angela Merkel on Wednesday.
His trip to Moscow will last just a few hours, as he is whisked to the Kremlin for one-on-one talks with Putin followed by a working dinner set to include his foreign and defence ministers.
So far the pledges have been vague, and efforts to form a broad coalition have been further complicated by the shooting down of a Russian jet by the Turkish air force on Tuesday.

European Markets at Close Report by CNBC on November 26, 2015: Europe Ends Higher on Hopes of ECB Stimulus.

Europe ends higher on hopes of ECB stimulus

Holly Ellyatt, Phillip Tutt
European equities ended higher Thursday as investors anticipated more stimulus from the European Central Bank (ECB) when it meets next week.

Infineon gains

FTSE FTSE 100 Index 6390.03
52.39 0.83% 333628720
DAX DAX Index 11310.35
140.81 1.26% 70915647
CAC 40 CAC 40 Index 4944.11
51.12 1.04% 74101409
IBEX 35 IBEX 35 Idx 10331.60
104.30 1.02% 190727669
The Stoxx Europe 600 index provisionally finished around 0.9 percent higher in what was a quiet day of trade with U.S. markets closed due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Germany's DAX and the French CAC both ended over 1 percent higher, while London's FTSE closed around 0.9 percent up.
The biggest climber in Europe was German auto and industrial chip maker Infineon after it reported fiscal fourth-quarter operating profit up 52 percent. Shares in the company surged 13 percent higher at 12.98 euros.
Embattled automaker Volkswagen was also another high-climber, ending around 3 percent higher in spite of news out of South Korea that its was recalling 125,000 vehicles. Overnight, The New York Times reported that VW had found a fix for its European diesel cars.
In the U.K., the Daily Mail and General Trust closed up 4.6 percent after it announced the sale of its Wowcher online voucher company for £29 million to a private equity-led company.

Abengoa slumps

U.S. Stock Market Future Indications - November 26, 2015: Closed For Thanksgiving Day

Closed For Thanksgiving Day.

Asian Markets at Close Report by CNBC on November 26, 2015: Asia Stocks End Quiet Session on Mixed Note; ECB in Focus.

Asia stocks end quiet session on a mixed note; ECB in focus

Asian markets ended mixed on Thursday amid hopes for fresh European stimulus while new data reinforced expectations for tighter U.S. monetary policy.
The euro traded above the $1.06 handle, rebounding after hitting a seven-and-a-half month low of $1.0565 overnight, amid reports on Wednesday that European Central Bank (ECB) officials are considering unconventional easing measures, such as introducing a two tiered deposit rate, Reuters reported.
"According to the report, large depositors would be charged more than small depositors. This plan isn't likely to receive much support from Germany and France whose banks widely use the ECB's facility. However it is clear from today's price action that while investors have considered more stimulus, they have not considered how aggressive or creative they will be," said Kathy Lien, managing director of FX strategy at BK Asset Management.

Those stimulus expectations saw the STOXX Europe 600 rally 1.3 percent and the German DAX close up more than 2 percent overnight.