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Nov 15, 2015

The Guardian | World | Europe | Paris Attacks - November 16, 2015 01.42GMT: Paris Attacks: France Responds With Airstrikes Against Isis in Syria.

Paris attacks: France responds with airstrikes against Isis in Syria – live

Ian Black

The Guardian | World | Europe | Paris Attacks - November 15, 2015: Paris Attacks: Investigation Spreads Acroos Europe as Terrorists Identified.

Paris attacks: investigation spreads across Europe as terrorist identified

Daniel Boffey
The investigation to identify members of the terrorist cell behind France’s deadliest attack since the second world war has spread to Belgium, Greece and Germany as a 29-year-old Frenchman was named as one of the killers.
Multiple sources told French media that a severed finger found at the Bataclan theatre, where three gunmen killed 89 people during a concert on Friday night, belonged to Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, a petty criminal of Algerian origin.
Paris prosecutor François Molins said the suspect was born in the poor southern Paris suburb of Courcouronnes, and had been flagged as a radicalisation risk in 2010 but “never been implicated in an investigation or a terrorist association”.
A property in Courcouronnes linked to Mostefai was searched on Saturday, and his father, brother and brother’s sister were detained by police. It emerged on Sunday that the getaway vehicle used in the attacks on a number of restaurants and bars in Paris had been found in Montreuil, an eastern suburb of the French capital.
Molins also said that a Syrian passport, belonging to a man born in 1990 who was not known to the French authorities, had been found lying close by the bodies of two other jihadis, who both blew themselves up in the course of their attacks.
In Greece, citizen protection minister, Nikos Toskas, said earlier that the passport’s holder had entered the European Union through the Greek island of Leros on 3 October, adding: “We do not know if the passport was checked by other countries through which the holder likely passed.”
Reports that a second Syrian suspect had entered Europe via Greece were denied by a Greek official. “These reports are untrue and need clarification,” the official said.