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Sep 14, 2015

RT Keiser Report: Yuppie Gold and Pet Rocks (E809) Originally Published on September 12, 2015.


In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the great un-banking movement as more people choose not to “buy in” when the banking system seems rigged against them. In the second half, Max interviews investment banker Ned Naylor Leyland about the latest in yuppie gold pools and pet rocks.

Malcolm Turnbull: there has been a change of PM but we are strong - politics live: The Australian Politics.

Australian politics
Tuesday 15 Sep 2015
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Prime minister-designate declares that his elevation to Liberal leader was not expected but his government is strong. Tony Abbott is yet to make a statement while his ministers jostle before a cabinet reshuffle. Follow the day’s news live …
Former Liberal leader tells ABC program popularity is ‘ephemeral’ unless the new prime minister can reposition the party in the coming months

SEC Charges Medical Diagnostics Company Chairman and Two Others Behind Scheme to Manipulate Company Stock: SEC Enforcement Action - September 14, 2015.

SEC Seal

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged the executive chairman of a Massachusetts-based medical diagnostics company and two others with conducting a pump-and-dump scheme that was ultimately thwarted when the SEC suspended trading in the company’s securities before the secretly controlled shares could be dumped on unsuspecting investors.

Henning: The Prospects for Pursuing Corporate Executives: DealBook P.M. Edition Top Story - September 14, 2015:

Monday, September 14, 2015
Henning: The Prospects for Pursuing Corporate Executives By issuing a new policy that requires companies to identify every wrongdoer within the organization, regardless of rank, or be considered uncooperative, the Justice Department is telling companies to investigate more thoroughly - or else. The challenge, writes Peter J. Henning in the White Collar Watch column, is figuring out what "or else" might be.
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Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands Introduce Border Controls: NYT - Europe - September 14, 2015.

Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands Introduce Border Controls

Melissa Eddy and Dan Bilefsky
Police officers directed migrants to buses at a camp near the village of Roszke, Hungary, on Monday. Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times
BERLIN — Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands introduced border controls on Monday, as Germany’s decision over the weekend to set up checks began to ripple across a bloc struggling to deal with the influx of migrants coming to the Continent.
In Hungary, the authorities said that a near-record 5,353 migrants had crossed into the country from Serbia before noon on Monday — even as Budapest continued to seal off that border with the construction of a 109-mile fence made with razor wire.
Around 50 police officers, wearing riot gear and equipped with pepper spray, converged Monday afternoon on the train tracks linking the villages of Roszke, Hungary and Horgos, Serbia, which thousands of migrants had used to cross in recent days. An official in a bright yellow jacket turned away migrants seeking to enter Hungary.
Starting Tuesday, Hungary will classify unauthorized entry into the country as a criminal offense, punishable by up to three years in prison. In response, Serbia said it would set up reception centers in the north of the country and pleaded for the European Union, of which it is not a member, to take action.


Seeking a Fair Distribution of Migrants in Europe

German and European Union leaders have called for European countries to share the burden of absorbing the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have poured into the continent this summer.
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Why This Fed Meeting Will Mean So Much for 2016 Race by Ben White: CNBC - Politics

Why this Fed meeting will mean so much for 2016 race

Ben White
There are two big events that will help define the 2016 presidential race. The first takes place Wednesday night with the second GOP primary debate. The second happens Thursday with the Federal Reserve's announcement on interest rate policy. Of the two, the Fed's call is the most important.
Because if Janet Yellen and the central bank make a mistake and move too fast to raise rates—or continue to send mixed messages that markets don't really understand—it could cause further turmoil and wind up slowing down the U.S. economy in ways that could prove fatal to the Democratic nominee.

Stocks close lower as Street awaits Fed meeting: Wall Street at Close Report by CNBC on September 14, 2015.

Stocks close lower as Street awaits Fed meeting

Evelyn Cheng
U.S. stocks closed lower Monday as investors weighed mostly negative stock performance overseas and eyed the Federal Reserve meeting later in the week.
"I think this is just marking time," said Marc Chaikin, CEO of Chaikin Analytics. He noted a lack of liquidity because "you do have a lot of traders out because of the Jewish New Year."
The Dow Jones industrial average traded in its narrowest range since Aug. 18. The averages daily point range for the Dow since Aug. 18 is 405 points.

SEC Obtains $30 Million From Traders Who Profited on Hacked News Releases: SEC Press Release - September 14, 2015.

SEC Seal

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Ukrainian-based Jaspen Capital Partners Limited and CEO Andriy Supranonok have agreed to pay $30 million to settle allegations they profited from trading on non-public corporate information hacked from newswire services.
The SEC announced charges in August against 34 defendants who allegedly took part in a scheme in which two of the defendants surreptitiously hacked into newswire services and transmitted the stolen data to a web of international traders, including Jaspen and Supranonok.  By getting an early look at the information before its public release, the traders allegedly generated more than $100 million of illegal profits over a five-year period.  The case was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, which entered an asset freeze and other emergency relief against Jaspen and Supranonok, among others.  

Dave Kranzler: Gold Futures Market Position Data Means Little Now: GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH -September 14, 2015.

Dave Kranzler: Gold futures market position data means little now

Submitted by cpowell on Monday, September 14, 2015 Monday, September 14, 2015

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics today explains why he doesn't think gold futures market positioning data means much anymore.
"There's so much fraud and corruption going on in the reporting of all of this information that it's really pointless spending the time collecting the data, analyzing it, and trying to understand it," Kranzler writes. "JPMorganChase was fined recently by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission -- a small, meaningless $650,000 -- for stuffing commercial trade tickets into the managed money account bucket. I guarantee you they still are doing this."
Kranzler's commentary is headlined "Questions About Analyzing Gold Futures COT Data" and it's posted at the IRD Internet site here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Eurasia Is Devouring Europe: Bloomberg View - September 14, 2015.

Eurasia Is Devouring Europe

Robert D. Kaplan
A vast crumbling can be heard across Europe, coupled with an ennui that is the ironic upshot of being stunned by too many disparate crises. The Mediterranean, it turns out, is not the southern border of Europe: Rather, that border lies somewhere in the Sahara Desert from where African migrants coalesce into caravans headed north. And as they have throughout history, the Balkans still form a zone of human migration from the Near East. For decades, the dream of the European Union was to become a post-national paradise of prosperity and the rule of law, and gradually, through various association agreements, extend the bounties of civil society to contiguous regions. Now the process is being reversed: The contiguous regions are exporting their instability into Europe itself. Eurasia, a super-continent of historic exoduses, is starting to reintegrate Europe.

CMI spot Prices as of Close of Trading in New York on September 14, 2015.

CMI Gold & Sliver

Spot Prices as of traditional New York closing times

Monday, September 14, 2015


Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
$1,109.20 +$4.70 $1,122.50 $1,114.10 $1,235.05


Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
$14.40 -$0.14 $14.78 $15.24 $18.64


Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
$957.20 -$8.20 $1,005.20 $996.40 $1,366.60


Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
$587.50 -$6.00 $589.25 $619.00 $839.30

Gold/Silver Ratio


Performing Seals: FTC Business Blog - September 14, 2015.

Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center Blog Updates from the Federal Trade Commission
By Lesley Fair
You don’t need to go to a water park to see performing seals. You can spot them on websites where they perform the function of conveying information about the purported environmental benefits of products. But do the groups offering those seals – and the companies that display them – have appropriate proof for the claims consumers take from them? If your clients use environmental seals or certifications, you’ll want to see the latest from the FTC staff.
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The Tories’ Corbyn attack video is absurd, paranoid and nasty – and will work: The Guardian Opinion - September 14, 2015:

The best of Guardian opinion
Monday 14 Sep 2015
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Labour's Dead Center by Paul Krugman: NYT | Opinion Pages | Paul Krugman.

Labour’s Dead Center

Paul Krugman
Jeremy Corbyn, a long-time leftist dissident, has won a stunning victory in the contest for leadership of Britain’s Labour Party. Political pundits say that this means doom for Labour’s electoral prospects; they could be right, although I’m not the only person wondering why commentators who completely failed to predict the Corbyn phenomenon have so much confidence in their analyses of what it means.
But I won’t try to get into that game. What I want to do instead is talk about one crucial piece of background to the Corbyn surge — the implosion of Labour’s moderates. On economic policy, in particular, the striking thing about the leadership contest was that every candidate other than Mr. Corbyn essentially supported the Conservative government’s austerity policies.

European Stocks Close Under Pressure; Fed in Focus: European Markets at Close Report by CNBC on September 14, 2015.

European stocks close under pressure; Fed in focus

Alexandra Gibbs, Arjun Kharpal, Holly Ellyatt
European markets closed mixed to lower on Monday, following falls in Asia, while investors kept an eye on any moves ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve's interest rate decision on Thursday.
Despite earlier gains, the pan-European STOXX 600 ended the day down 0.6 percent.
The German DAX index managed to hold onto gains by the close, finishing 0.1 percent higher, while most of its European counterparts wobbled between flat and negative territory.
London's FTSE 100 closed down 0.5 percent, while the French CAC failed to hold earlier gains, finishing 0.7 percent lower.


FTSE FTSE 100 Index 6084.59
-33.17 -0.54% 610235817
DAX DAX Index 10131.74
8.18 0.08% 77501868
CAC 40 CAC 40 Index 4518.15
-30.57 -0.67% 103355123
IBEX 35 IBEX 35 Idx 9696.40
-41.50 -0.43% 213979219
Investors in Europe are gearing up for the Fed's latest policy meeting and interest rate decision late this week. The central bank's Open Market Committee meets on Wednesday and will announce its rate decision Thursday.

Bits | The Business of Technology - September 14, 2015: New Week, New Tech Conference

Daily Report
 Monday, September 14, 2015
New Week, New Tech Conference | It's the season for tech events and conferences.
Late last month, the virtualization company VMware held its giant conference in San Francisco. Last week, Apple hosted a product event in San Francisco to introduce its newest iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. This week, it's the turn of Salesforce, the cloud computing software company, to clog up the city's streets with its huge Dreamforce conference, which our tech reporter Quentin Hardy will be watching. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, the world of security start-ups is becoming ever more sophisticated. Consider iSight Partners, a young company based in Chantilly, Va., which may have gathered together the largest private team of experts in a nascent business called threat intelligence. Nicole Perlroth recently visited the cyber intelligence firm to find out how the operation works.
Then there's CloudFlare, a San Francisco-based start-up that helps manage Internet traffic and keep it secure, which is pioneering a novel business model in China called "virtual joint venture." CloudFlare is working together with Baidu, one of China's largest Internet companies. Under their arrangement, writes Paul Mozur, CloudFlare has essentially transferred some of its intellectual property and given up local control in order to operate the joint service with Baidu. It's a model that may gain momentum as other American tech companies look to grow in China's politically sensitive tech industry.

FDIC Weekly National Rates and Rate Caps Update: FDIC Press Release - September 14, 2015.


On May 29, 2009, the FDIC Board of Directors approved a final rule making certain revisions to the interest rate restrictions applicable to less than well capitalized institutions under Part 337.6 of the FDIC Rules and Regulations. The final rule redefined the "national rate" as a simple average of rates paid by U.S. depository institutions as calculated by the FDIC. The national rates and rate caps for various deposit maturities and sizes are provided below.

Reg Howe: Pray for the Pope of Gold: GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH - September 14, 2015.

Reg Howe: Pray for the pope of gold

Submitted by cpowell on  Monday, September 14, 2015 Monday, September 14, 2015

Gold researcher and litigator Reg Howe writes today that the logic of Pope Francis' critique of capitalism would support an encyclical in favor of sound money, insofar as unlimited money creation in the hands of governments and big banks causes war, environmental degradation, and all sorts of exploitation and damage to society -- exploitation and damage that the pope well might have seen in his native country, Argentina. Howe's commentary is headlined "Pray for the Pope of Gold" and is posted at his Internet site, the Golden Sextant, here:

Of course if, as some suspect, Francis is essentially just another socialist and all socialists, when pressed, become totalitarians, the pope is less likely to demand sound money than a ban on cash.
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Trump Hopes the 2nd Debate Goes Just Like the First: NYT First Draft on Politics - September 14, 2015: .

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015 »

Donald J. Trump speaking to the news media after the first Republican debate.
Donald J. Trump speaking to the news media after the first Republican debate. Doug Mills/The New York Times
As Republicans Prepare to Debate Again, Trump Hopes the 2nd Verse Is Just Like the First
Good Monday morning. The Republican presidential candidates prepare to take the stage for their second debate with a new face in the prime-time lineup, and with Donald J. Trump holding his place at center stage.
On Wednesday night, flanked by 10 other Republican presidential candidates, Mr. Trump will show whether he can deliver a repeat performance at a debate.
Despite all assumptions about the laws of political gravity, Mr. Trump not only survived a contretemps over his criticisms of a moderator, Megyn Kelly of Fox News, at the first debate, but managed to thrive, doubling his support in some polls since.

DealBook Today's Top Headlines - September 14, 2015: Pitfalls on the Frontiers of Banking | The Fed's Policy Mechanics Retool | Banks Settle in Suit Over Financial Crisis.

Monday, September 14, 2015
PITFALLS ON THE FRONTIERS OF BANKING Upstart online lenders have taken on big, lumbering banks with outdated branches and skittish risk departments. They have won plaudits for their low costs and straightforward terms. But now, they are starting to exhibit their own troubling traits, Michael Corkery reports in DealBook.

Billions of dollars of investments from hedge funds and other Wall Street firms are flowing into these marketplaces. Marketplace lenders are also forming partnerships with the same banks they are seeking to disrupt. Smaller banks are buying up marketplace loans as investments, while others are offering co-branded loans.

U.S. stocks: Futures Inch Higher as Investors Wait for Cues: U.S. Stock Marklet Future Indications - September 14, 2015.

U.S. stocks: Futures inch higher as investors wait for cues

Victor Reklaitis
U.S. stock futures edged higher early Monday, as Wall Street tried to build on the prior week’s rally and joined European equities in shrugging off downbeat Chinese economic data.
S&P 500 futures ESU5, -0.19% rose 4.30 points, or 0.2%, to 1,964.50, while Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YMU5, -0.27%  tacked on 19 points, or 0.1%, to 16,455. Nasdaq 100 futures NQU5, -0.09%  added 9.70 points, or 0.2%, to 4,335.