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Jan 4, 2015

‘Germany wants Greece to stay under domination of troika’

‘Germany wants Greece to stay under domination of troika’

Abbas plans to reapply for Palestinian statehood

Abbas plans to reapply for Palestinian statehood

GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH - January 4, 2015: Gold researcher Dimitri Speck interviewed by Lars Schall about price suppression.

Gold researcher Dimitri Speck interviewed by Lars Schall about price suppression

Submitted by cpowell on  Sunday, January 4, 2015. 
4:17p ET Sunday, January 4, 2015
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
Gold market researcher Dimitri Speck, a GATA consultant, has been interviewed by financial journalist Lars Schall about the German Bundesbank's efforts to repatriate Germany's gold from the United States. They also discuss the Western central bank gold price suppression scheme. The interview is six minutes long and can be viewed at Matterhorn Asset Management's Gold Switzerland Internet site here:
CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

The Washington Post Today's Top Headlines - January 4, 2015: Republicans taking control of Congress eager to reshape policy and strike deals

Republicans taking control of Congress eager to reshape policy and strike deals
Republicans taking control of Congress this coming week will try to overcome their reputation as a divided party hobbled by infighting by working to reshape policy in ways that Americans will feel in corporate boardrooms, on factory floors and at the gas pump.  Read full article »

Edward W. Brooke, first African American popularly elected to U.S. Senate, dies at 95
Edward W. Brooke, who in 1966 became the first African American popularly elected to the U.S. Senate and who influenced major anti-poverty laws before his bright political career unraveled over allegations of financial impropriety, died Jan. 3 at his home in Coral Gables, Fla. He was 95.  Read full article »
As sentencing approaches, McDonnell leans on his friends and faith
About a month after his corruption conviction, former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell paid a quiet visit to the home of an old Alexandria friend.McDonnell and Liz Reiley had seen each other just once since middle school, yet their emotions poured out as he consoled her over the recent death of her sister, and she comforted him over the unfathomable turn his own life had taken.  Read full article »
Filipinos who fought to aid U.S. in World War II still await green cards for grown children
HONOLULU —Philippines native Art Caleda still carries shrapnel in the left side of his chin that he ruefully calls a “souvenir” from assisting the American military 70 years ago as a guerrilla intelligence officer during World War II.  Read full article »
Before killing a rhinoceros bull, a hunter faces anger, death threats
Ben Carter heard the story of the fearsome black rhinoceros during a trip to Namibia more than a year ago, and it’s still fresh in his mind.The bull roamed the dry fields around a sprawling ranch where Carter had stayed as a guest. It was a brute, weighing nearly 3,000 pounds. It was said to be too old to sire offspring but jealously guarded cows in the herd, preventing them from breeding with younger males.  Read full article »
Huckabee to depart Fox News to consider 2016 presidential run
Mike Huckabee is leaving Fox News to decide whether he wants to run for president.The Republican former governor of Arkansas said that Saturday night's episode of "Huckabee" is the last. "There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether I would run for President. And if I were willing to absolutely rule that out, I could keep doing this show. But I can't make such a declaration," Huckabee said at the end of the show.    Read full article »
AirAsia did not have permission to fly between Surabaya and Singapore on the day it crashed, reports say
AirAsia was not authorized to fly from Surabaya to Singapore the day that one of its passenger jets attempted the route and crashed into the Java Sea amid poor weather conditions, according to Indonesian officials.  Read full article »
Sarah Palin to PETA: ‘Chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.’
This post has been updated. Sarah Palin has a message for PETA: Chill out.Palin posted a lengthy message on her Facebook page Saturday after PETA criticized photos she posted last week showing her son Trig stepping on the family dog to reach the kitchen sink.  Read full article »
A notorious piece of Washington real estate struggles to find buyers
The pop-up of all pop-ups is trapped in pop-up purgatory.One of Washington’s most notorious pieces of real estate — a rowhouse-turned-sky-high condo on V Street NW that soars three stories over its immediate neighbors — is struggling to sell its most premium units.  Read full article »
The Washington Post. The all-new app is now on the Fire tablet.
Obama hangs out with Eddie Vedder in Hawaii
President Obama spent part of Saturday hanging out with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.Obama and his daughters visited Vedder and his family, according to the White House. Vedder lives in Hawaii part-time and is an Obama supporter. He played a four-song set at a Florida fundraiser in 2012, trading in a mandolin for a Hawaiian ukulele.  Read full article »
George Will: Why Bob Corker is the senator to watch in 2015
Standing at the intersection of three foreign policy crises and a perennial constitutional tension, Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), incoming chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, may be the senator who matters most in 2015. Without an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) tailored to novel circumstances, the United States is waging war against an entity without precedent (the Islamic State). Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons during negotiations that should involve congressional duties. And Russia is revising European borders by force and, like Iran, is the object of a U.S. experiment testing the power of economic sanctions to modify a dictator’s behavior. As Congress weighs its foreign policy role regarding these three matters, Corker treads the contested terrain between deference to presidential primacy in foreign policy and the need for collective wisdom and shared responsibility.  Read full article »
Helping children feel safe is a community effort
Our nation’s capital closed out the year with 105 homicides, up one over 2013 . But violence and the fear it brings won’t end with a flip of the calendar or the last gunshot of 2014. The nightmarish scene of a body found bleeding on the street, the sounds of wailing, the lurking dread that it could — no, that it will — all happen again are not things left behind at midnight Dec. 31. Community insecurity is a byproduct of violence. It carries over into the new year.  Read full article »
The misleading lawsuit accusing Harvard of bias against Asian Americans
Alawsuit filed against Harvard University in November by a group called Students for Fair Admissions alleges that the school’s admissions policy discriminates against Asian Americans. A key component of the argument is the higher average SAT scores of Asian American students who are admitted to elite U.S. colleges and universities. To make its case, the suit notes the findings of a study of seven top public and private colleges: “Asian Americans needed SAT scores that were about 140 points higher than white students. . . . [I]f a white student needed a 1320 SAT score to be admitted to one of these schools, an Asian American needed a 1460 SAT score to be admitted.”  Read full article »
Why Jim Harbaugh is worth $40 million to the University of Michigan’s football team
The University of Michigan’s decision this week to commit at least $40 million to Jim Harbaugh over the next seven years raised quite a few eyebrows. Forty million dollars — $5 million a year to start, along with a $2 million signing bonus — for a football coach?   Read full article »

A longtime proponent of marriage wants to reassess the institution’s future
Love and marriage, love and marriageThey go together like a horse and carriageThis I tell you brotherYou can’t have one without the other  Read full article »
D.C. area forecast: Warmer but still damp for Sunday; wintry blast on the horizon
WEATHER GANG | A warm surge pushes temperatures near 60 today, but a big change is coming.  Read full article »
Fatal D.C. shooting may be city’s first homicide of 2015
A man was shot to death early Saturday in Southeast Washington in what appeared to be the year’s first homicide in the District. In another violent act, a man was stabbed in a nightclub three blocks from the White House.   Read full article »

Redskins’ opening at defensive coordinator is chance to give Jay Gruden needed help
The departure of Jim Haslett opens a door the Washington Redskins should sprint through. By hiring the right defensive coordinator, the Redskins could strengthen an underperforming staff that must do more to support Coach Jay Gruden.  Read full article »
Otto Porter Jr. capitalizes on playing time in loss to Spurs
SAN ANTONIO — For two games it appeared as though the Washington Wizards’ rotation no longer included Otto Porter Jr. The second-year forward logged just eight garbage-time minutes against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday and didn’t play a single minute Friday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Read full article »
TV and radio listings: January 4
NFL PLAYOFFS: OPENING ROUND1 p.m. Cincinnati at Indianapolis » WUSA-9, WJZ-134:30 p.m. Detroit at Dallas » WTTG-5, WBFF-45, WTEM (980 AM)COLLEGE FOOTBALL9 p.m. GoDaddy Bowl: Toledo vs. Arkansas State » ESPN  Read full article »

Postal Service poised to begin controversial plant closures next week
The U.S. Postal Service next week plans to begin a new round of plant closings and consolidations that will affect dozens of mail-processing centers, despite calls from more than half the members of the outgoing Senate to postpone the changes.  Read full article »
AFC playoffs: Ravens beat Steelers, 30-17, advance to play New England
PITTSBURGH — Six days after managing to just squeeze into the NFL playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens found a way Saturday to beat their fiercest rival and extend their season by at least another week. They kept the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the end zone until the fourth quarter and did enough right on offense to emerge with a 30-17 triumph in an opening-round AFC postseason game at Heinz Field.  Read full article »

Courts ‘choose’ to lag behind on tech, says Chief Justice Roberts
There are few institutions in modern America as untouched by technology as the U.S. Supreme Court. And that's why it was so striking to see, as our Robert Barnes details, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts devote the bulk of this year's progress report on the state of the federal judiciary to musings on what role technology plays in the life of the court.  Read full article »
Why the U.S. Border Patrol is making a big push to hire women
Tens of thousands of migrant women cross the Southwest border each year, and human rights organizations say a high percentage of them experiencing sexual trauma along the way. Yet only 5 percent of the U.S. Border Patrol agents are female. That’s a problem, according to Border Patrol Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske, who discussed his agency’s recent push to recruit more women in a recent Federal News Radio interview.  Read full article »
Available: The $183,300 ‘Yoda’ job at the Pentagon
How is the Pentagon going to replace its very own Yoda? We’re about to find out.The Defense Department just advertised that is searching for a new director for its Office of Net Assessment. The position was held for decades by Andrew W. Marshall, 93, who founded the Pentagon’s internal think tank in 1973 and was the only leader it ever had. Marshall, who decided to retire this past fall, was widely known by the nickname Yoda, after the wise alien character in the “Star Wars” franchise.  Read full article »
How brick-and-mortar stores can survive the Internet shopping craze
Department stores and other brick-and-mortar retailers registered another lackluster holiday shopping season, while online sales have remained upbeat since Cyber Monday. As more consumers spend a larger share of their dollars online, does this signal the days of shopping at department stores and shopping malls are numbered?  Read full article »
Let’s shatter the ‘broken windows’ theory of American foreign policy right now
A few months ago the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens wrote an essay arguing for a “broken windows” theory of American foreign policy — or, rather, for applying the “broken windows” theory of policing to world politics:  Read full article »
A cop in Ukraine said he was detaining me because I was black. I appreciated it.
I was already homeless — unknowingly a victim of housing discrimination — when my plane touched down in Kiev, Ukraine in the summer of 2009. I was traveling on a Fulbright grant to research the lives of biracial Ukrainians, and was eager to explore how the Slavic country could produce native people who looked like me, a young black man from Detroit. A local real estate agent had promised several months earlier to secure an apartment for me before my arrival.  I took a taxi from the airport to meet him. Wearing a warm, wide smile, Sergei extended his hand and welcomed me. Then he explained why his apartment search had failed: “Your skin color has been causing us a lot of problems.”  Read full article »
Despite the help of an experimental drug, Ebola-infected British nurse is in critical condition
As recently as two days ago, Pauline Cafferkey was talking, reading and sitting up in bed, according to news reports. Now, the condition of the 39-year-old nurse battling Ebola at a British hospital has deteriorated significantly, according to an update Saturday from the hospital.  Read full article »
Al-Qaeda terrorist suspect dies days before his trial in New York
A suspected al-Qaeda terrorist died Friday night, just days before he was slated to go on trial in federal court in New York on charges of helping to plan the 1998 bombings outside the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya that killed 224 people, his lawyer said. Among those killed in the bombings were 12 Americans, including two CIA employees.  Read full article »
U.S. imposes sanctions on N. Korea following attack on Sony
Two weeks after blaming North Korea for hacking into Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Obama administration on Friday imposed new sanctions on the repressive government as part of what it described as a broader attempt to tackle threats to U.S. cybersecurity.  Read full article »
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For BP and chief executive Bob Dudley, a bumpy ride in Russia becomes worse
BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley has endured many scrapes in Russia during the past decade.In 2008, when he was chief executive of TNK-BP, a joint venture between the British oil major and a group of Russian billionaires, Dudley faced a stream of lawsuits and tax probes: administrative bullying, Russian style. He couldn’t even get his work visa renewed.  Read full article »
How Timberland used customer data to reboot its brand
STRATHAM, N.H. — There are few shoes more recognizable than the Timberland yellow boot. You know the one: The high-top styling, the sturdy-looking nubuck leather, the rubber lug sole to protect feet from sheets of rain or piles of snow.  Read full article »
A new year brings a new ‘21-Day Financial Fast’
You’ve made the commitment to do better with your finances, but now you may be wondering how to keep this New Year’s resolution.I know some of the questions you may have. What’s the best way to pay down my debt? Where in the world will I find the money in my budget to start an emergency fund or build up the tiny one I started but raid all the time?  Read full article »
The man who invented wants to shake up America’s approach to patents
In 1997, Jay Walker founded — the Web site many people use to get cheaper airfare by "naming your own price." Patenting the solution, and allowing others to use the patents for a fee, helped drive Walker's success. But, Walker argues in an interview, many patents remain underused. Now, the man who smoothed transactions for buyers and sellers of airplane tickets wants to do something similar for a key part of the nation's information economy. Walker is developing something called the United States Patent Utility. Here’s what that means.  Read full article »
The most anticipated innovations coming in 2015
In the age of venture capital and crowdfunding, it’s not at all unusual that by the time a technology or breakthrough reaches the marketplace, the narrative that carried it to this point has been unfolding for some time.  Read full article »
Affected by the PlayStation outage? Sony has some gifts for you.
Were you left out in the cold by the PlayStation network's Christmas outage? Sony would like to make that up to you.Hackers  from a group called "Lizard Squad" claimed credit for attacking the company's PlayStation Network last week, chilling the joy of the season for anyone planning to spend some of those holiday vacation days in front of a new video game.  To make amends to upset customers, Sony announced Thursday that it will tack on five extra days of membership to any of its PlayStation Plus subscribers who were unable to sign in to the network over the holidays.  PlayStation Plus is a paid, premium services that gives PlayStation Network users access to online multiplayer, a library of games, and the ability to save games online.  Read full article »
7 admirable start-ups that are driving social change
A standing joke in Silicon Valley is that the smartest people go into online advertising, virtual currency, or dumb online games. And you surely have to wonder what has gone wrong when the industry’s heavy hitters and venture capitalists provide $1.5 million to seed a useless app such as Yo.  Read full article »
Film fact-checking is here to stay. So let’s agree on some new rules.
‘Will this ever end?”That’s President Lyndon Baines Johnson speaking to an aide early in “Selma,” Ava DuVernay’s stirring, ambitious drama about Martin Luther King Jr. and the voting rights movement of 1965.  Read full article »
‘Mozart in the Jungle’ and entertainment’s classical-music problem
Last month, Amazon posted the entire first season — 10 episodes — of a new series about classical music, “Mozart in the Jungle.” The series, which stars such luminaries as Bernadette Peters, Malcolm McDowell and Gael García Bernal, is nominally based on the book with the same title by Blair Tindall, an oboist, that rocked the easily scandalized classical-music world when it came out in 2005. All the book actually revealed was that classical musicians, in the 1980s, had sex and did drugs, much like people in other fields, but classical music is supposed to exist in some higher realm, at least to those who love it. (How soon they forget Franz Liszt.)  Read full article »
New Year’s resolution wear: Workout clothes for the sweat-averse
The Gisele Bundchen advertisement for Under Armour was not the turning point but it was a contributing factor in Devon Mish’s decision, three months ago, to launch her own brand of activewear. In the commercial, which has gotten some 2.5 million views on Youtube, the model is shown wearing Under Armour leggings along with a sports bra while sweating her way through a kickboxing workout. As she wallops the heavy bag with serious vigor, real comments from viewers — some positive, many negative — flash on the walls around her. And she ignores them.  Read full article »
Carolyn Hax: Her wanderlust has faded. Should she try to reignite it?
Dear Carolyn: Since high school, I’ve had a life plan: to live all over the world.In college I studied abroad in Europe and Asia and traveled through over 15 countries. When I graduated, I landed a teaching job in Japan and thought of that as the first step to living in many different countries.  Read full article »

NYT Today's Top Headlines - January 4, 2015: Top News: F.B.I. Employees With Ties Abroad See Security Bias.

Today's Headlines

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top News
F.B.I. Employees With Ties Abroad See Security Bias


An F.B.I. program aimed at reducing internal threats is said to be penalizing employees hired for their foreign language skills by subjecting them to higher scrutiny.
Representative Gerald E. Connolly, right, accused Republicans of seeking
G.O.P. Turns to the Courts to Aid Agenda


As Republicans prepare to take full control of Congress on Tuesday, they are counting on judges, not their new majority, to block President Obama's second-term agenda.
Riot police set up water cannons to shoot at protesters in Kiev last February. But shortly after, a mass defection of the president's allies quickly led to his downfall.
Ukraine Leader Was Defeated Even Before He Was Ousted


President Viktor F. Yanukovych was not so much overthrown as cast adrift by his own allies, and Western officials were just as surprised by the meltdown as anyone else.
. News Analysis: The Next Battle for Ukraine
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Editors' Picks
Once a thriving mall, Rolling Acres in Akron, Ohio, is a crumbling reminder of better days.


The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls


High-end shopping malls are thriving across the country, but as midtier retailers like Sears and J. C. Penney flounder, they are also dragging down their malls.


How My Mom Got Hacked


Navigating the nefarious, shadowy world of ransomware criminals.


"I have no doubt some malls will survive, but major segments of our society have gotten sick of them."
MARK HINSHAW, a Seattle architect, urban planner and author, on the economic outlook for large shopping malls.
Today's Video


Bill Cunningham | Global Debutantes


The debutantes resembled orchids in their dresses, which echoed the influence of a recent Charles James exhibition.
Video VIDEO: A Glamorous Spa Day for Little Girls
The Seriously Spoiled spa in Dix Hills, N.Y., is one of an increasing number of spas that cater to children. A birthday party celebration includes hairstyling, manicures and pizza.
Video VIDEO: In Myanmar, Harvesting for Heroin
A toxic mix of civil war and poverty has driven some Burmese farmers back to poppy, satisfying a growing global hunger for heroin.
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Myanmar Returns to What Sells: Heroin


Over the past decade, poppy cultivation and the opium it produces have flourished as poor farmers turn to the profitable crop.
Tensions Mount as Israel Freezes Revenue Meant for Palestinians


It is the first of an expected series of punitive measures in response to a push by the Palestinians to prosecute Israeli officials for war crimes during the battle with militants in the Gaza Strip last summer.
Condition of British Ebola Patient Worsens


Doctors treating Pauline Cafferkey, a Scottish nurse who was found to have Ebola after returning from volunteer work in Sierra Leone, say that her condition has deteriorated to critical.
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A natural gas well in Longmont, Colo.
Heavyweight Response to Local Fracking Bans


The oil and gas industry has responded aggressively to a wave of local, citizen-led bans on hydraulic fracturing, arguing in court that only state officials can impose such rules.
President Obama, playing in Hawaii last week, with friends Greg Orme, left, and Mike Ramos.
Obama Is the Nation's Private Golfer in Chief


While little is known about President Obama's game, his own hints (and golfers who have played with him) describe a dedicated and gradually improving player.
A moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing at a memorial in Dorchester, Mass., in April 2013.
Change of Venue Denied for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect


A divided federal appeals court ruled Saturday that it would not intervene in the scheduled trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is accused in the 2013 bombing.
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Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, said Saturday that he would make a decision about a presidential bid this spring.
Huckabee Leaves Fox News Show to Consider 2016 Run


Mr. Huckabee, a Republican, used his weekly Fox News program to reveal that he was leaving the network as he weighs a second campaign for the White House.
Megan J. Smith, the White House chief technology officer, at a meeting in November. After studying engineering at M.I.T. and working at Apple and Google, she is trying to address the Obama administration's technology problems.
Her Task Is to Wean the White House Off Floppy Disks


Megan J. Smith, an M.I.T.-trained mechanical engineer and former Google executive, is trying to bring her Silicon Valley sensibility to the Obama administration.
Obama Plans 3-Day Tour to Preview State of the Union


President Obama plans a three-day, three-state tour promoting different themes as a prelude to his State of the Union speech, White House officials said.
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Maynard Webb, Yahoo's Chairman: Even the Best Teams Can Be Better


A veteran tech executive says that in general, companies spend too much time on poor performers and not enough on making "A-plus" employees better.
. More Articles on Leading and Managing »


Learning a Foreign Language Called Public Relations


Despite being utterly clueless about the business world, a hired writer soon won over a start-up company's team.


Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions


Dozens of researchers have documented discrimination that is outside of our awareness.
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If You Want to Meet That Deadline, Play a Trick on Your Mind


By tweaking our perception of time, research shows, we can more easily attain a goal - or meet a New Year's resolution.
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The Ravens' Joe Flacco, under pressure from James Harrison, threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns to earn his first January victory at Heinz Field.


Ravens Top Steelers in Rough Rivalry Game That Upends Playoff Field


Baltimore registered five sacks on Ben Roethlisberger in its first postseason win over Pittsburgh.
University of Hawaii Coach Norm Chow can recall when, as an N.F.L. assistant coach, he had less sway than the players did.
N.F.L. Coaches Now Reach for Next Level: College


In the N.F.L. players can outrank coaches, while in college, the head coach frequently has more power than the star quarterback, the athletic director and the university president.
The Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, rear, and Iman Shumpert missed Friday's game with the Pistons.


With Knicks Crumbling, Maybe Carmelo Anthony Can Heal


The Knicks' sole solace this season may be a prime position in the draft lottery, so it may be a good time to shut down Anthony so his sore knee can heal.
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Courtney Love
Ditch the Persona, Then Move a Piano


Courtney Love's latest and thoroughly unexpected gig is the music-theater piece "Kansas City Choir Boy."
Quvenzhané Wallis wearing the updated red dress in
Clothes and Character: 'Annie'


The challenge for the "Annie" costume designer: making that iconic red dress feel contemporary.
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