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NYT | Today's Headlines - October 26, 2014: U.S. | Paying Till It Hurts: As Insurers Try to Limit Costs, Providers Hit Patients With More Separate Fees.

Most Popular   |   Video   |   Subscribe:  Digital /  Home Delivery Today's Headlines Sunday, October 26, 2014 Top News The Horror Before the Beheadings By RUKMINI CALLIMACHI The death of James Foley in August at the hands of Islamic State jihadists in Syria was a very public end to a hidden ordeal shared with nearly two dozen other Westerners. Tested Negative for Ebola, Nurse Criticizes Her Quarantine By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS and EMMA G. FITZSIMMONS In an essay posted online, Kaci Hickox, who was being quarantined at a New Jersey hospital after working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, complained of a "frenzy of disorganization." As Ebola Spread in Dallas, New York Honed Protocol By SABRINA TAVERNISE, ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS, SHARON LaFRANIERE and ABBY GOODNOUGH Learning from missteps in the Dallas cases of Ebola, health workers and officials took a different approach in the case of a doctor who fell ill in New York. Editor