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Jun 24, 2014

YouTube | Al Jazeera English has uploaded Jailed journalists: diplomacy vs condemnation, Iraq's ISIL - Hihlights and U.S government promises to reviews future Eqypts funding June 24, 2014.

Free the innocent Journalists is the clamor of world !!!!
Jail to those bankers who with no commiseration has brought us to the beginning to the °Third World War".

       Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Al Jazeera English has uploaded Jailed journalists: diplomacy vs condemnation, Iraq's ISIL - Hihlights  and U.S government promises to reviews future Eqypts funding

Jailed journalists: diplomacy vs condemnation
Al Jazeera English

Iraq's ISIL crisis - Highlights
Al Jazeera English

US government promises to review future Egypt funding
Al Jazeera English

RT Video - June 24, 2014: CIA, MI6 knew about ISIS assault in advance, failed to react.

CIA, MI6 knew about ISIS assault in advance, failed to react

YouTube | RT has uploaded Keiser Report: Wall Street Jihadists (E618) -June 24, 2014-.

RT has uploaded Keiser Report: Wall Street Jihadists (E618)

Keiser Report: Wall Street Jihadists (E618)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that neoliberal capitalism has become terrorism and that the 'terrorists' don't see themselves as any different than Halliburton or Chevron, producing glossy prospectuses filled with gory facts for prospective investors. In the second half, Max interviews Luke Rudkowski of about crowdfunding, cryptos, independent media and mass protests in Berlin against the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.


SEC | Enforcement Actions - Litigation Release June 24, 2014: SEC V. Ninnet Kalucha et all,. : Court Modifies and Extends Order Asset Freeze and Temporary Restraining Order

SEC Seal


Litigation Release No. 23030 / June 24, 2014

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Vineet Kalucha et al., Civil Action No. 14 CV 3247 (RMB) (S.D.N.Y.)

Court Modifies and Extends Order Asset Freeze and Temporary Restraining Order

The Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) announced that, at the request of the parties, the Honorable Richard M. Berman, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, entered on June 19 and 20, 2014 two orders that modified and extended the order freezing assets, temporary restraining order, and granting other relief that the Court had entered on May 5, 2014.
The first order, entered on June 19, 2014, extends until July 31, 2014 all of the relief that the Court had entered on May 5, 2014, including the asset freeze with respect to Vineet Kalucha and Aphelion Fund Management LLC (“Aphelion”). This order also reschedules, from July 10, 2014 to July 23, 2014, the hearing on the SEC’s application to show cause as to why the Court should not enter a preliminary injunction against each of the defendants.
The second order, entered on June 20, 2014, modifies the asset freeze with respect to Aphelion by ordering a third party to liquidate into cash all securities held by Aphelion US Fund, LP (the “US Fund”) and Aphelion Offshore Fund, Ltd., and to transfer the cash proceeds into a bank account held in the name of the US Fund.
On May 5, 2014, the SEC filed fraud charges and sought emergency relief against Aphelion, Aphelion’s chief investment officer, Vineet Kalucha, and Aphelion’s chief financial officer, George Palathinkal. The SEC’s complaint alleges that Kalucha fraudulently altered an outside audit firm’s report reviewing the performance of an investment account he managed, that Palathinkal allegedly learned about Kalucha’s falsifications, which essentially changed an investment loss into a major investment gain in the account, and that the falsified report showing the phony gain instead of the actual loss was distributed to prospective investors. The complaint further alleges that investors were separately provided false information about Aphelion’s assets under management and Kulucha’s litigation history, and that Kalucha allegedly siphoned investor proceeds for his luxury car payments and settlements of legal actions against him personally that are unrelated to Aphelion.
For further information, please see Litigation Release Number LR-22988 (May 9, 2014) [SEC Announces Charges and Asset Freeze Against Hedge Fund Advisory Firm Distributing Falsified Performance Results] and Litigation Release Number LR-22994 (May 16, 2014) [Court Extends Asset Freeze and Temporary Restraining Order]

DealBook P.M. Edition - June 24, 2014: TOP STORY The Pulaski Skyway, seen from Jersey City, is owned by the State of New Jersey, but the Port Authority is funding repairs. At Heart of Christie Inquiry, a Law Feared on Wall Street.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
The Pulaski Skyway, seen from Jersey City, is owned by the State of New Jersey, but the Port Authority is funding repairs.
At Heart of Christie Inquiry, a Law Feared on Wall Street The Manhattan district attorney's office is using the Martin Act in its investigation of the financing of a New Jersey bridge repair.
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Bain Capital's Andrew Balson Starts New Private Equity FundAndrew B. Balson, a longtime managing director at Bain Capital, has left to start a new investment fund to be based in Boston.
Apologies have become clouded by competing interests.
Another View: Apologies Become a Tool, Not a GoalThe reason that so many apologies seem unsatisfying is that neither side really wants the apology, David Greenberg writes in an Apology Watch column. But there are strategies for reaching authenticity.
A French high-speed train, the TGV, made by Alstom, next to a German high-speed train, ICE,  made by Siemens.
Reuters Breakingviews: Siemens May Seek Another Alstom Tie-Up Pooling together Alstom's and Siemens's train-making units can create significant medium-term savings, Olaf Storbeck writes in Reuters Breakingviews.
Endo International to Pay Up to $600 Million for Dava, a Generic Drug Maker Endo International of Ireland said it would pay $575 million in cash for the privately held Dava Pharmaceuticals of Fort Lee, N.J., and up to an additional $25 million, based on sales milestones.
The LGT Group Foundation of Liechtenstein.
HSBC to Sell Some Swiss Private Bank Assets to Liechtenstein Group The sale of the Swiss portfolio, which had assets under management of about $12.5 billion at the end of 2013, is the latest move by HSBC to improve its profitability by focusing on higher-margin businesses.
Yngve Slyngstad heads Norges Bank Investment Management, which runs Norway's wealth fund.
Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Ramps Up Investment Plans Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, plans to manage its $884 billion portfolio more aggressively, taking larger stakes in companies and increasing its real estate portfolio.
Bank Analysts Say Pfizer-AstraZeneca Merger Still Makes Sense Two BNP Paribas analysts said in a research note that a sweetened offer of about $127.7 billion by Pfizer for its British rival would still make "economic sense."
Italian Credit Rating Agency Cerved Down 5% in Debut Cerved Information Solutions fell to 4.85 euros a share in its first day of trading after pricing its initial public offering last week at €5.10 a share.
Mike Prusha, left, and Steve Jennings at a wind turbine plant in West Branch, Iowa.
K.K.R. to Invest in Acciona's Renewable Energy ArmK.K.R. has agreed to pay about $567 million for a one-third stake in the international renewable energy business of the Spanish company Acciona and will help finance future growth in Acciona's renewable energy business.
Congress Tackles Merger of AT&T and DirecTV Antitrust panels in the House and Senate conducted back-to-back hearings on Tuesday to examine the AT&T-DirecTV merger, Edward Wyatt reports in The New York Times.
First Quarter Was Weak, and May End Up Even Weaker On Wednesday, the Commerce Department will release its third and final estimate of the rate of economic growth in the first quarter. Economic activity was hard-hit by cold weather and a weaker trade balance, but new data about demand for services like health care is expected to prompt government statisticians to revise their estimate of the pace of growth downward to negative 1.7 percent from negative 1 percent late last month. Some observers think a 2 percent contraction is possible. The annualized growth rate is expected to rebound to more than 3 percent in the current quarter and remain in that range for the second half of 2014.
Marshals to Auction Bitcoins After Silk Road Closure The United States Marshals Service will hold its first Bitcoin auction on Friday. The government seized the 30,000 Bitcoins after it closed down Silk Road, an online marketplace accused of fueling drug deals and other crimes. The auction will be largely secret - at least in theory. Registered bidders and winning bids won't be made public, although last Thursday the marshals service accidentally leaked a list of people who had inquired about the auction.
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WSJ | Biggest Decliners Closing June 24, 2014.

Biggest Decliners Closing
Biggest Decliners
4:47 pm ET 06/24/2014
Kraton Performance Polymers (KRA)585,966$21.53-3.60-14.33
Rio Alto Mining (RIOM)650,6072.13-0.27-11.25
GAIN Capital Holdings (GCAP)346,3718.09-0.77-8.69
DRDGOLD ADS (DRD)178,5362.81-0.26-8.47
First Marblehead (FMD)87,1344.26-0.38-8.19
Investment Technology Group (ITG)647,25716.12-1.36-7.78
Clayton Williams Energy (CWEI)121,555124.50-10.07-7.48
Baltic Trading (BALT)980,2916.07-0.49-7.47
ReneSola ADS (SOL)2,399,3832.87-0.23-7.42
Molycorp (MCP)5,989,2292.53-0.20-7.33
Yingli Green Energy Holding ADS (YGE)7,753,6093.56-0.28-7.29
Goodrich Petroleum (GDP)2,712,64526.60-2.08-7.25
Alpha Natural Resources (ANR)8,735,2003.58-0.27-7.01
RSP Permian (RSPP)986,97030.61-2.27-6.90
BPZ Resources (BPZ)1,377,1603.05-0.22-6.73
Cheetah Mobile ADS (CMCM)599,62821.75-1.52-6.53
Basic Energy Services (BAS)1,530,54925.86-1.80-6.51
Chicago Bridge&Iron (CBI)6,962,47565.51-4.48-6.40
China Ming Yang Wind Power Group ADS (MY)988,0983.41-0.23-6.32
Stone Energy (SGY)1,074,31543.67-2.91-6.25
Atlantic Power (AT)2,572,6623.66-0.24-6.15
Banco Macro ADS (BMA)699,56834.99-2.27-6.09
Athlon Energy (ATHL)1,468,10044.42-2.88-6.09
Safe Bulkers (SB)598,1219.31-0.60-6.05
Bonanza Creek Energy (BCEI)1,145,85557.67-3.68-6.00
China Recycling Energy (CREG)1,929,652$1.67-0.73-30.42 Group (WWWW)8,391,37327.70-6.90-19.94
Aemetis (AMTX)249,9738.90-1.27-12.49
BTU International (BTUI)28,3342.99-0.42-12.34
Covisint (COVS)296,3605.01-0.70-12.26
Lilis Energy (LLEX)45,9702.00-0.24-10.71
Cerulean Pharma (CERU)62,1685.73-0.59-9.34
Willdan Group (WLDN)83,8627.61-0.70-8.42
Microvision (MVIS)1,598,4522.01-0.18-8.22
Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE)757,1713.17-0.28-8.12
Concert Pharmaceuticals (CNCE)151,4528.82-0.74-7.74
ChinaCache International Holdings ADS (CCIH)369,73014.27-1.15-7.46
Ballard Power Systems (BLDP)3,446,0423.92-0.31-7.33
Energy Recovery (ERII)1,273,7735.10-0.40-7.27
China HGS Real Estate (HGSH)76,6502.96-0.23-7.26
Approach Resources (AREX)946,98821.36-1.64-7.13
Burcon Nutrascience (BUR)11,6873.56-0.27-7.05
Hydrogenics (HYGS)120,75117.50-1.25-6.67
Speed Commerce (SPDC)311,5563.40-0.24-6.59
Hanwha SolarOne ADS (HSOL)593,2032.55-0.17-6.25
Acorn Energy (ACFN)563,7982.27-0.15-6.20
Intra-Cellular Therapies (ITCI)89,63817.79-1.16-6.12
Foundation Medicine (FMI)259,04222.96-1.44-5.90
Rex Energy (REXX)1,091,90217.28-1.08-5.88
Gentiva Health Services (GTIV)258,04015.13-0.92-5.73
Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X Shares (JNUG)3,936,716$24.10-3.29-12.01
Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3x Shares (GASL)111,27152.78-6.05-10.28
Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)4,977,52641.51-4.03-8.85
Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3x Shares (ERX)492,089126.73-8.30-6.15
Market Vectors Junior Gold Minets ETF (GDXJ)9,038,83940.00-1.99-4.74
VelocityShares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN linked to the S&P GSCI Natural Gas Index Excess Return (DGAZ)5,890,1912.92-0.14-4.58
Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares (RUSS)684,5379.92-0.46-4.43
ProShares Ultra Oil&Gas (DIG)102,90086.83-3.78-4.17
SPDR S&P Oil&Gas Exploration&Production ETF (XOP)6,591,35980.24-3.21-3.85
PureFunds ISE Junior Silver (Small Cap Miners/Explorers) ETF (SILJ)67,02813.25-0.53-3.85
ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (SVXY)540,60084.50-3.22-3.67
First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas Index Fund (FCG)800,38322.97-0.84-3.51
PowerShares Dynamic Energy Sector Portfolio (PXI)153,84763.87-2.22-3.36
ProShares UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury (TTT)29,51164.95-2.13-3.18
Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF (GREK)822,98222.92-0.75-3.17
Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN)562,93242.86-1.40-3.16
Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bear 3X Shares (TMV)397,17849.56-1.61-3.15
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3x Shares (TNA)11,015,12177.29-2.46-3.08
ProShares UltraPro Russell2000 (URTY)240,60288.60-2.79-3.05
Market Vectors ETF Trust Market Vectors Gold Miners (GDX)40,848,41325.47-0.80-3.05
PowerShares Exch-Tr Fund Trust Dynamic Energy Exploration&Production Portfolio (PXE)92,30238.61-1.21-3.04
PowerShares DB 3x Short 25+ Year Treasury Bond Exchange Traded Note (SBND)10,9517.42-0.22-2.88
iShares U.S. Oil&Gas Exploration&Production ETF (IEO)175,29796.43-2.76-2.78
Market Vectors Unconventional Oil&Gas ETF (FRAK)75,20933.76-0.94-2.71
Global X Gold Explorers ETF (GLDX)79,48215.48-0.43-2.70
Ohr Pharmaceutical (OHRP)6,054,572$7.74-3.66-32.11
China Recycling Energy (CREG)1,929,6521.67-0.73-30.42 Group (WWWW)8,391,37327.70-6.90-19.94
Giga-Tronics (GIGA)647,6312.76-0.47-14.55
Kraton Performance Polymers (KRA)585,96621.53-3.60-14.33
Euro Tech Holdings (CLWT)48,8044.37-0.65-12.95
Aemetis (AMTX)249,9738.90-1.27-12.49
BTU International (BTUI)28,3342.99-0.42-12.34
Covisint (COVS)296,3605.01-0.70-12.26
Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X Shares (JNUG)3,936,71624.10-3.29-12.01
Mexco Energy (MXC)76,6098.58-1.15-11.82
Earthstone Energy (ESTE)29,40830.54-4.07-11.76
Rio Alto Mining (RIOM)650,6072.13-0.27-11.25
Lilis Energy (LLEX)45,9702.00-0.24-10.71
Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3x Shares (GASL)111,27152.78-6.05-10.28
LookSmart (LOOK)5,5902.05-0.22-9.69
Cerulean Pharma (CERU)62,1685.73-0.59-9.34
SmartPros (SPRO)12,4112.24-0.22-9.05
Corporate Resource Services (CRRS)360,4602.86-0.28-8.92
Emerald Oil (EOX)2,007,8297.05-0.69-8.91
Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)4,977,52641.51-4.03-8.85
Altisource Asset Management (AAMC)86,087747.95-71.95-8.78
Saratoga Resources (SARA)288,1981.88-0.18-8.74
GAIN Capital Holdings (GCAP)346,3718.09-0.77-8.69
Antares Pharma (ATRS)3,261,4892.75-0.25-8.47
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Includes common, closed end funds, ETFs, ETNs and REITS with prior day close of $2 a share or higher, with volume of at least 2,000.
x - stock is trading ex-dividend
Source: WSJ Market Data Group