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Jun 2, 2014

YouTube | RT has uploaded Gold to gain once stock and bond bubble bursts.

RT has uploaded Gold to gain once stock and bond bubble bursts

Gold to gain once stock and bond bubble bursts
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors picking up nickels in front of steamrollers as both stocks and bonds soar. In the second half, Max interviews Ian Fraser, author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain. They discuss how the bank rigged Libor (and could go bust because of the fines and the ongoing criminal investigations), mispricing assets (with a little help from compliant regulators and complicit auditors) and kneecapping companies out of spite (just because).

YouTube | Al Jazeera English has uploaded Thailand: the military and the media

Thailand: the military and the media
Al Jazeera English
The Kingdom and its media are placed under military control; plus heads roll at Spain's three top dailies. Our web video of the week is a walk through the streets of Japan -- backwards.

SEC | Investor Alert - June 02, 2014: Investment Newsletters Used as Tools for Fraud.

SEC Seal

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Alert to help investors avoid fraudulent schemes that may be carried out through investment newsletters.
Investment newsletters come in many forms.  They may be found online or in hard copy; they may be available for a fee or free of charge.  Some newsletters address general securities topics, such as which types of stocks, bonds, or funds might make good investments.  Others may provide commentary and analysis about particular companies, investment products, or financial trends. 
While many investment newsletters are legitimate, some are used to carry out schemes designed to deceive investors.  Such schemes can include:
  • Touting – promoting a stock without properly disclosing compensation received for promoting the stock. 
  • "Pump and dump" schemes  pumping up a company’s stock price by making false and misleading statements to create a buying frenzy, and then selling shares at the pumped up price.
  • Scalping – recommending a stock to drive up the stock price and then selling shares of the stock at inflated prices to generate profits.
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest – falsely claiming to provide independent analysis or failing to explain conflicts of interest (or biases), including financial incentives, that may influence the investment recommendations. 
  • False performance claims – misrepresenting the track record of the newsletter’s investment recommendations.
Some investment newsletters claim to be sources of unbiased information, when in fact the newsletter publisher will make a lot of money if the newsletter convinces investors to buy or sell particular stocks.  Do not take comfort because a newsletter encourages you to purchase or sell a stock through your own brokerage account.  Even if you do not give the newsletter publisher any money to place trades for you, the newsletter publisher may profit from your trading activity.  For example, you may purchase a stock (causing the stock price to rise) and then the newsletter publisher may sell its shares of that stock (profiting at your expense). 
If a newsletter promotes a particular stock, read carefully what the newsletter says about compensation it receives and look for these red flags:
  • No disclosures. Be suspicious if the newsletter does not disclose having received any compensation. 
  • Vague disclosures. Be skeptical of newsletters that do not specifically disclose who paid them, the amount, and the type of payment.  The following examples raise red flags because they do not contain specific information:
"From time to time, the Newsletter may receive compensation from companies we write about."
"From time to time, the Newsletter or its officers, directors, or staff may hold stock in some of the companies we write about."
"The Newsletter receives fees from the companies we write about."
  • Buried disclosures. Be wary if the newsletter’s disclosures are difficult to find or appear in tiny, hard-to-read print.  
  • Questions about your stock purchases. Be careful if a newsletter representative asks you detailed questions about your stock purchases like how many shares you bought, when you purchased the shares, or which broker you used to buy the shares.  The newsletter publisher may make money based on the amount of shares its subscribers buy. 
Even if a newsletter makes specific disclosures about being compensated for promoting a stock, be aware that fraudsters may include such disclosures to create the false appearance that the newsletter is legitimate.
Fraudsters may also use newsletters as a way to get their foot in the door to pitch fraudulent investments by phone.  Be careful if someone tries to get you to subscribe to a newsletter and then calls you with specific investment recommendations.
When considering any potential investment, watch out for these warning signs of investment fraud:
  • Promises of high investment returns.  Be highly suspicious if the promoter guarantees you a high rate of return on your investment.
  • Pressure to buy RIGHT NOW.  Be skeptical if the promoter pitches the investment as a "limited time only" opportunity, especially if the promoter claims to base the recommendation on "inside" or confidential information.
  • Sounds too good to be true.  Exercise caution if the investment sounds too good to be true.  Investments providing higher returns typically involve more risk.

Investigate the Investment Newsletter

Search and contact your state securities regulator to see if any regulatory actions have been taken against the investment newsletter or anyone associated with it. 
Use the SEC’s IAPD website or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s BrokerCheckwebsite to check the background, including registration or license status and disciplinary history, of any individual or firm recommending a stock.  Some entities that issue investment newsletters are registeredwith the SEC as investment advisers and have certain responsibilities and obligations.  If a newsletter provides a disclaimer stating that it is not published by a registered investment adviser, keep in mind that the entity issuing the newsletter is disclaiming these responsibilities and obligations.
Before making any investment based on information in an investment newsletter, independently and thoroughly investigate the investment opportunity.  For more information about how to evaluate a potential investment, read our publication Ask Questions.

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DealBook P.M. Edition - June 2, 2014: Valeant and Ackman Break From the Deal Playbook, Yet Again.

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MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014
William A. Ackman, right, offered J. Michael Pearson, Valeant's chief, a revised exchange ratio in an attempt to spur talks.
Valeant and Ackman Break From the Deal Playbook, Yet Again In the last week, a joint bid for Allergan, the maker of Botox, has evolved from an already unusual deal into one of the most confounding takeover attempts in recent memory.
Allergan is the maker of Botox.
Reuters Breakingviews: Valeant's Achilles' Heel The premium and increased cash may help bring Allergan to the negotiating table. But questions over Valeant's own stock remain its weakness, says Robert Cyran of Reuters Breakingviews.
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A golf course owned by the Las Vegas gambler William T. Walters hosts an event it calls the
The Sexy Golf Angle to the Latest Insider Trading Scandal William T. Walters, the Las Vegas gambler at the center of the insider trading inquiry involving Carl Icahn and Phil Mickelson, runs a caddy service featuring "extremely attractive" women.
Stephen M. Scherr
Goldman Names New Chief Strategy Officer Goldman Sachs named Stephen M. Scherr as its new chief strategy officer on Monday, replacing Andrew A. Chisholm, a longtime executive of the firm who is retiring at the end of the year.
The hedge fund manager Nelson Obus, walking into federal court in Manhattan last month. He denied insider trading charges and was cleared last week.
White Collar Watch: The Perils of a Circumstantial Insider Trading Case Moving from suspicion of insider trading to proving a violation requires much more than just timely trading and vague connections, Peter J. Henning writes in the White Collar Watch column.
Network Rail in Britain apologized for its treatment of families of people who were killed at train crossings.
Another View: Measuring the Apology of Network Rail in Britain In the second installment of the Apology Metrics series, Dov Seidman invites readers to participate in a survey on the apology of Network Rail of Britain.
The home in Lexington, Mass., where Charles Ponzi lived for just a few weeks before his arrest.
Where the Father of the Ponzi Scheme Once Slept The Massachusetts house that once belonged to the famed swindler Charles Ponzi is on the market for $3.3 million.
Proceeds from lunch with Warren Buffett have climbed to as high as $3.5 million in recent years.
Time to Bid for Lunch With Buffett Sunday evening was the kickoff of the annual charity auction to have a power lunch with Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway chief.
A GSP receiver made by Broadcom is displayed inside an iPhone 4,
Broadcom Explores Options for Its Baseband BusinessShares of the semiconductor maker Broadcom surged in early trading on Monday after the company said it was exploring strategic alternatives for its cellular baseband chip business.
Sebia, a French media device maker, produces diagnostic equipment.
2 Private Equity Firms in Talks for Medical Device Maker The private equity firms are leading a consortium that is in exclusive talks to acquire the French medical device company Sebia from its private equity owner, Cinven.
Aspen Insurance specializes in catastrophe coverage.
Endurance Raises Bid for Aspen Insurance and Vows Proxy Fight Endurance Specialty Holdings' new bid of $3.2 billion is a small bump from its previous offer, but the company said it was pressing ahead with an effort to force Aspen Insurance Holdings to sell.
Maria Szajda-Lam in a lab at MeadWestvaco's headquarters in Richmond, Va., in 2011.
Starboard Urges Changes at MeadWestvaco The activist hedge fund Starboard Value has called for a separation of the MeadWestvaco Corporation's packaging and specialty chemicals businesses.
American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust is known as known as A.R.C. Healthcare.
Ventas to Buy American Realty Capital Healthcare for $2.6 Billion Ventas, the nation's biggest health care real estate investment trust, announced two acquisitions on Monday aimed at cementing its position in health care and "senior living" properties.
Marcelo of Brazil during a team training session in Teresopolis on Sunday.
Brazilian Bank Predicts World Cup Winner Brazil's largest bank, Itaú Unibanco, gets into World Cup tournament prognostication for the first time. And it will be?
Jeffrey R. Immelt, chief of General Electric, at the Elysee Palace in Paris.
A Question of Family Ties Between G.E. and Alstom Law Firm Some French media outlets have raised a fuss that G.E.'s chief executive shares family ties with the incoming chief executive of a law firm that works for Alstom.
Headquarters of the Japanese insurer Dai-ichi Life in Tokyo.
Japan's Dai-ichi Life to Consider Investments in United States But the Japanese insurer declined to confirm media reports that it was weighing a $4.9 billion acquisition of Protective Life of Alabama.
The pharmaceutical maker GlaxoSmithKline is based in Brentford, England.
GlaxoSmithKline in $350 Million Cancer Drug VentureThe deal with the biotechnology company Adaptimmune comes a little over a month after Glaxo agreed to sell its cancer drug business to the Swiss pharmaceutical maker Novartis.
Genia Technologies is a privately held DNA sequencing company.
Roche to Pay Up to $350 Million for DNA Sequencing Business The Swiss company will pay $125 million in cash for Genia Technologies of California, plus as much as $225 million in contingency payments if the business reaches certain milestones.
Marathon Oil has been under pressure to trim its overseas activities and invest more in the United States.
Marathon Oil Sells Norwegian Unit for $2.1 BillionMarathon sold its Norwegian business to Det Norske Oljeselskap of Norway and said it had called off the sale of its British business after failing to receive an acceptable offer.
Carmakers to Report Sales of New Vehicles Automakers on Tuesday will report new-vehicle sales in the United States for May. Industry analysts expect strong results, as consumer demand for new cars and trucks continues to grow after sluggish sales earlier in the year. General Motors will be watched closely for signs that car buyers are avoiding its brands because of safety recalls.
Europe's Bank to Decide on Stimulus Measures The European Central Bank is expected to offer a package of measures to stimulate lending in the euro zone economy, including an interest-rate cut and a penalty rate for banks to park money in central bank vaults. But the central bank is not expected to introduce major asset purchases, which many economists say are needed to prevent deflation. Bank officials will make their decision after official inflation data for May and the unemployment figures for April come out on Tuesday.
Data on Hiring and Unemployment On Friday, the Labor Department will report on job creation and the unemployment rate in May. Economists polled ahead of the release are expecting to see a reasonably healthy gain of 218,000 in payrolls, with the unemployment rate rising by 0.1 percentage point, to 6.4 percent, as more people look for work. But these numbers have been volatile of late. A surprisingly weak showing at the beginning of 2014 was followed by a strong pickup, so Wall Street will be watching the labor market.
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WSJ | Biggest Decliners Closing June 2, 2014.

Biggest Decliners Closing
Biggest Decliners
4:32 pm ET 06/02/2014
Puma Biotechnology (PBYI)2,031,094$57.06-19.37-25.34
MasTec (MTZ)7,054,71632.06-3.94-10.94
Doral Financial (DRL)2,168,5003.56-0.37-9.41
Textura (TXTR)455,57419.13-1.80-8.60
Weis Markets (WMK)140,62843.44-3.93-8.30
American Vanguard (AVD)708,90713.97-1.25-8.21
Aeropostale (ARO)3,101,3623.59-0.32-8.18
Mavenir Systems (MVNR)175,04212.24-1.07-8.04
Castlight Health Cl B (CSLT)1,220,26014.00-1.18-7.77
Team (TISI)142,08938.67-3.25-7.75
Yingli Green Energy Holding ADS (YGE)7,161,6243.14-0.24-7.10
Penn Virginia (PVA)5,096,46714.14-1.04-6.85
Hyperdynamics (HDY)313,8882.47-0.18-6.79
Vonage Holdings (VG)3,150,7253.55-0.25-6.58
Walter Energy (WLT)8,357,0944.56-0.32-6.56
ReneSola ADS (SOL)2,484,9802.38-0.16-6.30
TravelCenters of America (TA)229,0377.98-0.53-6.23
Zendesk (ZEN)346,11715.00-0.98-6.13
Amira Nature Foods (ANFI)130,05313.16-0.84-6.00
Container Store Group (TCS)349,14426.95-1.71-5.97
Dycom Industries (DY)865,59527.98-1.77-5.95
Nimble Storage (NMBL)748,16423.91-1.46-5.75
Barracuda Networks (CUDA)140,97927.82-1.67-5.66
Goodrich Petroleum (GDP)3,209,53127.43-1.57-5.41
RCS Capital (RCAP)617,18424.60-1.40-5.38
bebe stores (BEBE)2,242,435$3.39-0.69-16.81
Federated National Holding (FNHC)579,59620.83-2.61-11.13
Himax Technologies ADS (HIMX)15,092,7615.94-0.69-10.41
TOP Ships (TOPS)23,3853.25-0.37-10.22
Marrone Bio Innovations (MBII)79,0239.82-1.05-9.66
Zogenix (ZGNX)2,836,3572.08-0.22-9.57
Theravance Biopharma Wi (TBPHV)11,55519.50-2.02-9.39
Mannatech (MTEX)7,30813.20-1.30-8.97
Arctic Cat (ACAT)1,425,25934.02-3.28-8.79
MoSys (MOSY)280,1503.03-0.29-8.73
Epizyme (EPZM)250,30622.03-1.95-8.13
Turtle Beach (HEAR)147,5739.47-0.81-7.88
Celladon (CLDN)68,4308.24-0.69-7.73 India ADS (REDF)381,1222.53-0.21-7.66
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals (AEGR)1,712,56930.40-2.45-7.46
SpartanNash (SPTN)357,16522.47-1.81-7.45
Fluidigm (FLDM)615,79325.68-2.06-7.43
Rubicon Technology (RBCN)1,168,6947.88-0.61-7.18
Angie's List (ANGI)1,000,2139.91-0.74-6.95
Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI)5,2942.35-0.18-6.94
Immunogen (IMGN)1,149,85511.00-0.82-6.94
Papa Murphy's Holdings (FRSH)375,83510.20-0.75-6.85
Cray (CRAY)524,22126.14-1.90-6.78
Clovis Oncology (CLVS)2,020,95247.75-3.46-6.76
Dixie Group (DXYN)191,72710.99-0.79-6.71
Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X Shares (JNUG)1,251,744$14.47-0.78-5.11
ProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil (UBR)5,20846.75-2.50-5.08
Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 3x Shares (GASL)59,46047.39-2.07-4.19
Direxion Daily Japan Bear 3x Shares (JPNS)5,21126.28-1.12-4.10
Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3X Shares (BRZU)67,11520.33-0.72-3.42
VelocityShares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN linked to the S&P GSCI Natural Gas Index Excess Return (DGAZ)4,718,3242.91-0.10-3.32
iPath Dow Jones -UBS Coffee Subindex Total return Coll ETN (CAFE)6,69322.17-0.69-3.02
iPath DJ-UBS Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN (JO)171,90133.93-1.03-2.95
Global X Brazil Mid Cap ETF (BRAZ)17,14312.71-0.35-2.71
ProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Natural Gas (KOLD)25,17438.68-1.03-2.59
Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)3,574,89728.28-0.74-2.55
ProShares UltraShort MSCI Japan (EWV)7,54965.11-1.69-2.53
AB Svensk Exportkredit ELEMENTS linked to MLCX Biofuels Index Total Return (FUE)12,23011.00-0.28-2.51
PowerShares DB 3x Short US Dollar Index Futures ETN (UDNT)5,04717.01-0.39-2.24
Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares (TMF)205,64860.74-1.36-2.19
Market Vectors Junior Gold Minets ETF (GDXJ)4,120,44033.37-0.74-2.17
Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares (YANG)16,03920.49-0.44-2.10
Direxion Daily South Korea Bull 3X Shares (KORU)4,14753.94-1.15-2.09
iShares MSCI Brazil Small-Cap ETF (EWZS)43,43019.43-0.41-2.08
Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares (RUSS)316,23312.31-0.26-2.07
Market Vectors Brazil Small Cap ETF (BRF)80,94729.11-0.57-1.92
First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX Fund (FBZ)12,28719.39-0.36-1.82
db X-trackers 2020 Target Date Fund (TDH)2,50827.49-0.46-1.65
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3x Shares (TNA)7,554,16268.84-1.10-1.57
PowerShares Exchange Traded Fund Trust WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW)207,3556.35-0.10-1.55
Puma Biotechnology (PBYI)2,031,094$57.06-19.37-25.34
Pacific Booker Minerals (PBM)24,6104.23-0.89-17.40
bebe stores (BEBE)2,242,4353.39-0.69-16.81
Aastrom Biosciences (ASTM)912,6724.37-0.68-13.47
Federated National Holding (FNHC)579,59620.83-2.61-11.13
Neonode (NEON)3,831,4293.14-0.39-11.05
MasTec (MTZ)7,054,71632.06-3.94-10.94
Himax Technologies ADS (HIMX)15,092,7615.94-0.69-10.41
TOP Ships (TOPS)23,3853.25-0.37-10.22
Marrone Bio Innovations (MBII)79,0239.82-1.05-9.66
Zogenix (ZGNX)2,836,3572.08-0.22-9.57
Reeds (REED)135,3064.29-0.45-9.49
Doral Financial (DRL)2,168,5003.56-0.37-9.41
Theravance Biopharma Wi (TBPHV)11,55519.50-2.02-9.39
Mannatech (MTEX)7,30813.20-1.30-8.97
Arctic Cat (ACAT)1,425,25934.02-3.28-8.79
LiveDeal (LIVE)1,941,1464.26-0.41-8.78
MoSys (MOSY)280,1503.03-0.29-8.73
Textura (TXTR)455,57419.13-1.80-8.60
LiqTech International (LIQT)88,9102.28-0.21-8.43
Weis Markets (WMK)140,62843.44-3.93-8.30
American Vanguard (AVD)708,90713.97-1.25-8.21
Aeropostale (ARO)3,101,3623.59-0.32-8.18
Epizyme (EPZM)250,30622.03-1.95-8.13
Mavenir Systems (MVNR)175,04212.24-1.07-8.04
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Includes common, closed end funds, ETFs, ETNs and REITS with prior day close of $2 a share or higher, with volume of at least 2,000.
x - stock is trading ex-dividend
Source: WSJ Market Data Group