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Apr 21, 2014

YouTube | VOAvideo has uploaded Pacific Rim Trade Deal Proves Elusive and Biden in Ukraine As Geneva Deal on Crisis Faltering

VOAvideo has uploaded Pacific Rim Trade Deal Proves Elusive
Pacific Rim Trade Deal Proves Elusive
With the U.S.-led war in Iraq ended and American military involvement in Afghanistan winding down, President Barack Obama has sought to pivot the country's foreign policy focus towards Asia. One aspect of that pivot is the negotiation of a free-trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim nations. But as Obama leaves this week on a trip to four Asian countries he has found it very difficult to complete the trade pact. VOA's Ken Bredemeier has more from Washington.

Biden in Ukraine As Geneva Deal on Crisis Faltering
Biden in Ukraine As Geneva Deal on Crisis Faltering
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in Ukraine for talks with government officials -- who Russia is claiming "crudely violate" last week's agreement to de-escalate the crisis. VOA State Department Correspondent Scott Stearns reports that agreement to avert wider conflict is faltering -- with pro-Moscow separatist gunmen showing no sign of backing down.

FTC | Competition Matters -April 21, 2014: Getting around town in the share economy.

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By Andy Gavil and Chris Grengs, Office of Policy Planning
One of the most vibrant areas of recent economic development has been the “share economy.” Facilitated by popular smartphones and animated not only by economics, but also by many people’s interest in expanding social networks, peer-to-peer (P2P) software applications now facilitate services from shopping to local accommodations.
These services typically involve the use of personal property. As a result, they have run into resistance from established commercial operations and in some instances local regulators. One prominent example of this clash of the old and new economy has been ridesharing, the latest evolution of the once ubiquitous college ride-board. Entrepreneurs have facilitated new forms of ridesharing that use Internet-based technology to connect customers with people interested in providing transportation with their own cars and allow for payment in a variety of ways. These ridesharing services can spur competition by providing consumers with new ways to more easily locate, arrange, and pay for rides, as compared to traditional commercial methods such as hailing a taxi on the street or calling a taxi dispatcher. But they can also raise some legitimate consumer protection concerns.
FTC staff recently submitted a letter to Alderman Brendan Reilly of the Chicago City Council regarding a proposed ordinance that would allow for the licensing and operation of some ridesharing services, called transportation network providers (TNPs). We praised the ordinance for making it possible for some rideshare apps to operate using personal vehicles. However, staff noted that some of the proposed provisions in the ordinance are likely to limit the benefits to consumers without providing them with any apparent protections. The ordinance would:
  • impose a significant license fee on the apps that would make it more expensive for them to operate and likely lead to higher costs for consumers.
  • restrict their use of varied and creative pricing methods, and impose elevated insurance requirements that don’t appear to be connected to any evidence of risk to riders compared to commercial taxis.
  • flatly ban TNPs from serving Chicagoland airports and the convention center with no apparent justification.
  •  impose extensive records and data collection requirements, raising some concerns about both competition and consumer privacy.
  • prohibit TNPs  from owning or financing vehicles if they wanted to, and cars used to provide services would be prohibited from having any in or on-vehicle advertising.
Each of these restrictions seem likely to limit competition and the consumer benefits of legalized ridesharing and blunt the perceived threat they pose to incumbent commercial taxi and sedan services rather than protect consumers from some kind of harm.
Competition is at the heart of America’s economy. Vigorous competition among sellers in an open marketplace can provide consumers the benefits of lower prices, higher quality products and services, and greater innovation. This is just as true for app-based transportation and other kinds of P2P services. So while staff praised Chicago for moving in the right direction, we urged them to keep moving.

Reuters | Technology Report -April 21, 2014: Netflix profit rises as U.S. streaming business grows

Reuters Election 2012 Daily round-up of the day's top news from the campaign trail, the White House and all the politics in between
Netflix profit rises as U.S. streaming business grows
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Netflix Inc reported higher profit for the quarter that ended in March, boosted by the addition of 2.25 million customers to its movie and TV streaming service in the United States.
Nokia sees Microsoft deal closing this week
HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia said on Monday it expects the sale of its handset business to Microsoft to be finalized on April 25, as it had received all the required regulatory approvals.
AT&T looks to expand high-speed fiber network to 21 cities
NEW YORK (Reuters) - AT&T Inc said on Monday it expects to expand its ultra-fast fiber network and TV services to up to 21 U.S. cities, including Chicago and Atlanta.
U.S. judge dismisses case against Twitter alleging pre-IPO fraud
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Twitter Inc has won the dismissal of an unusual lawsuit accusing the social media company of fraudulently arranging a private stock sale it never intended to complete, with a goal of stoking interest in its November 2013 initial public offering.
Apple, Google vie to offer exclusive game apps: WSJ
(Reuters) - Apple Inc and Google Inc are wooing game developers to ensure that top game titles arrive first on devices powered by their respective operating system, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
Perfect World joins consortium offering to buy out Shanda Games
(Reuters) - China's online game developer Perfect World Co Ltd said it joined the consortium offering to buy rival Shanda Games Ltd.
At Mt. Gox bitcoin hub, 'geek' CEO sought both control and escape
TOKYO (Reuters) - In June 2011, when customers of now-bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox agitated for proof that the Tokyo-based firm was still solvent after a hacking attack, CEO Mark Karpeles turned to the comedy science fiction novel "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".
Apps link people with new places in real world
(Reuters) - Tired of the same restaurants and clubs? Not sure if friends would want to venture to a new cafe or bar? New apps show where people want to go, rather than where they have been.
Obamacare enrollees urged to change passwords over Heartbleed bug
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Americans with accounts on President Barack Obama's health insurance enrollment website,, were advised that their passwords had been reset to guard against the "Heartbleed" bug, in a message posted on the site on Saturday.
Mobile payment startup Square plans sale as losses widen: WSJ
(Reuters) - Square Inc has been in talks with several rivals for a possible sale as the mobile payments startup looks to stem widening losses and dwindling cash, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.