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Apr 6, 2014

YouTube | Al Jazeera English has uploaded News Bulletin - 20:00 GMT update and one other video April 6, 2014

Al Jazeera English has uploaded News Bulletin - 20:00 GMT update and one other video
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News Bulletin - 20:00 GMT update
Al Jazeera English
Libyan rebels agree to end oil terminal siege
Al Jazeera English

YouTube | VOAvideo has uploaded US Hails Afghan Elections and Afghan Vote Deemed Success, Results Uncertain April 6, 2014.

VOAvideo has uploaded US Hails Afghan Elections
US Hails Afghan Elections
President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel are hailing Saturday's elections in Afghanistan, which are expected to produce the country's first-ever democratic transfer of power. VOA's Michael Bowman reports, although Afghanistan's next president may not be known for weeks, the Obama administration hopes the new leader will finalize a bilateral security agreement to keep a residual U.S. military presence in the country.
VOAvideo has uploaded Afghan Vote Deemed Success, Results Uncertain
Afghan Vote Deemed Success, Results Uncertain
Afghanistan's presidential vote is being hailed as a success, with seven million voters braving Taliban threats to go to the polls. But as Sharon Behn reports from Kabul, Afghans say the true success of the election lies with the candidates accepting the results.

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YouTube | Al Jazeera English has uploaded Artscape: Poets of Protest - Manal Al Sheikh: Fire Won't Eat Me Up

Al Jazeera English has uploaded Artscape: Poets of Protest - Manal Al Sheikh: Fire Won't Eat Me Up

Artscape: Poets of Protest - Manal Al Sheikh: Fire Won't Eat Me Up
Al Jazeera English
It is lethal for the poet to write in Iraq, so she struggles to inspire from snowy Norway.

YouTube | RT has uploaded Lost: Russian Style (RT Documentary) - April 6, 2014.

RT has uploaded Lost: Russian Style (RT Documentary)

Lost: Russian Style (RT Documentary)
'What if you had to get closer to nature than you thought possible? James Brown survives being stranded in the forests of the Frozen north.'

Zacks Investment Management | ZIM Weekly Update - April 6, 2014: A Bumpy Road Ahead.

A Bumpy Road Ahead 

by Mitch Zacks, Senior Portfolio Manager

In the first quarter of 2014, we’ve seen more volatility in the market than we saw most of last year. The market has had to face some serious headwinds, including the growing economic stresses in emerging markets, winter weather that was so bad and persisted so long it impacted economic growth and finally, the crisis in the Ukraine that has pitted the U.S. against Russia like we were back in 1984.

And yet, the S&P 500 was up just over 1% for the first quarter. How can this be? The issue of bad weather will take care of itself as spring has arrived and with it, an acceleration of growth. Most likely, any growth that was missed out on in Q1 2014 will be made up for in Q2. The other two issues are still creating uncertainty, which the markets abhor.

A Resilient Market 

The reason for the resilience in the stock market has to do with economic fundamentals, plain and simple. The stock market is the best leading indicator you’ll find and right now it’s forecasting global economic strength based on the fact that it can shake off these various concerns and move higher because it sees blue skies and economic strength on the horizon.

Additionally, I believe the Fed’s QE stimulus program had very little to do with the market rally. I think it may have helped sentiment, but there is only so much the Fed can do. Without the banks cooperating and lending out the cash the Fed is trying to pump into the economy, the Fed will have little impact on accelerating economic growth.

Why The Market is Up 

U.S companies added more jobs and factory orders rose solidly in February, showing the weather effect is thawing and economic growth is re-accelerating like it did in 2013. I’m certainly not predicting the same type of returns we had in 2013, but I do believe stocks will finish the year materially up from where they started the year.

In March, private employers added 191,000 workers to their payrolls according to the ADP National Employment Report that came out this past Wednesday, up from 178,000 in February. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 192,000 in March, and the February number was revised upward from 175,000 to 197,000.

The unusual cold and snowy weather just made some jobs impossible to do. It started in December and has just recently loosened its grip on the country. At first what seemed like a bad winter turned into a historically bad winter and weighed heavily on economic growth. But, there are signs the economy is bouncing back as the weather warms up.

(Continued below...)

Download Zacks' April 2014 Market Outlook 

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The Commerce Department released a report showing new orders for manufactured goods rose by 1.6%, the largest increase since last September. Shipments of new orders increased 0.9% in February, again, the largest rise we’ve seen since last July. Additionally, the Institute for Supply Management said that its index of manufacturing activity increased for the second month in a row, up to 53.7 in March. Any reading above 50 indicates growth.

There have certainly been quarters that faced fewer headwinds and yet suffered a correction, defined as a short, sharp decline of 10% or more before rebounding quickly. But, the biggest decline we saw this quarter, when Russia annexed Crimea, the S&P 500 never went down more than 7% before rebounding and hitting new all-time highs.

Volatility Ahead 

I and many others have been saying this for quite some time, that there will be a correction at some point. The market has experienced drops of 10% or more many, many times and come back to finish the year strong. In market conditions like the one we find ourselves in, it’s always best to remember what ultimately drives share prices. It’s not the weather or a geopolitical crisis that will seem much worse than it actually is at the time it starts, but rather, fundamentals that drive the market.

Don’t base decisions on a quarter-by-quarter basis, or certainly not on a monthly or weekly basis. Focus on the long-term. Look for companies that have the best potential for earnings growth, because when you buy a stock, you are buying part of a company’s future earnings stream and profits.

I know some might say this market looks like it did in 2000, when people just kept buying stocks, driving the markets ever higher. However, now is nothing like then. The fact that investors, pundits and analysts are even talking about a bubble tells me we aren’t in a stock bubble that’s ready to burst. The biggest difference between now and then though, is the fact that back then, valuations were out of control. Anything that even remotely had to do with the internet was being bid up to ridiculous prices even when these companies had no business plan or any foreseeable way of turning a profit. Today, stocks are, for the most part, fairly valued and should the economic growth, and, in turn earnings, begin to grow at an accelerated pace, there is no reason this bull market can’t go on for at least a few more years. I certainly don’t see it ending in 2014.

Putting it All Together 

After a rough start to the year, we basically ended the 1st quarter where we started, up 1%. It was a bumpy road to get there and there were times I’m sure many investors wanted to sell their stocks, thinking a bear market was approaching, but investors might want to get prepared for more of the same. Last year there were a few very minor corrections, but nothing approaching 10%. I doubt we’ll see the same thing this year. I think we’ll see a lot more ups and downs this year but by December 31, I expect the S&P 500 to be higher than where it is now and to produce better returns than other asset classes. For all long-term investors, try not to pay attention to the news or the market too much and if you have cash, buy on the dips.


The Best Asset Classes to Invest in Right Now 

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-Mitch Zacks

About Mitch Zacks 

Mitch is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Zacks Investment Management. He wrote a weekly column for the Chicago Sun-Times and has published two books on quantitative investment strategies. He has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and an M.B.A. in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago.

Mitch also is a Portfolio Manager for the Zacks Small Cap Core Fund ( ZSCCX ).

YouTube | RT has uploaded Cut Price: New loan snips glimmer of hope for looming Greek debts.

RT has uploaded Cut Price: New loan snips glimmer of hope for looming Greek debts

Cut Price: New loan snips glimmer of hope for looming Greek debts

Eurozone finally signed new loan worth 8 billion Euros to struggling Greece. This glimmer of good news has failed to make a struggling hairdresser happy. RT's Maria Finoshina has more. 

YouTube | Al Jazeera English has uploaded Russian annexation of Crimea alarms Georgia and one other video - April 6, 2014.

Al Jazeera English has uploaded Russian annexation of Crimea alarms Georgia and one other video
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Russian annexation of Crimea alarms Georgia
Al Jazeera English
Initiative saves Eastern Pacific Gray Whale
Al Jazeera English

NYT | Today's Headlines - April 6, 2014.

The New York TimesMost Popular | Video |

Today's Headlines

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Top News
John O. Brennan, the director of the C.I.A., took questions after addressing the Council on Foreign Relations last month.
Delays in Effort to Refocus C.I.A. From Drone War


Despite avowals about the need to refocus the agency on its original missions of analysis, intelligence collecting and espionage, the paramilitary operations prove hard to give up.
In the face of Taliban threats and bad weather, Afghans lined up Saturday to elect a successor to President Hamid Karzai.
Afghan Turnout Is High as Voters Defy the Taliban


The election will mark the first time Afghans have changed their leader at the polls in modern history as Hamid Karzai's dozen years in power end.


Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills


The routine care costs of many chronic illnesses eclipse that of acute care because new treatments have become a multibillion-dollar business opportunity.
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Editors' Picks


Video VIDEO: Bill Cunningham | At Face Value
The fact is, fashion is commerce. But it can also be wearable art.


Bye-Bye, Baby


Birthrates are falling around the world. And that's O.K.


"Some might want to get the C.I.A. out of the killing business, but that's not happening anytime soon."
MICHAEL A. SHEEHAN, who until last year was the senior Pentagon official in charge of special operations and now holds a distinguished chair at West Point's Combating Terrorism Center.
Today's Video
Video VIDEO: Grandma's Diamond Is Forever
Ian Ross' paycheck as a freelance EMT wasn't enough for bills and an engagement ring. So like many millennials, he turned to a family heirloom when he asked Madlyn Wendell to marry him.
Video VIDEO: One Afghan Woman's Voice
Despite Taliban threats, Afghans turned out across the country Saturday to vote for a new president. Shukria Barakzai, one of the female members of the Afghan Parliament, prepared to vote.
Video VIDEO: David Letterman's Legacy
Bill Carter, a media reporter for The Times, discusses David Letterman's late-night legacy.
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This Chinese patrol ship, the Haixun 01, reported Saturday that an underwater sensor had picked up a promising signal.
Ship Reports Getting Signal That Could Be Black Box of Missing Jet


Australian authorities said that they were investigating reports by ships in the search flotilla that underwater sensors had picked up signals that could be from the plane's data and voice recorders.
Break in Syrian War Brings Brittle Calm


The Syrian government claims it is winning the war and it can afford to be magnanimous; it is offering reconciliation to repentant opponents, and some are accepting.
. Photographs  Slide Show: A Change in Atmosphere in Central Syria
Citizenship-for-Cash Program in Malta Stirs Security Concerns in European Union


Opponents said the program, under which foreigners can pay to buy Maltese citizenship, could open the door to the West for criminals or terrorists.
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Harold Dahmer with the truck he and his family used to escape the 1966 firebombing that killed his father, a civil rights worker.
Civil Rights Sins, Curated by One of the Sinners


Mississippi officials hope a publicly operated civil rights museum scheduled to open in 2017 will be a symbol that the state is reckoning with the ugliest parts of its history.
In Killeen, Tex., on Friday, people prayed during a sermon to remember those killed Wednesday at Fort Hood.
War Pain Yields to New Anxiety Inside Ft. Hood


The number of soldiers at Fort Hood has fallen, and as the Army moves away from wartime footing, those who planned to make a career in the military face an uncertain path.
. Video  Video: A Military Town
Doug Cochran, left, joined a team that combed through the landslide debris in Oso, Wash.
Finding Fellowship After Deadly Washington Mudslide


Scores of volunteers changed the nature of the response to the disaster, even as it changed them.
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To paint the billionaire Koch brothers as villains, Democrats are drawing attention to Koch Industries subsidiaries like the Invista Specialty Materials chemical plant in Wilmington, N.C.
To Strike at Kochs, Democrats Revive Tactic That Hurt Romney


Democrats are seeking to make villains of the billionaire brothers, whose political organizations have spent more than $30 million on ads so far to help Republicans win control of the Senate.
Tracey Lampe staking marijuana plants at a RiverRock medical marijuana center in Denver. Although Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use, analysts say Democratic governors in other states are wary of being portrayed as soft on crime.
Despite Support in Party, Democratic Governors Resist Legalizing Marijuana


Despite a slight majority of support by Americans, some Democratic governors are leery about having their states become the next to legitimize marijuana.
David Friedman, the acting administrator of the safety agency, defended the agency's actions before Congress last week. He testified that his agency would have acted differently had G.M. not withheld information about defective ignition switches in cars.
Minding the Minders of G.M.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is facing questions over its handling of the General Motors scandal involving defective ignition switches.
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Elissa Shevinsky said that when she entered tech, all she wanted was to
Technology's Man Problem


Crude apps, patronizing behavior. For some, "bro" culture offers one explanation for why there are so few women in tech.


I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight. On the App.


In a new app, a business model expands from connecting singles to keeping romantic partners together.


An Economic Gauge, Imperfect but Vital


A new book, "G.D.P.: A Brief but Affectionate History," conveys a sophisticated understanding of the often-cited measure of the economy.
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The booth for Mozilla's signature product, the Firefox web browser, at a trade show in February.
Personality and Change Inflamed Mozilla Crisis


The issues troubling Mozilla, a highly unusual tech titan, run deeper than the firestorm that led to the departure of its chief, Brendan Eich, after only two weeks.


Automation Alone Isn't Killing Jobs


The long-term unemployed are now burdened by complex interactions of technology, education and market demand.
Technology That Transforms Life (and Mutual Funds' Returns)


Cloud computing, personalized medicine, robotics and other tech innovations brought big returns for some mutual funds in the first quarter.
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James Young scored a game-high 17 points for the Wildcats on Saturday.


With Late 3-Pointer, Kentucky Edges Wisconsin to Advance to Final


Aaron Harrison put up the shot that sent the Wildcats into the title game against Connecticut.
. John Calipari's Trip to the Final Four, Step by Agonizing Step
. Polarizing Wildcats Find Their Way Together
Connecticut players celebrate from the bench as the Huskies became the first seventh seed to advance to the title game.


A Long Shot Nears Its Goal: UConn Topples Florida


Led by DeAndre Daniels (20 points), UConn beat Florida, the N.C.A.A. tournament's top overall seed, for a second time this season and advanced to the championship game.
. Sports of The Times: As Their Numbers Fall, College Basketball's Black Coaches Face a Conundrum
Traevon Jackson using a ladder and scissors from N.C.A.A. sponsors as he cut down the net after Wisconsin advanced to the Final Four with an overtime victory against Arizona in Anaheim, Calif.
Points for Product Placement: N.C.A.A. Cashes In, but Not the Players


Among the biggest complaints about the N.C.A.A. is that it has aggressively monetized nearly every aspect of its championships while it forbids players to negotiate paid endorsement deals.
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Brothers of Invention


In Mike Judge's wry study of start-up culture, "Silicon Valley," the process of discovering the next big thing is authentically dull.
. Review: 'Silicon Valley'