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The White House | The student Film Festival March 3, 2014.

Monday, March 3, 2014   Here's what happened at the Student Film Festival Last Friday, we hosted the first-ever White House Student Film Festival. Students from all across the country created more than 2,500 short films illustrating the role that technology plays in their classrooms, why it's so important, and how it will change the educational experience for kids in the future. More than 60 of the young filmmakers came to the White House for the festival, where we screened the 16 official selections. And, as the President said himself, "these movies are awesome." Did you miss it? Watch the official selections and our honorable mentions, as well as the President's remarks. President Barack Obama speaks with students in the State Dining Room prior to the White House Student Film Festival in the East Room of the White House, Feb. 28, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

VOA Video March 3, 2014: What's Behind the Resurgence of al-Shabab?

What's Behind the Resurgence of al-Shabab? VOAvideo The al-Qaida linked militant group al-Shabab has struck at the heart of the Somali government with a string of attacks in Mogadishu. Long thought to be on the defensive, the recent strikes and a fresh recruitment drive point to a resurgence of one of Africa's most feared terrorist groups. East Africa correspondent Gabe Joselow has the story.

The Alex Jones Channel | Prison Planet March 3, 2014: EXPOSED: Government Uses FDA & FCC to Target Whistleblowers.

EXPOSED: Government Uses FDA & FCC to Target Whistleblowers TheAlexJonesChannel David Knight is joined by Anthony Gucciardi to discuss the Government targeting individuals and groups that share different political views, by using Government organizations to gather personal information and use it to paint them as, "Enemies of the State". emerging-tech/2014/02/fda- wants-monitor-social-media- chatter-about-product-risks/ 79657/?oref=ng-HPriver The Food and Drug Administration is looking for a contractor to monitor social media chatter about the drugs and other products it regulates and how that chatter shifts as a result of FDA risk warnings, solicitation documents show. The agency is looking for a contractor that can provide historical information about the sorts of conversations consumers are having on blogs, message boards and social media sites about the product classes FDA regulates -- such as drugs, medical devices, foo

Bloomberg | The Market Now March 3, 2014: The Market Now - Putin Costs Oligarchs $13 Billion in a Day | Russia's Long Military Buildup | Uber Hits Tokyo.

        THE MARKET  NOW The news that drives the U.S. and global markets.               Before the Crimean Crisis, a Decade of Russian Military Buildup As the  Ukrainian crisis escalates , markets around the world have responded to the superpower standoff. Of the many Bloomberg articles covering the news, two that lend historical perspective are especially worth calling out. Andrea Dudik, Leon Mangasarian and Andras Gergely take a long view and  highlight the resonance with Russia's invasion of Czechoslovakia  in 1968. Brad Cook looks at a shorter time frame and traces earlier hints that  Russia would not let Crimea slip away . Another important piece of historical context worth looking at here is Russia's military spending: In 2012, Vladimir Putin's spending on the armed forces reached $90 billion, more than seven times the total of 2001. The increase would be even greater measured in rubles. We're seeing the culmination of that buildup. The c

NYT | Asian Morning March 3, 2014: Top News: In Ukraine and West, Concerns Grow Over Russia's Plans

NYT Apps | Today's Headlines Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Top News In Ukraine and West, Concerns Grow Over Russia's Plans By STEVEN ERLANGER Western nations sought a political and economic response as the besieged new government of Ukraine accused Russia of issuing an ultimatum on Crimea, a charge that Russia denied. Pressure Rising as Obama Works to Rein In Russia By PETER BAKER President Obama rallied allies and approved a series of diplomatic and economic moves intended to isolate Moscow and prevent it from seizing more Ukrainian territory. At U.N., Russia Points to Ultranationalist Threats in Ukraine By NICK CUMMING-BRUCE Russia's foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, said his country's troops were in Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians from attacks.   Putin Engages in Test of Will Over Ukraine   Pressure Rising as Obama Works to Rein In Russia For more top news, go to Editors' Picks OPINIO