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It is a ashamed how schemes frauds are committed before the eyes and consent of the regulatory state institutions that conform the more nauseating alliance among system of banking, financial supervision and consumer protection institutions.

Make your own  conclusions in the communications I had with the Financial Defender, which is the  branch of the Peruvian Banking Association ( ASBANC).

I have been one of  their victims , but beyond this particular case that I am going through. my intention is to warn, everyone of the lack of real and decent protection in Peru's financial system today.

Consequently, and as time allows me to work on, I will open a blog where victims of any financial fraud will have a free space to expose their cases. This will be written in Spanish as its base language, but with inclusion  to others idioms.

Translated from Spanish. The original version will appear at the end.

From: [ ]
Sent: Sunday, March 09 2014 12:19 p.m.
Subject: Payments made and not registered.

Dear Sirs,

I am surprised the deadlines to resolve claims. It is apparent that there are accounting operations of the banking and financial business that should be resolved in real time and  there will be no place to procrastination.

My case is that  I come to summarizein the next lines below:

On 5 March 2014, I approached the bank of credit to make a payment on my credit card issued by  Banco  Ripley.( Please review in file attached to the present).  Have passed 96 hours of payment made to Banco Ripley and this transaction was not accredited in my my account yet; however I sent via e-mail the scanned copies of payments made.

If I have to wait 30 days to respond to a payment made and whose voucher, receipt, or any other name you may call  it in your jargon, the point is that the vouchers in my possession are an irrefutable proof of payments,  and would  not only be an abuse of the rights of the client; but a premeditated devious and deceit fraud.

Fernando Guzman Cavero


Telephone: (511) 711-0282
Cel : (511) 982-357682

Fax: (511) 718-3809

Address: Ricardo Smut and good 458
Lima -
Peru 11

Dear Mr Guzman:

I am writing to say hello and tell you it has been reported with the Office of the Customer Financial  Defensor and at the same time respond to your communication dated 03.09.2014 , through which you bring to the attention of this Office your complaint against the Banco Ripley.

In this regard we must tell you that you must first submit your claim formally to the Bank. It is worth mentioning that the Bank has 30 days to resolve your claim, as of that date (has the answer or not) you can submit your claim to the Office of Financial Client, accompanied by the requirements that were requested and the copies that creates relevant.

The documentation must be delivered in a physical form to the office of the Ombudsman Customer financial, of not being able to do it personally, you can refer to another person or via courrier. You must enclose a copy of the DNI of the holder, form filled out and signed by the holder and copy of a letter of response from the Bank.

Our offices are located in Calle 41 No. 975, Urb. Corpac - San Isidro - Lima, from monday to friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours.

It should be noted that the  Customer Financial Defensor  can only intervene in claims relating to the financial operations of the customers with their financial institutions, not being able to carry out efforts related to the policies of damages recoverable, punishment or reprimand.

Waiting For You have been treated

Estimado señor Guzmán:
Sirva la presente para saludarlo e indicarle que usted se ha comunicado con la Oficina del Defensor del Cliente Financiero y al mismo tiempo dar respuesta a su comunicación de fecha 09.03.2014, mediante la cual pone en conocimiento de esta Oficina su queja formulada contra el Banco Ripley.

Al respecto debemos indicarle que primero debe presentar su reclamo formalmente ante el Banco. Cabe mencionar que el Banco tiene un plazo de 30 días para resolver su reclamo, a partir de esa fecha (tenga respuesta o no) puede Ud. presentar su reclamo ante la Defensoría del Cliente financiero, adjuntando los requisitos que se solicita y las copias que crea pertinentes.

La documentación debe ser entregada en forma física a la oficina del Defensor del Cliente Financiero, de no poder hacerlo personalmente, lo puede remitir con otra persona o vía courrier.  Se debe adjuntar copia del DNI del titular, formulario llenado y firmado por el titular y copia de carta de respuesta del Banco.

Nuestras oficinas se ubican en Calle 41 N° 975, Urb. Corpac – San Isidro - Lima, de lunes a viernes desde las 09:00 a 18:00 horas.

Cabe resaltar que el Defensor del Cliente Financiero sólo puede intervenir en reclamos referidos a las operaciones financieras de los clientes con sus entidades financieras, no pudiendo realizar gestiones relacionadas a las políticas de idemnización, sanción o amonestación.

Esperando haberlo atendido

De: []
Enviado el: domingo, 09 de marzo de 2014 12:19 p.m.
Asunto: Pagos realizados y no registrados.

Estimados Señores.

me sorprende los plazos para resolver reclamos. Resulta que existen operaciones propias del negocio bancario y financiero que deberían ser resueltas en tiempo real y sin lugar a dilaciones.

Mi caso es el que a continuación procedo a resumir.

El 5 de Marzo de 2014,  me acerco al banco de crédito para hacer un pago de mi tarjeta de credito del Banco Ripley.( Sírvanse revisarlos en archivo que adjunto al presente). Han pasado 96 horas del pago y todavía el Banco Ripley no lo abona a mi cuenta; No obstante haberles hecho llegar vía correo electrónico copias escaneadas de los pagos realizados.

Si tengo que esperar 30 días para que den respuesta a un pago realizado y cuyo voucher, recibo o como les venga a bien denominarlo obra en mi poder como prueba irrefutable de la transacción,  no sería sólo un abuso de los derechos del cliente;  sino un artero y premeditado embuste.

Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Telephone: (511) 711-0282
            Cel  : (511) 982-357682
             Fax:  (511) 718-3809
Address:  : Ricardo Tizón y Bueno 458
                  Lima - 11


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