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Nov 26, 2012

U.S. Depatment of labor | News Release -November 26, 2012-.: US Department of Labor awards $10 million agreement to World Vision to combat child labor in Cambodia

United States Department of Labor

News Release

ILAB News Release: [11/26/2012]
Contact Name: Gloria Della or Laura McGinnis
Phone Number: (202) 693-4679 or x4653
Release Number: 12-2315-NAT

US Department of Labor awards $10 million agreement to World Vision to combat child labor in Cambodia

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs today announced a $10 million cooperative agreement to World Vision for a project to combat child labor in Cambodia's agriculture, fishing, fisheries, aquaculture and domestic service sectors.
World Vision will partner with local nongovernmental organizations Wathnakpheap, Farmer Livelihood Development, Vulnerable Children Association Organization, and Cambodia Development Resource Institute. The project will provide education, sustainable livelihood and youth employment services to children engaged in or at risk of child labor, and other members of their households. It also will help households and vulnerable children to access social protection programs that are supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia.
Since 1995, the Labor Department has funded 260 projects implemented by more than 65 organizations in 91 countries, which have resulted in the rescue of approximately 1.5 million children from exploitative child labor. ILAB currently oversees more than $210 million of active programming to combat exploitative child labor. More information on the agency's efforts is available at

Reuters Tecnology Report -November 26, 2012-.: Facebook not so fun with a click from boss or mom

Facebook not so fun with a click from boss or mom LONDON (Reuters) - Posting pictures of yourself plastered at a party and talking trash online with your Facebook friends may be more stress than it's worth now that your boss and mom want to see it all.

ICOA CEO says never had acquisition talks with Google
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The chief executive of wireless hotspot provider ICOA Inc said his company has never had acquisition talks with Google Inc and is contacting authorities about a "hoax" press release on Monday that said Google acquired his company for $400 million.

Nokia unveils 2 new cellphone models, priced at $62 HELSINKI (Reuters) - Struggling Finnish cellphone maker Nokia unveiled on Monday two new cellphone models, the Asha 205 and the Asha 206, pricing both models at around $62, excluding subsidies and taxes.

FBI uses Twitter, social media to look for securities fraud
(Reuters) - The FBI sees social media as a potential breeding ground for securities fraud, and has agents scouring Twitter and Facebook for tips, according to two top agents overseeing a long-running investigation into insider trading in the $2 trillion hedge fund industry.

Renesas shareholders set to approve $2.4 billion bailout, shares soar TOKYO (Reuters) - Shareholders of Japan's embattled Renesas Electronics Corp are close to approving a government-led bailout, sources familiar with the talks said, sending the firm's shares 17 percent higher on relief that the $2.4 billion rescue was being finalized.

 Apple seeks to add more products to Samsung patent lawsuit (Reuters) - Apple Inc has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II, in the latest in move in an ongoing legal war between the two companies.

Saudi regulator suspends Mobily from selling SIM cards (Reuters) - Etihad Etisalat Co (Mobily), Saudi Arabia's second-biggest telecoms operator, has asked to meet the industry regulator after it was suspended from selling pre-paid SIM cards, a company spokesman said, describing the ban as "astonishing".

Professor finds profiling in ads for personal data website
LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Dr. Latisha Smith, an expert in decompression sicknesses afflicting deep sea divers, has cleared criminal background checks throughout her medical career. Yet someone searching the Web for the Washington State physician might well come across an Internet ad suggesting she may have an arrest record.
Nokia imaging chief to quit HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia's long-time imaging chief Damian Dinning has decided to leave the loss-making cellphone maker at the end of this month, the company said in a statement.

Autonomy founder says HP allegations don't add up LONDON (Reuters) - Mike Lynch, mathematics whiz and former boss of Autonomy, said he can't see how accusations leveled by Hewlett-Packard Co of dodgy accounting add up to a $5 billion writedown on the software business he sold them last year.

NYT | Global Update -November 26, 2012-.: Egypt's Leader Said to Agree to Limit Scope of Judicial Decree

The New York Times International Herald Tribune
November 26, 2012
Compiled 21:45 GMT

Global Update


Egypt's Leader Said to Agree to Limit Scope of Judicial Decree

President Mohamed Morsi agreed Monday to scale back a sweeping decree he had issued last week that raised his edicts above any judicial review, according to a report by a television network allied with his party.

Cautiously, Japan Raises Military Profile as China Rises

Japan's quiet resolve to edge past its longstanding reluctance and become more of a regional player comes as the United States and China are staking their own claims to power in Asia.

Israeli Defense Minister to Quit Politics

Ehud Barak, a former prime minister, announced that he would soon "leave political life," furthering the disarray in Israel's center-left bloc just weeks before elections there.


In the Penal Colony

There's a massive protest of inmates at Prison Colony No. 6, in a small town by the southern Urals. But this being Russia, that's all we know about it.

Lens Blog

A Responsibility to Photograph, and Remember

Tyler Hicks spent 10 days photographing in Gaza City, where he found the scene of the conflict accessible, but not without risks. To him, his images are his diary, his way of remembering - and learning from - what he has witnessed.
Aizu-Wakamatsu Journal

Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan's Displaced

With the slow pace of cleanup efforts, residents of Okuma, a town evacuated in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, have become pessimistic about ever living there again.

Rebels Claim They Seized Air Bases and a Dam in Syria

Fresh from declaring they seized an airport and an air defense base, Syrian rebels on Monday said they overran a hydroelectric dam in the country's north, adding to a string of tactical successes.

Time Slipping, U.S. Ponders Afghan Role After 2014

Military planners are drawing up broad outlines of a force that would remain in Afghanistan after 2014, including a small counterterrorism unit with an eye toward Al Qaeda, senior officials said.

Mortgage Interest Deduction Is Now Seen as Vulnerable

As President Obama and Congress scrape for ways to raise tax revenue without hurting middle-income families or pushing up rates, the mortgage interest deduction may be on the agenda.

S.E.C. Chief Who Overhauled Agency to Step Down

Mary L. Schapiro's exit is the first major departure from the Obama administration's team of financial regulators. Elisse B. Walter, a commissioner at the S.E.C., will take over as chairwoman.

Former SAC Analyst Freed on Bail in Insider Case

Mathew Martoma's case is the first time that the government has aimed to connect questionable trades to Steven A. Cohen, the billionaire founder of SAC, one of the world's most powerful hedge funds.

Courts Divided Over Searches of Cellphones

Judges and lawmakers across the country are wrangling over whether and when law enforcement authorities can search suspects' cellphones without a warrant, and interpretations range widely.

Autonomy Founder Challenges H.P.'s Claims

Autonomy's founder, Mike Lynch, says he was blindsided by a public relations onslaught from Hewlett-Packard, little of which had to do with the substance of H.P.'s fraud claims about his company.
India Ink

India's 'Aakash,' Now Made in China

Chinese companies say that they designed and manufactured the latest version of India's super-low cost computer.

Players Still Dropping Gloves, but Picking Their Battles, in Ontario Junior League

A new regulation aimed at limiting fighting in the junior Ontario Hockey League this season seems to be working, but hockey traditionalists offer resistance.

Vettel Takes His Third Straight Formula One Title

Through constantly changing track and weather conditions in São Paulo, Sebastian Vettel also became the youngest three-time world champion in history.

New Zealand Reaffirms Superiority Over Wales

The victory, the All Blacks' 25th consecutive victory over the Welsh, was marred only by the poleaxing New Zealand hooker Andrew Hore gave to Wales forward Bradley Davies.

A Vacant Lot in Phoenix Offers Refugees a Taste of Home

A plan to revitalize a vacant lot in Phoenix has offered refugees a place to grow their own produce.

With Ban on Drilling Practice, Town Lands in Thick of Dispute

Longmont's ban on hydraulic fracturing has inspired other cities to push for similar prohibitions. But it has also set the city head-to-head with oil companies and the state of Colorado.

'Politicians in Robes'? Not Exactly, but . . .

Judges generally don't like it when they are described as political creatures, but there is no getting around it: the political party of the president who appoints them is a pretty good predictor of how they will rule.
Op-Ed Columnist

Scottexalonia Rising

People are bored. They want to be cyberglobal and hyper-local, world citizens with the passports of microstates.
Op-Ed Contributors

Justice or Vengeance?

A spate of arrests in Georgia has the troubling aura of a political vendetta.
Op-Ed Columnist

Fighting Fiscal Phantoms

Does the fiscal-crisis story even make sense?

NYT | Politics -November 26, 2012-.: Foreign Policy's 'Three Amigos' Are Losing a Member

The New York Times

November 26, 2012


Foreign Policy's 'Three Amigos' Are Losing a Member

With the retirement of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman in January, John McCain and Lindsey Graham will lose the veneer of bipartisanship that helped their policy goals.
The Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago in October. The administration is drawing on supporters for help in other areas.

Trying to Turn Obama Voters Into Tax Allies

White House officials are reaching out to voters who supported President Obama during the campaign and asking them to help him as he negotiates with Congress.

More Politics

Sarah Longwell at a Log Cabin Republicans dinner in September. She worries about the party's ability to attract young people.

Republican and Lesbian, and Fighting for Acceptance of Both Identities

Some lesbian Republicans fear that the party's stance on gay issues could mean few younger reinforcements, even as older Republican lesbians step forward.

Debt Reckoning

White House Sees Stunted Growth if Tax Cuts Expire

Americans could spend nearly $200 billion less next year on cars, clothes, furniture and other consumer products than they would otherwise if automatic tax increases take effect as currently scheduled, according to a White House report.
Anti-Tax Advocate Says Some in G.O.P. Are Wavering

Anti-Tax Advocate Says Some in G.O.P. Are Wavering

Grover Norquist on Monday found a new way of dismissing the handful of Republican lawmakers - including the House majority leader - who are now publicly wavering about his pledge they signed not ever to raise taxes.

Election 2012 iPhone App

A one-stop destination for the latest political news, from The Times and other top sources around the Web. Plus opinion, polls, campaign data and video.

The Debt Reckoning

This feature follows the talks between President Obama and Congressional leaders over the so-called fiscal cliff.
Congressional Proposal Could Create 'Bubble' in Tax Code
One proposal being floated as an alternative to raising the top marginal rate would place its heaviest tax burden on the somewhat wealthy as opposed to the very wealthy.


Interactive Graphic: Presidential Exit Polls
A look at how different demographics voted in 2012.
Full Election Results
Results from the 2012 presidential, Senate and House Races.

GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH: -November 26, 2012-.: Ted Butler: A Silver Manipulation Timeline

Ted Butler: A silver manipulation timeline

4:21p ET Monday, November 26, 2012

Silver market analyst and newsletter writer Ted Butler today provides, via GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, "A Manipulation Timeline," describing the history of manipulation of the silver price from the early 1980s to the present as the concentrated short position in the futures market was rotated from Drexel Burnham Lambert to AIG, Bear Stearns, and then JPMorganChase:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

DealBook | P.M. Edition -November 26, 2012-.: Who Will Lead the S.E.C.?

Monday, November 26, 2012
Potential Successors at the S.E.C.
Who Will Lead the S.E.C.? Elisse B. Walter, a commissioner at the S.E.C, will succeed Mary L. Schapiro as the head of the agency. President Obama is expected to eventually name a replacement. Here's who is under consideration.
Mary L. Schapiro, the chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
S.E.C. Chief Who Overhauled Agency to Step Down Mary L. Schapiro's exit is the first major departure from the Obama administration's team of financial regulators. Elisse B. Walter, a commissioner at the S.E.C., will take over as chairwoman.
    Cravath Announces Bonuses for Its Associates Bonuses for associates at the big law firm ranged from $10,000 for first-year associates to $60,000 for senior associates, according to a memo obtained by DealBook. Those numbers are a big bump from last year and are now at pre-financial crisis levels.
    Mortgage Interest Deduction Is Now Seen as Vulnerable As President Obama and Congress scrape for ways to raise tax revenue without hurting middle-income families or pushing up rates, the mortgage interest deduction may be on the agenda.
    Former SAC Analyst Freed on Bond in Insider Case Mathew Martoma's case is the first time that the government has aimed to connect questionable trades to Steven A. Cohen, the billionaire founder of SAC, one of the world's most powerful hedge funds.
    White Collar Watch: In SAC Capital Case, a New Type of Deal Peter J. Henning says that the Justice Department's prosecution of a former portfolio manager at SAC Capital Advisors on insider trading charges involved a new tactic - a nonprosecution agreement - to gain the cooperation of a crucial witness.
    China Insider: The Confusing Outlooks for China's Growth Bill Bishop says that the recent economic data out of China have been good, but there is still no consensus on predictions for 2013 growth.
    Credit Suisse Said to Cut Investment Bank Jobs in Britain Credit Suisse is eliminating 100 jobs at its investment banking operation in Britain as part of its cost-cutting program, according to a person with direct knowledge of the plan.
    Bank of England's New Leader, a Member of the 'Government Sachs' Club The announcement that Mark Carney will serve as the next head of the Bank of England shows that the "Government Sachs" meme isn't going anywhere.
    McGraw-Hill to Sell Education Unit to Apollo for $2.5 Billion McGraw-Hill agreed on Monday to sell its education division to Apollo Global Management for about $2.5 billion, completing the publisher's transformation into a provider of high-end financial information.
    Onex to Buy USI, an Insurance Broker, for $2.3 Billion The Onex Corporation of Canada agreed on Monday to buy USI, an insurance brokerage firm, from a Goldman Sachs private equity fund for $2.3 billion.
    Qatar Holding Sells Barclays Warrants Worth $1.2 Billion Qatar Holding had acquired the warrants, which are financial instruments that can be exchanged for stock, during the 2008 financial crisis.
    UBS Fined $47.5 Million in Rogue Trading Scandal Britain's financial regulator has fined UBS $47.5 million for failing to prevent a $2.3 billion loss caused by a former trader.
    ING Repays $1.45 Billion of Government Bailout The ING Group said on Monday that it had repaid 1.13 billion euros ($1.45 billion) to the Dutch government as part of its effort to return a bailout worth $12.7 billion, plus interest, that the firm received during the financial crisis.
    Buzz Tracker
    L'Oreal Freshens Its Lineup with Urban Decay Deal L'Oréal said on Monday that it would buy Urban Decay, a maker of high-end cosmetics, from the private equity firm Castanea Partners, in the latest deal for pricier makeup products. The purchase price was not disclosed, but analysts estimated L'Oréal was paying about $300 million.
    Economic Reports Data scheduled to be released on Tuesday will include durable goods for October, the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller housing price index and consumer confidence for November.

    DealBook Video
    Social Media on Cyber Monday TimesCast Media+Tech: Expanding the Oprah Winfrey Network. | The author and illustrator William Joyce adapts children's stories for the big screen. | Analyzing the latest Cyber Monday reports.