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Oct 29, 2012

ABC News Politics -October 29, 2012-: PM Note: Rain Delay, ABC Moves Minn., Penn., from Solid to Lean, Tracking Poll Tie

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PM Note: Rain Delay, ABC Moves Minn., Penn., from Solid to Lean, Tracking Poll Tie

October 29, 2012 07:25 PM
Chris Cuomo called it something like a "liquid fist" pummeling New York on World News. Get all your Sandy news - Live Video, Live Blog, Live Updates - at ABC .
But despite this rain delay - 32 cancelled events! - We're still 8 days from election day.
ABC Moves Pennsylvania, Minnesota from 'Safe' to 'Lean' Obama -
abc election map ll 121029 wblog PM Note: Rain Delay, ABC Moves Minn., Penn., from Solid to Lean, Tracking Poll Tie
Sandy and the Early Vote - Elizabeth Hartfield reports: There are five battleground states in Sandy's path including Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina. Pennsylvania and New Hampshire do not offer in-person early voting, so it's likely that the storm won't have much of an impact on voting in either of those states, but in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina early voting is increasingly popular. At the link is a look at how the storm has impacted early voting in these battlegrounds. -
… and the non-early vote - There's no early voting in Pennsylvania, but the storm is supposed to hang out there for much of tomorrow. How what Philly Mayor Michael Nutter called the most significant weather event in the city's history will affect turnout a week later could be really darn important.
Pause Button - Hurricane Sandy has blown President Obama and Mitt Romney off the campaign trail today, with the president returning home from Florida to manage emergency relief efforts from Washington and his Republican challenger scrapping scheduled rallies in deference to the dangerous storm. Obama held a news conference today to assure Americans that his administration was ready to deal with Sandy. He dismissed a question asking how the storm was affecting his campaign. "I am not worried at this point on the impact on the election. I'm worried about the impact on families and our first responders," the president said. "The election will take care of itself next week," he added. But even as the candidates pledge their concern and support to the millions of Americans faced with potentially deadly flooding and furious wind gusts, their competition is churning on.
Campaigning is Essentially on Hold Thru Tomorrow - A full rundown of what's been cancelled and a report on Paul Ryan - (Shush Walshe)
Romney told a crowd in this critical swing state that the storm is a time for Americans to come together. "We've faced these kinds of challenges before and as we have it's interesting to see how American's come together and this, this looks like another time when we need to come together all across the country, even here in Ohio, and make sure that we give our support to the people who need it," Romney said to a crowd of thousands gathered in a school gym to hear him speak. - (Friedman)
ABC / Washington Post Tracking Poll - Romney - 49, Obama 49 - that's a slight uptick for Obama. Writes Gary Langer: "With the election a week away Mitt Romney faces persistent skepticism about his commitment to the middle class, a vulnerability for the Republican challenger that's keeping the race locked tight - a precise dead heat in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, 49-49 percent. Barack Obama, for his part, inched to a bare majority in job approval in the latest four-night survey, benefiting from a gradual improvement in economic attitudes - still weak, but trending up. Notably, it's his first time over 50 percent approval among likely voters in ABC/Post polls since July, just in time to counter what had been underlying momentum for Romney last week. In one of Obama's key assets, a broad 66 percent of likely voters continue to say he does more to favor the middle class than the wealthy, a measure that's held steady even as Romney gained on a range of other attitudes. Just 14 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, think Obama favors the wealthy."
 PM Note: Rain Delay, ABC Moves Minn., Penn., from Solid to Lean, Tracking Poll Tie
Romney, Ryan Pitched FEMA Changes, Cuts - As the nation's attention turns to the storm and the federal government gears up to assist states, it is worth noting how funding for FEMA and disaster relief have featured in national politics and the presidential race. Should FEMA be reformed to put a stronger emphasis on the states and less of an emphasis on federal aid? "Absolutely," said Mitt Romney during a June 13, 2011, GOP primary debate. As a general rule, Romney added, it would be even better if the private sector could step in. He seemed to indicate that continued spending on disaster relief was "jeopardizing the future of our kids." Meanwhile, Paul Ryan's budget proposal, which passed the House but not the Senate, envisioned a 41 percent cut next year for the section of the federal government that includes FEMA. In addition, Ryan's committee specifically pointed out that President Obama has declared a record number of disasters during his term.
Romney Jeep Ad Seriously Misleads - A misleading TV ad from Republican nominee Mitt Romney has prompted spirited objections from independent fact-checkers and Democrats for suggesting incorrectly, just days before the election, that automaker Chrysler is moving Jeep production out of Ohio to China. "Let's set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China. It's simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China for the world's largest auto market," said spokesman Gualberto Ranieri in a blog post Thursday. "U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation." The Obama campaign has been on an all-out offensive over the ad, calling it a sign of "desperation" in Ohio, where Romney has yet to hold a lead in any public poll. (Dwyer and Friedman)
Obama Says There Could be Consequences for Benghazi Lapses -
GOP hit 1 million facebook likes today -
Perils of Pre-Tapes - Obama in Talking iPad Playlist as Storm Rages - (Dwyer)
On Guard - A picture of the Old Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns went viral - Except it was from an earlier storm. Here's a picture of them today - (Martinez)
Swing State Papers - Romney Snags Des Moines Register, Has Slight Endorsement Edge -
(Abby Phillip)
Sandy Has Robbed us of Final Warren / Brown Debate -

DealBook Afetrnoon Edition -October 29, 2012-: U.S. Markets to Be Closed on Tuesday's

Monday, October 29, 2012
U.S. Markets to Be Closed on Tuesday The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and BATS Global Markets said in separate statements that they have agreed to close, after consulting with other exchanges and clients.
Hurricane Preparations on Wall Street, the Social Media Edition Social media sites were buzzing with photographs and other updates about the approaching storm and its impact on Manhattan's financial industry and the markets.
    Milken's Past Invoked in Gupta Sentencing More than two decades after pleading guilty to securities fraud, Michael Milken continues to loom large as a symbol in the world of white-collar crime.
    Behind Estimated $30 Trillion Drain, a Lot of Hypothetical Assumptions A banking industry group recently looked into a new rule and sketched out a situation in which banks were forced to come up with as much as $30 trillion in cash. But a deeper look at the figure suggests that many of the worries might be overdone.
    Revolving Door: Chairman of CVC Capital Partners to Retire Michael Smith, who joined CVC in the early 1980s when it was part of Citicorp, will be succeeded by Donald Mackenzie, Rolly van Rappard and Steve Koltes, who will act as co-chairmen of the company.
    White Collar Watch: How Bank of America Could Fight a Government Lawsuit Peter J. Henning says that legal minutiae may give Bank of America a basis to fight the claims in a recent Justice Department lawsuit, which relies on two statutes for seeking penalties, the False Claims Act and the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act.
    Riverbed Technology to Buy Opnet for $993 Million Riverbed Technology said on Monday that it planned to buy Opnet Technologies for $993.3 million in cash and stock, bolstering its business in optimizing software on corporate networks.
    Clean Harbors to Acquire Safety-Kleen for $1.25 Billion After filing for an initial public offering, Safety-Kleen has found another way to let its owners cash out: by selling the company.
    Ford Sells Climate-Control Unit The Ford Motor Company said on Monday that it was selling a climate-control unit to a joint venture between Valeo of France and V. Johnson Enterprises for an undisclosed price, completing Ford's plan to sell off a collection of auto parts manufacturing businesses.
    Nomura Reports Weak Quarterly Profit After Insider Trading Scandal Nomura posted net profit of 2.8 billion yen ($35 million) in the three months ended Sept. 30, compared with a 46.1 billion yen loss for the period a year earlier.
    Buzz Tracker
    Evercore Announces Strategic Agreement with VTB Capital The investment bank has announced a cooperation agreement with its Russian counterpart VTB Capital to develop potential new deals for their clients in Russia and North America. The firms said they hoped to foster cross-border transactions and other projects involving Russian and North American companies.
    Random House and Penguin to Be Combined T he deal between the media companies Bertelsmann, which owns Random House, and Pearson, which owns Penguin, would further consolidate English-language book publishing and might draw antitrust scrutiny, Eric Pfanner reported for The New York Times.
    Economic Reports Economic information to be released on Tuesday includes the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index for August and consumer confidence for October.
    Corporate Earnings Companies scheduled to release quarterly earnings reports on Tuesday include Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, UBS, Ford Motor, Chrysler, Pfizer and BP.
    In the United States On Tuesday, American Airlines' parent, AMR, will ask the bankruptcy court for permission to obtain up to $1.5 billion in new bond financing.

Business in Vancouver | BIV Today's Business News -October 29,th, 2012-.

Economy and Finance

Prices and cuts

Most B.C. businesses not planning to raise prices in 2013: BMO

The majority of businesses in B.C. are not planning price increases in 2013, according to a BMO Bank of Montreal report released over the weekend.

Retail and Manufacturing


Best Buy Canada expands as parent stalls

Burnaby-based Best Buy Canada opened a new store in Calgary last Friday and plans to open a new store on Ontario Street near Marine Drive in Vancouver in mid-November.

Real Estate and Development


B.C. home sales to recover in 2013: report

Home sales in B.C. are expected to fall overall this year but will see a significant increase in 2013, according to a B.C. Real Estate Association (BCREA) report issued Friday.



Surrey company nabs Evergreen Line contract

Surrey-based Hans Demolition and has been awarded a $581,000 early works construction-related contract for the Evergreen Line, the government announced Friday.



Telus brings wireless service to Cariboo highways

Telus has invested $1.8 million to provide new wireless coverage to stretches of highway near 100 Mile House, as part of a partnership with the B.C. government.

Mining and Energy

Canadian Tirex Resources shifts into production in Albania

Vancouver-based Canadian Tirex Resources (TSX-V:TXX) has received the go-ahead from Albania's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy to transition six areas from exploration licences to 25-year mining permits, the company announced this morning.

Eldorado Gold revenue falls 26% year-over-year

Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold Corporation (TSX:ELD) announced its third-quarter results Friday, showing a 26% decrease in net income compared with the third quarter of 2011.

Getting the most out of

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The Economist | New Selected Article -October 29, 2012-: Mitt, Barack and Sandy

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Schumpeter: March of the Penguin
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Online debate: US economy
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CBS NEWS: -October 29, 2012-: The death and life of Asheboro, N.C.

CBS - Daily News Summary
October 29, 2012 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY
"60 Minutes" visits what was once considered a dying town, but has since fought back and now exists somewhere between recovery and recession
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The death and life of Asheboro, N.C.
Liberal vs. Conservative Nancy Giles, a liberal, and Ben Stein, a conservative, tell us why they chose their respective camps

The life and times of Norah Jones Anthony Mason profiles her prolific career, her music, her uneasiness with fame, and her next project

Sixty years of Mad Magazine Mo Rocca reports on the history of the magazine that has inspired generations of comics and class clowns

Hurricane Sandy gains strength on East Coast path Superstorm expected to hook inland sometime Monday as cities brace for impact in most heavily populated corridor in nation

Air, train, transit disruptions from Sandy Airlines cancel thousands of flights; Amtrak halts Northeast train service, while NYC shuts down subways, buses, ferries

HMS Bounty crew abandons ship as Sandy swirls 17-person crew forced to get into lifeboats off N.C. coast; Coast Guard weighs rescue options

When the weatherman really wants to be heard Before major storms, some forecasters with the National Weather Service issue blaring warnings, and often go ignored

Hope fades after latest failed Syrian truce Syrian air force drops barrel bombs; Rebels attack regime positions; U.N.-backed cease-fire never really took hold

RTTNews Morning Market Briefing October 29, 2012-.

Economic News October 29, 2012-.
British house prices declined for the fourth consecutive month in October in the face of subdued lending growth and weak demand, as the economic recovery has not yet started to kick start the property mark
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi backed German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble's proposal for a "currency commissioner" and also downplayed concerns about risks from the central bank's bond buying plan. Schaeuble called for more powers to monetary and economic affairs commissioner. The super-commissioner should have the power to overview national budgets if they break deficit rules. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article 
Rating agency Moody's Investor Service Monday upgraded the Philippines' sovereign credit rating to near investment grade and maintained the 'stable' outlook, citing the Southeast Asian country's buoyant economic performance. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article
Japanese retail sales grew less-than-expected in September as the government subsidies for fuel-efficient car purchases came to an end, raising concerns that the economy may slide into recession and increasing the pressure faced by the Bank of Japan to loosen policy further. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article
Bank of England policymakers Charles Bean and Spencer Dale have said they expect the U.K. economy to perform relatively weak in the final quarter of 2012, following a strong recovery in the third quarter. In an interview given to Sky News on Sunday, Deputy Governor Bean warned of a weak economic growth over the fourth quarter and cautioned not to be "overexcited" by the third quarter growth. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article 
Personal income in the U.S. increased in line with economist estimates in the month of September, according to a report released by the Commerce Department on Monday, with the report also showing a bigger than expected increase in personal spending. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article 
Earnings News
Loews Corp. (L) on Monday posted a rise in profit for the third quarter, helped by higher net investment income and insurance premium. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article 
Harris Corp. (HRS) on Monday reported a loss for the fiscal first quarter, hurt by non-cash impairment charge tied to its discontinued operations, as well as lower revenues. Adjusted earnings per share from continuing operations came in above Street view, while revenues missed estimates. (Oct 29, 2012) Full Article 
Todays WS Events
Harris Q1 13 Earnings Conference Call At 8:30 AM ET
Harris Corp. (HRS) will host a conference call at 8:30 AM ET on October 29, 2012, to discuss its Q1 13 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at To hear the live call, dial (800) 510-9691 (US) or (617) 614-3453 (International) with passcode 54236217. (Oct 29, 2012)  
Life Technologies Q3 12 Earnings Conference Call At 4:30 PM ET
Life Technologies (LIFE) will host a conference call at 4:30 PM ET October 29, 2012, to discuss its Q3 12 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at (Oct 29, 2012) 
Loews Q3 12 Earnings Conference Call At 11:00 AM ET
Loews Corp. (L) will host a conference call at 11:00 AM ET on October 29, 2012, to discuss Q3 12 earnings results. . To access the live webcast, log on to To listen to the call, dial (877) 692-2592 (US) or (973) 582-2757 (International) with conference ID number is 36605643. For a replay call, dial (855) 859-2056 (US) or (404) 537-3406 (International) with conference ID number 36605643. (Oct 29, 2012) 
Plum Creek Timber Q3 12 Earnings Conference Call At 5:00 PM ET
Plum Creek Timber Co. (PCL) will host a conference call at 5:00 PM ET on October 29, 2012, to discuss its Q3 12 earnings results. To access the live webcast, log on at To hear the live call, dial 1-800-572-9852 (US) or 1-706-645-9676 (International). A replay of the call can be heard by dialing 1-855-859-2056 or 1-404-537-3406 with passcode 21136768. (Oct 29, 2012)  
Riverbed Technology Acquisition Conference Call At 10:00 AM ET
Riverbed Technology Inc. (RVBD) will host a conference call at 10:00 AM ET on October 29, 2012, to discuss its proposed acquisition of OPNET. To access the live webcast, log on at To participate in the call, dial (877) 474-7568 (US) or +1 (706) 634-6541 (International). (Oct 29, 2012)  

Financial and Forex Info | Kitco Market Hourly Report -October 29, 2012-.


Hourly Market Report
Metals Bid Ask Change High Low
Gold 1712.20 1713.20 + 1.10 + 0.06 % 1718.30 1709.00
Silver 31.89 31.99 -0.20 -0.62 % 32.27 31.80
Platinum 1542.00 1550.00 -1.00 -0.06 % 1577.00 1538.00
Palladium 594.00 599.00 -2.00 -0.34 % 606.00 591.00
Rhodium 1150.00 1250.00 + 0.00 + 0.00 % 1250.00 1150.00

DealBook Today's Top Headlines -October 29, 2012-: Wall Street Braces for Storm | Random House and Penguin to Merge | Facebook Lockup Expires | Nomura Reports Weak Profit

Monday, October 29, 2012
WALL STREET BRACES FOR THE STORM Wall Street is preparing for Hurricane Sandy. All stock and options markets in the United States will be closed today as the storm approaches New York. Financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, which have offices in the designated evacuation zones, are telling employees to work from home.

This is the first time the New York Stock Exchange has closed trading for weather reasons since Hurricane Gloria in 1985, writes DealBook's Michael J. de la Merced. The exchange had planned to stay open electronically while closing only its physical trading floor, but with the city going into emergency mode on Sunday night, the N.Y.S.E. took the extra precaution. "It was a judgment decision based on the safety of a lot of market participants, especially as the storm seems to be getting more severe," Larry Leibowitz, chief operating officer of NYSE Euronext, told Bloomberg News. The Nasdaq and BATS stock markets are also closing.

Wall Street firms are implementing contingency plans today. Most Goldman Sachs employees are working from home, with some reporting to sites in Greenwich, Conn., and Princeton, N.J., according to an internal memorandum reviewed by DealBook. Morgan Stanley is having employees at its lower Manhattan offices work remotely, according to The Wall Street Journal. Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and the Blackstone Group are also closing offices in Manhattan.

It's not clear when trading will open again. Officials warned that New York City might be dealing with the storm until Wednesday.
RANDOM HOUSE AND PENGUIN TO MERGE Two major publishing houses are joining forces. In a deal announced on Monday, the German owner of Random House plans to combine the publisher with Penguin, which is owned by the British media conglomerate Pearson. Random House's parent, Bertelsmann, is set to control 53 percent of the merged venture, with Pearson controlling the remaining stake. The deal comes as publishers try to protect themselves against the rising clout of Amazon and other online retailers. Monday's announcement says the two companies plan to invest more in "new digital publishing models."
FACEBOOK LOCKUP EXPIRES What do Facebook's employees think of the company's prospects? The market will soon find out as more than 270 million shares become eligible to be sold. The shares, which amount to more than 10 percent of the total outstanding, are mostly controlled by employees.

The social network's battered stock price got a lift last week after better-than-expected quarterly results. But some analysts predict the rally could be short-lived. "I would imagine that half of that stock will get sold," Michael Pachter, a Wedbush analyst, told CNBC. There's still more potential pressure coming in November, when more shares can be traded.
ON THE AGENDA Plans are changing due to the hurricane. A spokeswoman for Bloomberg TV said on Sunday that today's guest line-up was "in flux." The schedule is thinner than usual at CNBC, but Richard Kovacevich, Wells Fargo's former chairman and chief executive, is scheduled to appear at 4:30 p.m. Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader on trial for fraud and false accounting, takes the stand in London. In Madrid, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain meets with Premier Mario Monti of Italy to discuss the economic crisis. Burger King Worldwide, which rejoined the public markets in June, reports earnings before the market opens. Herbalife and Tumi Holdings report results this evening. Data on personal income and outlays in September is released at 8:30 a.m.
NOMURA SWINGS TO PROFIT Nomura Holdings reported a small profit of 2.8 billion yen ($35 million) for the recent quarter, compared with a loss of 46.1 billion yen in the quarter a year ago. The Japanese firm said it benefited from rising sales in its fixed income business, which helped offset weakness in its equities division. Still, the results fell short of the 5 billion yen profit that analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News were expecting. "I get the impression Nomura was just making ends meet," Mitsushige Akino, an investment manager in Tokyo, told Bloomberg News.
Contact: @williamalden | E-mail
Petronas to Renew Bid for Progress Energy Petronas, the Malaysian state oil firm, may try again to buy Progress Energy Resources after the Canadian government blocked the earlier bid, Reuters reports.
The Dairy Industry's Well-Paid Deal Maker The chief executive of Dean Foods, Gregg L. Engles, was once hailed as a deal maker in the dairy industry, but he has recently become better known for his paychecks that "continued to be hugely generous even as his company's fortunes tumbled," The New York Times writes.
TNT Expects European Union to Approve U.P.S. Deal
Advertising Technology Company OpenX to Acquire JumpTime The Media Decoder blog reports: "On Monday, OpenX Technologies, a provider of digital advertising technologies, will announce that it has acquired JumpTime, a company that helps publishers determine what each piece of their digital content is worth."
Pursuing Orient-Express, Indian Hotels Takes a Softer Tone The Indian Hotels Company sent a letter to the board of Orient-Express Hotels on Friday, offering to "dispel any misunderstandings" about its bid to buy the roughly 93 percent of the company that it did not already own.
Oshkosh Rejects Icahn's Offer and Moves to Protect Itself The truck maker rejected Mr. Icahn's $3 billion unsolicited takeover bid on Friday, deeming it too low. It also adopted a poison pill to protect itself against further moves by the billionaire investor.
UBS to Cut 10,000 Jobs The cuts would equal about 16 percent of UBS's staff as of June 30, Bloomberg News reports. The bulk of the layoffs are likely coming from the Swiss bank's trading business.
Greek Editor Publishes List of Swiss Bank Accounts After publishing a list of Greeks who were said to have Swiss bank accounts, the editor of Hot Doc magazine was arrested and then released, The New York Times reports.
Deutsche Bank Wins More Business The German firm's share of stock and bond offerings rose to 5.8 percent from 4.3 percent a year earlier, beating some European rivals, Bloomberg News reports.
Credit Suisse Equities Chief Said to Be Stepping Down The executive, Bob Jain, is set to oversee in-house hedge funds at Credit Suisse, according to Bloomberg News.
Scrutinizing the Growth of the Financial Industry The New York Times columnist Gretchen Morgenson writes that "we are still tallying" the costs of the expanded access to credit that came with the growth of the financial industry.
    A Private Equity Boss Sets Loftier Goals Damon Buffini, the founder of Permira, is overseeing a new venture that aims to invest in ways that are beneficial for society, The Telegraph reports.
    Dymon Starting a Private Equity Fund The hedge fund Dymon Asia Capital has backing from a unit of Temasek Holdings for its new private equity fund, Reuters reports.
    TPG Said to Be Bidding for Stansted Airport
    Romney's Connection to Hollywood The Republican presidential candidate has been an investor in the hedge fund Elliott, which has backed various Hollywood movies, The Financial Times reports.
    Julian Robertson on 'Disaster' Funds The founder of Tiger Management warned against hedge funds taking too bearish of a view, saying on Bloomberg TV that firms preparing for a crisis were "scared."
    Smaller Hedge Funds Perform Better, Study Shows
    PTT Shareholders Approve $3.1 Billion Offering The sale of shares would be Thailand's biggest ever, according to Reuters.
    South Korean Cable Company Raises $267 Million in I.P.O. CJ Hellovision sold shares near the bottom of its expected range, Reuters reports.
    Telefonica's German Unit Narrows Expected Range, Again The phone company altered the expected price range for its I.P.O. again on Monday, after narrowing it on Friday, according to MarketWatch.
    Goldman Sachs Goes Artisanal An entrepreneur behind the Brooklyn Flea secured a $25 million investment from Goldman Sachs for a new development that will host emerging food businesses, The New York Times writes.
    Tech Industry Gains Political Clout in San Francisco Successful lobbying by the billionaire investor Ron Conway is paving the way for others, Reuters writes.
    Mobile Apps Devour Personal Data
    Citigroup Pays Fine and Fires Star Technology Analyst Citigroup paid a $2 million fine and fired two employees after authorities accused the bank of improperly disclosing confidential information to media outlets about YouTube's earnings and Facebook's initial public offering.
    Man Claiming Facebook Ownership Arrested on Fraud Charges Federal prosecutors say that Paul Ceglia filed a sham federal lawsuit claiming to have been promised a 50 percent share of Facebook, and then doctored, fabricated and destroyed evidence to support his allegations.
    Another Day, Another Set of Insider Trading Cases Prosecutors say an insurance executive in Denver traded on secret information about Kirk Kerkorian's firm acquiring a significant stake in an oil and gas company. Also Friday, a former employee of the former hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam agreed to pay $1.75 million to settle a civil lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.