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Oct 12, 2012

The New York Times Politics -October 12, 2012-: Libya Attack Gains Steam as Issue in Race for President

The New York Times

October 12, 2012


Libya Attack Gains Steam as Issue in Race for President

Mitt Romney's campaign accused Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. of trying "to mislead the American public" in remarks about the Benghazi episode during the debate.
Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Paul D. Ryan met Thursday night for their only debate of the campaign.

Show of Teeth Spurs a Debate Over Biden

Democrats saw the vice president's appearance as energizing, but many Republicans sensed an easy opening and called him "unhinged."

More Politics

Biden and Ryan Quarrel Aggressively in Debate, Offering Contrasts

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Paul D. Ryan engaged in a fluent and combative exchange over the Obama administration's handling of foreign affairs and the nation's economic recovery.
The Caucus

Watching the Debate From the CNN Control Room

The scene during the vice-presidential debate on Thursday from the vantage point of the CNN control room.
Check Point

Bipartisan Spin on Medicare Plan

Times reporters take a closer look at Medicare, as well as other foreign and domestic policy questions that came up during Thursday night's vice-presidential debate.

On Foreign Policy, Rivals Differing in Style but Often Similar in Substance

Representative Paul D. Ryan asserted that the Obama administration's foreign policy was "unraveling," while Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. repeatedly demanded that Mr. Ryan explain what a Romney administration would do differently.
News Analysis

Biden vs. Ryan: No Shy People Onstage

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Paul D. Ryan held their positions tenaciously and delineated battle lines that had been blurred when President Obama and Mitt Romney met a week ago.
The Tv Watch

Night of Withering Ripostes, Mostly Delivered by Biden

Both vice-presidential candidates delivered some lacerating blows, but Representative Paul D. Ryan at times seemed disconcerted by the sheer blowhard intensity Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. brought to the night.

The Caucus

Romney's Tightrope Walk Over Abortion

A look at promises made about abortion when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts.

An Abortion Question Shows Divide Among Catholics

The responses by Joseph Biden and Paul D. Ryan revealed an almost perfect archetypal contrast in how contemporary Catholics these days relate to their faith, and why what some call "the Catholic vote" is a constituency as deeply divided as the rest of the electorate.

A Debate in California Gets Physical

A Congressional debate between two incumbent Democrats - Brad Sherman and Howard Berman -- turned into a loud nose-to-nose shouting match, with Mr. Sherman roughly grabbing Mr. Berman around the shoulder, shouting, "Do you want to get into this?"

Biden Walks Back a Criticism of Romney on Iraq

It hinges on Romney's use of the word "tragic."

TiVo Data Show Viewing Habits of Republicans and Democrats

Television viewership data showed that Republicans tend to shun network news, while CNN tends to draw independent voters.

'Friday Night Lights' Creator Accuses Romney of Plagiarism

The creator of the series, "Friday Night Lights," accused Mitt Romney of plagiarism for adopting the slogan, "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose,'' and asked him to stop using it.

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Obama's Swing State 'Firewall' Has Brittle Foundation
Although we do perceive a slight advantage for President Obama in the Electoral College relative to the popular vote, a Florida poll released on Thursday is a helpful reminder of why it's not all that robust.
In Polls, Biden Gets a Hold
The debate performance of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. could be characterized as a bit shy of either a win or a save.


Interactive Feature: The Vice-Presidential Debate
Follow along with this interactive replay of the vice-presidential debate, using fact checks and graphics to take a closer look at Mr. Biden and Mr. Ryan's assertions and attacks.
Video: Analysis of the Vice-Presidential Debate
TimesCast Politics: Highlights and analysis of the vice-presidential debate between Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative Paul D. Ryan in Danville, Ky.
Video: Vice-Presidential Debate Highlights
October 11, 2012 - Highlights from the vice-presidential debate.
Interactive Feature: The First Presidential Debate
Follow along with this interactive replay of the debate, using fact checks and graphics take a closer look at the candidates' assertions and attacks.
Photographs: The 2012 Presidential Campaign, Week by Week
Every week during the 2012 presidential campaign, The Times will be posting a new slide show recapping the events of the past seven days.

DeakBooK | DealB%K -October 12, 2012-: Week in Review: What Criminal Case? Inside JPMorgan's Rising Profit

Friday, October 12, 2012
Editors' Note: The afternoon e-mail, normally a round-up of the day's top reports from DealBook, is turning over the keys on Fridays to DealBook's Week in Review column. Each Friday afternoon, we'll look back on our reporting of the past week's highs and lows in finance.
Week in Review: What Criminal Case? Inside JPMorgan's Rising Profit He may no longer be America's least-hated banker, but Jamie Dimon still has the hearts of JPMorgan's investors.

While federal authorities are building criminal cases related to JPMorgan's $6 billion trading loss, the bank's chief issued a release on Friday praising the "continued momentum in all our businesses." The nation's largest bank reported a third-quarter profit of $5.7 billion, up 34 percent from a year ago.

Investigators are scrutinizing phone calls of employees discussing the best way to value trouble bets. Although the bank has rearranged the roles of several executives, DealBook's Ben Protess and Azam Ahmed report that the inquiry does not appear to include the bank's upper ranks. "The scope of the inquiry suggests that the problems were isolated to a handful of executives and traders in an overseas division, and did not reflect a fundamental weakness with the bank's culture and leadership," The New York Times reported this week.

Not many executives could survive a multibillion-dollar loss. Even fewer companies could respond with multibillion-dollar earnings. And as long as the investigation steers clear of Mr. Dimon he should be free to continue needling his old friends in Washington for fewer regulations.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Masayoshi Son, the chief executive of SoftBank, which could help Sprint build out its next-generation network.
Sprint Says It Is in Negotiations With SoftBank of Japan The deal would give Sprint, the struggling American cellphone service provider, a backer able to help finance its latest turnaround.
Political Haggling Thwarts Merger of Aerospace Giants The European aerospace giants, EADS and BAE Systems, said Wednesday they had failed to win government support for a merger that would have created an entity with a combined market value of about $50 billion.
Allied World Assurance Buys Stake in MatlinPatterson Besides the stake taken, Allied World will invest $500 million in MatlinPatterson's funds, a pattern seen in recent acquisitions by other institutional investors.
Investment Banking
JPMorgan Quarterly Profit Rises 34% JPMorgan Chase posted earnings of $5.7 billion, up from $4.3 billion, as the bank showed signs of strength in consumer and corporate lending.
Earnings at Wells Fargo Jump 22% Wells Fargo reported $4.9 billion of profit in the third quarter, on the back of a booming mortgage business. The bank grew revenues as well, sidestepping a sore spot that has plagued most of the nation's biggest banks.
Banks See Home Loans as Gateway to Big Gains As the government expands its support of the housing market, analysts expect that mortgage profits at banks will rise in third-quarter earnings reports and will continue well into next year.
Outside the New York Stock Exchange in the financial district, where jobs have been pared back.
A Bigger Paycheck on Wall Street Total compensation rose 4 percent last year to more than $60 billion - an amount surpassed only by total pay in 2007 and 2008, according to a report.
Private Equity
Deal Professor: The Private Equity Wizardry Behind Realogy's Comeback Steven M. Davidoff says that soon after it was purchased by Leon Black's Apollo Global Management, Realogy, the operator of Century 21, was considered virtually insolvent. But then Apollo went to work.
Hedge Funds
Perfume bottles at the glassmaker Vitro's manufacturing plant in Toluca, Mexico. A bankruptcy plan has set off a legal battle.
Drawing Back a Curtain on a Mexican Tycoon A legal battle with the billionaire hedge fund manager Paul E. Singer has focused a light on David Martinez, a Mexican financier who lives a rarefied but mysterious life in Manhattan.
A Legal Brawl in Mexico as Bond Buyers Look On The outcome of a bankruptcy reorganization in Mexico could put a crimp in Mexican companies' ability to sell corporate debt.
E-Mails Hint at Collusion on Big Deals A new filing in an antitrust case against 11 large private equity firms provides fresh insight into deals for some publicly traded companies.
At JPMorgan, an Inquiry Built on Tapes Investigators examining a multibillion-dollar trading loss at JPMorgan Chase are focusing on calls in which employees openly discussed how to value troubled bets in a favorable way.
JPMorgan Chase Ordered to Pay $18 Million to Oil Heiress's Trust An Oklahoma judge found JPMorgan was "grossly negligent and reckless" in its administration of one client's trust account and ordered the bank to pay $18 million and punitive damages.
U.S. Sues Wells Fargo, Accusing It of Lying About Mortgages Prosecutors accused the bank of lying about the quality of the mortgages it handled under a federal housing program.
Without the proposed law, Laura Crowley, a nurse who lives in a village 30 miles west of Dublin, figures she will lose her home.
Ireland Plans Bold Measures to Lift Housing An initiative that would lower a borrower's monthly payment could prevent a tide of foreclosures and provide a road map for other troubled countries.
Welcoming Higher Taxes, but Not That High
DealBook Column: Welcoming Higher Taxes, but Not That High Andrew Ross Sorkin says that a proposed 75 percent tax in France is being protested by many of the nation's wealthiest executives, including some who had called for higher taxes.
Investors' Billion-Dollar Fraud Fighter With last month's Bank of America settlement, Max Berger has been responsible for six securities class-action settlements of more than $1 billion.
  • DealBook Video
    Week in Verse The vice presidential debate was nice, but DealBook still prefers the May-December pairing of Neil Young and Pearl Jam.
    Week in Video, Animal Edition DealBook would have gotten a little bit more work done this week if it weren't for this video of a fat, mustachioed orphaned walrus who arrived at the New York Aquarium on Thursday.

The Economist | New Selected Articles -October 12, 2012-: Veeps and Nobels

Lexington's notebook: An impressive draw
The presidential understudies put on a good debate and made Barack Obama's dismal performance of a week ago look all the worse
read more »
Democracy in America: Meaty
Our correspondents assess whether the vice-president made up for Barack Obama's lacklustre performance last week, in a debate that tackled key issues
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Charlemagne: Hmmm
And the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize goes to: the European Union
read more »

Prospero: Heaven, closer to earth
Frank Lloyd Wright's second career, as a dealer in Japanese art
read more »
Analects: Do Nobels oblige?
Mo Yan's Nobel prize for literature will be satisfying to many of his countrymen, but infuriating to some
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Daily chart: Follow the data
The numbers on GDP and unemployment suggest that Barack Obama is likely to lose
read more »
Online debate: India's economy
So far our voters agree that India risks losing its way
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Money Show Investors Daily Alert -October 12, 2012-: Spanish House of Cartas Growing Weaker

Investors Daily Alert

Jim Jubak on

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Decision Time, Andrew Busch

The New York Times Opinion Today -October 12, 2012-: V.P. Debate Highlights, Songified'

The New York Times

October 12, 2012

Opinion Today


'V.P. Debate Highlights, Songified'

The Gregory Brothers present a musical mash-up video of the vice presidential debate.
Big Bad Biden
Frank Bruni's Blog

Big Bad Biden

It was Biden who had to play offense on Thursday night, and did he ever.
Op-Ed Columnist | Sunday Review

A Possibly Fatal Mistake

The story of a seriously ill friend who quit his job and had no insurance shows me why we need Obamacare. With it, he might have gone to a doctor in time.
Debating Points, Vice Presidential Edition
Campaign Stops

Debating Points, Vice Presidential Edition

Columnists and contributors discuss undecided voters, the role of religion and the vice presidential debate.
Campaign Stops

The Perfect Political Movie

Fifty years on, Otto Preminger's 'Advise and Consent' has a lot to say about our imperfect uni
Lawmen Against the Law

Lawmen Against the Law

In three states, police and prosecutors are now backing legalization of marijuana.
Op-Ed Contributor

A Drug to Quicken the Blood

The Lance Armstrong report didn't explain the seductive power of the blood booster he used or how health care providers and our culture pushed its irresponsible use.
Op-Ed Contributor

The Right Way for Turkey to Intervene in Syria

Turkey and the rest of NATO must intervene in Syria before the population radicalizes and the country becomes another jihadist safe haven.
Op-Ed Contributor

Why Iran Can't Follow China's Lead

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, is making sure there will never be a Deng Xiaoping in Tehran.
Op-Ed Contributor

Gay Rights May Get Its Brown v. Board of Education

This term, the Supreme Court justices will consider the volatile issue of gay marriage, and the big question is how they will rule.
Bless the Crass Chinese Tourist

Bless the Crass Chinese Tourist

Chinese tourists may be loud, and they may prefer shopping to sightseeing. But in these troubled economic times, that's hardly a bad thing.

A Debate With Clarity and Fervor

The vice-presidential candidates engaged on the issues that matter most, a change for voters starved for substance.

An Inspector General for the Police

Broader policies in New York City, like those involving stop-and-frisk tactics, need more rigorous oversight.

Safeguards Against Speculative Banking

Reform proposals in Europe, Britain and the United States could make banks safer. The banks will resist them, but policy makers should respond by making them tougher, not weaker.

Marine Mammals and the Navy's 5-Year Plan

The Navy's sonar and training exercises in the Atlantic and the Pacific would cause damage to millions of marine mammals, including some endangered species.

The Opinion Pages

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Taking Note

Security in Benghazi

Joe Biden said the administration didn't know the consulate in Benghazi wanted more security. That's not quite true.
Voucher Denial
The Conscience of a Liberal

Voucher Denial

How dare Paul Ryan accuse Paul Ryan of wanting vouchers?