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May 29, 2012

Standard & Poor's Latin America Highlights: Latin America And The Caribbean: Holding Steady So Far, But Risks Loom - "Standard & Poor's - Ratings"


Dear Readers:

After a week  I  could not log in to my blog, due to the fact that I lost, my mobile phone, and as a consequence, the 2 step verification in  Google account became  a headache. The alternative I  had, was to recover my phone number through my mobile telephone server, there were no other alternative I had at hand. Finally, I am glad to have back my phone number got it  from my mobile telephone  server.

My mistake was to registered only, one mobile phone, and it is impossible via  other way,  recover your account and all applications within a particular Google account.

But my problem does not limit to this issue, it goes beyond  losing my telephone number. I lost my blog's layout, and before I lost my phone number, i couldn't  fix  it.

I will resume, with my regular postings tomorrow, maybe with some limitations due to some problems regarding the layout, template,and related considerations

My experience in the web if not vast, in terms of years, it is  good enough to write my own testimony of  honest people and the delinquents out there

Stay Tune...

Fernando Guzmán Cavero