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Apr 1, 2012

Smartcompany News and Analysis: House prices edge up, The turning points that changed the rich, Employer admits sacking ‘overly young’ worker, Groupon’s new accounting problems

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Did you have The Moment when you started your business? A point where you put everything on the line and made the big jump?

Many successful entrepreneurs had a turning point in their career and today on SmartCompany we look at The Moment in the careers of Warren Buffett, Lindsay Fox and Len Ainsworth where everything changed.

We also examine new data on Australian house prices, Groupon’s latest accounting issues and the case of the sacking of an office work for being too young and too short.

Plus in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson previews another rich list legal fight involving a family trust.

The turning points that changed the lives of rich entrepreneurs
There's a moment when leading entrepreneurs put everything on the line to pursue their dream. For those wanting to follow in their footsteps, these turning points are worth examining. BY JAMES THOMSON.

Units the way to go for city property buyers
Four out of five suburbs across Australia’s capital cities have a median unit price under PEN1,334,303 – which means the demand for inner city apartment living is increasing. BY CAMERON KUSHER.

Aunty B
I can't tell the boss his son is a dud
It is surprising how many smart people lose all common sense when it comes to their children.
Aunty B

Sue Barrett
The shift towards fragmented and customised marketing is well and truly on, so marketing and sales teams need to put aside petty turf wars in order to see the bigger picture.
Ask the Experts

The Futurist
Colin Benjamin
Companies with an eye to the future would do well to treat with caution some of the politically motivated, short-term assessments of China’s economy.
Smart Blogs

Behavioural Economics
Bri Williams
Strap yourself in for my top ten reasons why you need to know about Behavioural Economics. More slap down than count down, prepare to be insulted!
Smart Blogs

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
Gina Rinehart isn’t the only rich list member with a legal battle looming over a family trust. Solomon Lew is also preparing for a feud.

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Financial and Forex Info News | PiNG News: Optus snares Epstein

Optus snares Epstein
Mitchell Bingemann OPTUS has completed its management reshuffle with a former prime ministerial chief of staff as its regulatory affairs boss.
Telcos plan regional push
Mitchell Bingemann THE advent of the NBN will intensify the battle for broadband customers outside the capital cities in the next three years.
Author fights for online rights
Sally Jackson DESPITE losing the first round of his suit against the Huffington Post, author and activist Jonathan Tasini is not giving up.
Groupon revises 4th-quarter report
GROUPON said that its fourth-quarter loss was wider than initially reported because it needed to increase the amount of money it sets aside for refunds.
Groups attack Britain's snooping plans
RIGHTS groups slammed British government plans to expand its powers to monitor email exchanges and website visits.
Visa scrambles on data breach
CREDIT card giants Visa and MasterCard scramble to thwart cyber crooks who looted a massive trove of precious account data.
Apple pledge to boost China wages
CONSUMERS probably won't have to pay more for iPads, iPhones  despite Chinese company's pledge to trim work hours and raise wages.
Beijing shuts down 'coup' bloggers
CHINA mounts internet crackdown, putting temporary restrictions on popular microblogging services run by Sina Corp and Tencent .
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IT Business
SAP wants mobility in its DNA
Bricks-and-mortar stores still popular
Satyam ready to make bigger inroads
Offshore security under cloud
Exec Tech
Cloud Nine with fast-moving Gladinet
Facebook for photographers
Resolution only revolution in new iPad
Apps abound for synching Apple, PCs
Labor takes brave, true path
Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor THE government hasn't acquiesced to China but the opposition has got it all wrong.

(Corrected) Financial and Forex Info News | The Australian Capital Circle: Disaster looms for Labor

Disaster looms for Labor
LABOR is heading for a Queensland-style wipeout at the next federal election, according to the latest polling.

First off : Federal Labor is languishing in the political dead zone following the landslide Queensland election. In a result that reflects last week's Newspoll, the latest Nielsen poll puts Labor's primary vote at just 27 per cent. The Coalition's primary vote has increased three points to 47 per cent with the opposition leading Labor 57-43 in the two party preferred vote. Julia Gillard's approval rating is steady at 36 per cent while Tony Abbott's is down two points to 39 per cent.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet this morning jumped to Labor's defence, telling ABC Radio from Berlin that the government "can’t run everything via opinion polls" and while most Australians were unhappy about the introduction of the carbon tax "we’ve just got to fight it out".
Julia Gillard is in Canberra today for meetings and has no media appearances scheduled at this stage. is in Sydney this morning and will fly to Queensland this afternoon where he will continue his campaign against the carbon tax.

Tony Abbott is in Sydney this morning and will fly to Queensland this afternoon where he will continue his campaign against the carbon tax.

Diary: Australians continue to be stranded by Fiji floods. Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr has pledged to provide whatever assistance is needed. At least three people have died and 4000 have been forced into evacuation centres. It is not yet clear how many Australians are caught up in the disaster.

Movements: Julia Gillard's press sec Niño Tesoriero is headed back to Sydney. After a year and a half with the PM, Tesoriero finished up on Friday and will begin with

Peter Brent
Peter Brent
Queensland result under CPV
One of the startling features of the Queensland campaign was Bob Katter’s transformation from Marlboro Man tough guy to Hansonesque victim. Everyone was picking on…