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Mar 23, 2012

Dear Readers:

We are experience problems with our security system For this reason, we are not in a condition to be with you as usual.

We expect to be back with you, if not late today , tomorrow, depending on the magnitud of the problem. our system engineer is working in this issue. We apologize our readers for any inconvenience...

But stay tune,. We will be back.
Fernando Guzmán Cavero

ER NEWS: Interviews Gerald Celente on Bernanke's Propaganda Scheme

Smartcompany News and Analysis How the increased super levy works for SMEs, Five web secrets from Sportsgirl, Can Cash Mobs help local retailers? US marketing guru’s top tips

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There are plenty of big-name retailers struggling to find their way in the online world but Sportsgirl, part of Naomi Milgrom’s Sussan Group, is certainly not one of them. As the company launches new fitting room photo-sharing technology, we’ve taken a look at five lessons from its web strategy.

We also examine the latest warning on insolvency figures, explain how the higher super levy works and look at the latest social movement designed to help small business – the “Cash Mob”.

Plus in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson is less than excited about becoming a co-investor in Holden’s new models.

How I
How I manage rapid employee growth
Web Showroom added 14 staff during 12 months of rapid growth. Here's how they managed the hiring process. BY PATRICK STAFFORD.

Transport and Logistics
Why delivery is a key part of the marketing process
A vendor’s job is not done just because a sale has been made. Ensuring the customer takes delivery of the item or service is an essential part of the process. BY TOM McKASKILL.

Aunty B
Is our department manager a bully with no sense of fun?
Your department manager isn't asking you to stop having fun, just to be a little quieter when you do.
Aunty B

Selling strategies
Trent Leyshan
A pleasant interaction with a customer means little if it doesn't eventually lead to a sale.
Ask the Experts

Female Entrepreneur
Naomi Simson
In just one day, Greg Smith’s resignation letter wiped billions of dollars off the brand value of Goldman Sachs.
Smart Blogs

Property Investor
Michael Yardney
The budget is coming up, along with the perennial debate about negative gearing.
Smart Blogs

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
You would think a $275 million handout would come with lots of strings attached. But that doesn’t appear to be the case with Holden.
Entrepreneur Watch