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Mar 13, 2012

NYT Breaking News: Santorum Wins Mississippi and Alabama Primaries

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The New York Times
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 --

Rick Santorum captured both Republican primaries in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, dealing a forceful rebuke to Mitt Romney’s hopes of demonstrating political strength in the South as he grinds toward his party’s nomination.

The failure by Mr. Romney to emerge as a victor in the three-way battle with Mr. Santorum and Newt Gingrich was underscored by his weakness with the Republican party’s traditional constituencies. Mr. Romney lost among very conservative voters and evangelical Christians, according to exit polls.

Mr. Gingrich appeared poised to come in second in both states Tuesday night, ahead of Mr. Romney but having failed to deliver any first-place victories in southern states outside of his home state of Georgia.

The immediate question for Mr. Gingrich will be whether pressure mounts for him to exit the race to allow conservatives to coalesce behind someone other than Mr. Romney.

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Gerald Celente GoldSilver Radio March 13, 2012

Smartcompany News and Analysis: Govt announces Federal Small Biz Commissioner, Thousands of SMEs to miss out on corporate tax cut, The $1bn pot at the heart of the Rinehart feud

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How small is small when it comes to a company tax cut? That’s the question asked by James Thomson today in Entrepreneur Watch, after it emerged that the Greens have threatened to block a cut in the company tax rate for firms with more than $2 million in revenue, the current definition of a “small business”. While the Greens argue that “big business” doesn’t deserve a tax cut, their decision means thousands of SMEs – like the companies on our Smart50 list – will also miss out.

Today we also look at how Anzac bikkie maker Unibic was saved from administration, explain the $1 billion cash pot at the centre of the Rinehart feud and talk to MTV International’s CEO about building a global brand.

And don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s webinar free, Female power in the corporate jungle – 20 power tips that will make you love being a woman in business today. Co-hosted by SmartCompany, LeadingCompany and The Power Index, it will feature entrepreneurs Rose Herceg and Amanda Gome. Don’t miss it!

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Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
By insisting that big business doesn’t deserve a tax cut, the Greens have managed to be both right and wrong about what constitutes a "small" business.

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