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Mar 8, 2012

Smartcompany News and Analysis: Deals Direct unveils new acquisition, App developers give their iPad 3 reaction, Secret Aussie billionaire stumbles on Forbes list, Strike days soar

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Today on SmartCompany we talk to some of Australia’s top app developers to find out what they think of the iPad 3, talk to Deals Direct chief Paul Greenberg about his latest acquisition and catch up with the Australians on the Forbes billionaire list – including Australia’s “secret” billionaire.

James Thomson has also found one of the great stories from the list an in Entrepreneur Watch he introduces you to Sara Blakely, the incredible founder of underwear group Spanx.

Make finding product information easy
Making the customer’s experience of finding a product a pleasant and easy one is vital to creating a great sales reputation. BY TOM McKASKILL

How I
How I cornered an untapped market in agriculture
With little experience in agriculture, Jan Vydra and William Pham have grown a decent market share with Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs. BY PATRICK STAFFORD.

Aunty B
How do I deal with a chronic dibber-dobber?
Dobbers are easily spotted and most bosses can't bear them. At the first opportunity they are moved on, so you won't have to put up with this for much longer.
Aunty B

Selling strategies
Trent Leyshan
High-performing salespeople live on the edge, constantly pushing the boundaries to improve and gain an advantage.
Ask the Experts

The Futurist
Colin Benjamin
Fears that Australian business and consumer confidence cannot cope with global challenges is fuel for the politics of no.
Smart Blogs

Property Investor
Michael Yardney
It's never the right time to invest in property, but don't forget that the ultra-successful always use downturns to create wealth.
Smart Blogs

Female Entrepreneur
Naomi Simson
I’m not one to throw stones at other people’s business leadership – but something has been churning in my belly all week since I read that Gerry Harvey has reduced his online forecasts.
Smart Blogs

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
Sara Blakely is the youngest self-made woman on the Forbes billionaire list. She’s got an inspiring story.

Financial and Forex Info News | PiNG News: PCEHR open to hacking: AusCert

PCEHR open to hacking: AusCert
Karen Dearne AusCERT finds a "broad and extensive" range of threats facing the personally controlled e-health record system.
You can bank on rise in IT offshoring
MICHAEL BENNET LONG the target of offshoring, IT workers at banks are again seeing their jobs move elsewhere as their employers rein in costs.
Facebook pokes Macquarie for IPO
David Benoit MACQUARIE Capital is among 25 new banks listed as underwriters on the Facebook initial public offering.
Apple's vision of high-res revenue
Chris Griffith APPLE will chase revenue from the streaming of high-definition movies following the announcement of its latest iPad in the US yesterday.
Samsung sues Apple over patents
SAMSUNG Electronics says it has filed a second patent lawsuit against Apple in South Korea.
Facebook a one-stop advice shop
WHY phone a friend, when you can type and ask hundreds? This is what Australian Facebook users seem to be thinking.
Retweets becoming e-autographs
FORGET standing in line for hours, hoping for a scribbled, barely legible autograph on a wrinkled piece of paper.
Airlines face smartphone headache
SCOTT MCCARTNEY REFUSAL to switch off electronic devices is the No 1 spark for confrontation and unruly behaviour on US airlines.
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IT Business
Drug reps fit pieces of data puzzle
From boxes to problem-solving
Inventor to press button on '3D sound'
iSee the future of laptop meetings
Exec Tech
4G to complicate iPad rollout
Slick Nokia Lumia's glaring omissions
World's cheapest computer costs $US25
Telstra launches 4G tablet in Australia
New iPad no go on Telstra 4G
Chris Griffith CUSTOMERS in Australia buying the new iPad won't be able to make use of Telstra's fast 4G mobile network for the time being.