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Feb 20, 2012

Smartcompany News and Analysis: Going, going... Store closures near 500, Big trends from our first five years - and five more to come, ACCC vows to protect small online players

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Today on SmartCompany we examine the on-going retail shake-up that has now seen retailers announce almost 500 store closures, look at the ACCC's promise to protect small online retailers and find out what moguls James Packer and Raphael Geminder are up to.

And our birthday celebrations continue. Today we've got a two-part special feature on the five big trends from SmartCompany's first five years and the big themes that will emerge in the next half decade.

Plus we've also created a special virtual birthday card where you can leave us a birthday message and read messages left by other members of the community. Click here to take look.

Part One
The five trends that shaped SmartCompany’s first five years
In the five years since SmartCompany launched in 2007 we've seen PLENTY of change. BY JAMES THOMSON.

Part Two
Five key trends for the next five years
What are the themes entrepreneurs need to be aware of in the next five years? And how should SMEs prepare? BY MADELEINE HEFFERNAN.

Aunty B
My manager is taking over all of my responsibilities. Help!
Feel justified in being very annoyed. Suss out other places to work. Line up an alternative job. Then confront your manager.
Aunty B

People problems
Eve Ash
Higher productivity is what we all strive towards. But we also acknowledge that mostly this isn’t possible.
Ask the Experts

Michel Hogan
ANZ and Air Australia lead the pack in broken promises showing once again that any organisation building one action and decision at a time can be destroyed the same way.
Smart Blogs

The Futurist
Colin Benjamin
The political turmoil and potential collapse of business and consumer confidence masks the reality of labour market failure.
Smart Blogs

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
Soccer might not be billionaire Clive Palmer’s first love, but he does enjoy a stoush. Is he set to take on Frank Lowy?
Entrepreneur Watch

Financial and Forex Info News | PiNG News: Telstra pays $30m to fix billing

Telstra pays $30m to fix billing
Mitchell Bingemann TELSTRA is undertaking a $30 million software update to clean up its billing systems.
High-speed net via US satellite
Chris Griffith THE idea of satellites delivering slow internet speeds has been turned on its head.
Libs to vote for e-health records
Karen Dearne LIBERAL MPs will vote in the lower house to pass the Gillard government's legislation on personally controlled e-health records.
Diocese put kids outside square
Jennifer Foreshew THE Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has some of the oldest schools in Australia, but its technology is leading edge.
Disaster recovery in the cloud
Jennifer Foreshew SPATIAL Data eXchange (SDX) wanted to supplement its disaster recovery strategy using cloud computing and storage services.
Optus boosts 4G reach
Simon Canning and Andrew Colley THE Seven Media Group's decision to offload its Vividwireless to Optus is expected to give the Optus an advantage over Telstra.
Experience with clunky trappings
Chris Griffith THE immersive experience of being thrust into a large virtual theatre in front of a 19m screen with 5.1 surround sound is eerie.
Dogged persistence pays off for Bislr
Jennifer Foreshew WHEN start-up Bislr 's founders headed to Silicon Valley, they found that venture capitalists were interested.
ANU research paves way for efficiency
Jennifer Foreshew AUSTRALIAN researchers have helped undertake the first systematic power profiling of microprocessors.
Operating system upgrades on the way
DOUBLECLICK: David Frith THINGS are moving in the operating system world for users of Windows PCs and Macs.
Speed counts as SMEs reach for cloud
ACS: Nick Tate THIS is the Year of the Dragon, a time of innovation, flexibility, and enterprise.
Post to oversee transformation
AMBITION: Paul Broekhuyse INTERACTIVE Intelligence has appointed Mitchell Phillips as Australia territory manager, based in Sydney.
Silicon's revival a launch pad
Jennifer Foreshew SILICON Valley is mounting an impressive recovery, making it the right time for Australian start-ups to chase success.
Predictions 2012 Part II
THE torrid pace of cloud and mobile computing will accelerate this year.
iPad sales halted in China
THE Chinese company that claims ownership of the iPad name said it won a court ruling against sales of the tablet in China.
YouTube takes on Hollywood
YOUTUBE is enlisting Hollywood's help to reach a generation of viewers more familiar with smartphones than TV remotes.
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IT Business
Cisco disputes Skype takeover in EU
Focus for business is on speed and value
DWS eyes resources deals
NAB computer crash cuts ATM, EFTPOS
Exec Tech
Woolworths unveils virtual supermarket
Moshi Moshi Pop Retro handset
Robot, astronaut shake hands in orbit
Nokia to sell Lumia 710 from March