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Jan 5, 2012

Financial and Forex Info News | The Australian Business Briefing Update: Bruised traders embrace dollar


Bruised traders embrace dollar
Nicholas Hastings THE Aussie is starting to look like more than just a commodity currency as it strengthens against the euro.
'Minor' cracks found in A380s
David Pearson AIRBUS confirmed it has informed airlines operating its A380 superjumbos to check for small cracks in wing rib-skin attachments.
Alumina falls on Alcoa shutdown
Matt Day ALUMINA shares fell after Alcoa said it would permanently close or idle 12 per cent of its aluminium smelting capacity.
Clough holder eyeing sell-down
Devon Maylie SOUTH African firm Murray & Roberts Holdings is considering selling part or all of its stake in Australian company Clough.
Spain pushes the envelope on tax
Graham Keeley BUYING a house usually involves large sums of money but rarely these days is it handed over in an envelope.
Barnes ponders Nook spin-off
John Kell TROUBLED bookseller Barnes & Noble is exploring spinning off its growing but costly Nook electronic-book business.
Zuckerberg's Washington Post 'love story'
Christopher S. Stewart and Russell Adams FACEBOOK'S Mark Zuckerberg and Washington Post CEO Donald Graham, have formed an unlikely alliance despite their 39-year age gap.
Dour data dampens Europe hopes
Nick Cawley DOUBTS over Europe's strategy to overcome its debt woes re-emerged amid fresh evidence the region is in recession.
Financial Markets
Debt bogey holds stocks down
THE sharemarket held to negative ground this afternoon as signs of US growth were overshadowed by Europe's continuing debt woes.
Shares slide as debt fears return
Stocks slip on volatile Wall St
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Alumina falls on Alcoa shutdown
Matt Day ALUMINA shares fell after Alcoa said it would permanently close or idle 12 per cent of its aluminium smelting capacity.
Clough holder eyeing sell-down
Gold shines to three-week high
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Smartcompany News and Analysis: When founders strike back: Rich list member sues firm he founded, Aussie John Symond expands after 40% profit jump, Tourism hopes for better year

smart company logo image

Today on SmartCompany, James Thomson’s Entrepreneur Watch takes a special look at the decision by rich list member Terry Peabody to sue the company he founded, Transpacific. As most entrepreneurs know, the bond between founder and company is a deep and complex one – this is a great example of how founders never really let go.

We also look at the outlook for tourism, examine NAB’s plans to use some of Apple’s retail tricks in its new branches and look at why Australia’s SME car parts sector is under pressure.

Advertising and Marketing
MARKETING STRATEGIES: Understand your customer’s expectations
One of the things we have to deal with in selling is to match what our customers expect from us with what we are able to deliver. BY TOM MCKASKILL.

Managing People
How I improved my business by getting rid of managers
E-Web Marketing's Gary Ng attributes a large part of his success to a decision to get rid of management. BY PATRICK STAFFORD.
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Aunty B
My new director is behaving like a child. Help!
There is only one thing to do in these situations - carry on like a pork chop yourself.
Aunty B

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Trent Leyshan
Should you incentivise your salespeople with a healthy reward structure?
Trent Leyshan

The Futurist
Colin Benjamin
Smart companies will benefit from having trimmed their sails to tack closer to their customer base and set a course for exports into the Asian markets.
Colin Benjamin

Gen-Y Millionaire
Kirsty Dunphey
How do you find the perfect balance of being friendly with those you manage without them losing respect for you as their leader if you're too familiar?
Kirsty Dunphey

Female Entrepreneur
Naomi Simson
Hard work, dedication and expelling the word failure from your vocabulary is key.
Naomi Simson

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
There is more than a touch of irony about former billionaire Terry Peabody suing the waste management company he founded.