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Dec 19, 2011

Financial anf Forex Info News | The Australian Business Brierfing; Europe to steer RBA on rates

Europe to steer RBA on rates
Scott Murdoch THE RBA has signalled rate cuts in 2012 will be weighed by the crisis in Europe, as it revealed this month's cut was a close call.
Gloucester to unveil Yanzhou deal
Gillian Tan CHINA'S Yanzhou Coal is in preliminary talks with Gloucester Coal to create a $8 billion giant by merging their Australian assets.
Paul Fegan to depart Telstra
John Durie and Mitchell Bingemann TELSTRA has lost one of its high profile group general managers, with Paul Fegan set to leave the company.
Billabong tumbles to fresh lows
BILLABONG shares slumped a further 11 per cent, as analysts slashed their forecasts following its profit warning.
ECB to dole out $330bn to banks
Kathryn Hopkins THE ECB's inaugural offer of three-year emergency loans for banks short on funds is likely to dole out up to $330 billion.
Macmahon sees higher profits
Gavin Lower CONTRACTOR Macmahon Holdings has upgraded profit guidance for the 2012 financial year to more than $55 million.
Apple shares TV strategy
Jessica E. Vascellaro and Sam Schechner APPLE executives have discussed their vision for the future of TV with leading media executives.
Eurozone risk rises to Lehman levels
Geoffrey T. Smith RISKS to stability of the eurozone have risen "substantially" to their worst level since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
Financial Markets
Alliance gains after repriced IPO
Steve Creedy SHARES in newly listed fly-in, fly-out operator Alliance Aviation were trading at $1.70 today, up from a list price of $1.60.
Shares slip on mining losses
Stocks edge higher
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Gloucester to unveil Yanzhou deal
Gillian Tan CHINA'S Yanzhou Coal is in preliminary talks with Gloucester Coal to create a $8 billion giant by merging their Australian assets.
Yanzhou eyes $8bn Gloucester deal
Macmahon sees higher profits
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Smartcompany News and Analysis: The best and worst in brand for 2011, Retail rout: 11 challenges for the sector plus Billabong’s $2.5bn wipeout, NSW leads mortgage delinquencies.

smart company logo image

Today on SmartCompany we take a detailed look at the retail sector, which has been hammered by investors following Billabong’s shock profit warning. Madeleine Heffernan takes a look at 11 ways the retail sector will be different in 2012, while in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson looks at why Billabong can’t continue in its current form.

Meanwhile, Patrick Stafford examines the latest data on mortgage delinquencies and looks into a small rise in business sales. Plus don’t forget to download our free eBook, 10 Insights from the SmartCompany-WHK SME Directions Survey. It’s an invaluable tool for some last minute planning.

Advertising and Marketing
The good, the brand and the ugly of 2011
Welcome to the fifth annual roundup of brand good, brand ugly and brands that should hang their heads in shame. BY MICHEL HOGAN.
How I...

Should we be scared of 2012?
For Australians, 2012 will spell a difficult environment initially, before risks recede later in the year. BY SHANE OLIVER.
Scary 2012

Aunty B
My employee turned a legitimate request into a nasty attack
You're the boss. And occasionally employees, no matter how much you value them, need a reminder of this.
Aunty B

People problems
Eve Ash
As things start to wind down for the year, now is a great time to prepare for next year.
Eve Ash

Retail advice
Brian Walker
As we know, up to 30% of all retail trade is done in the Christmas/New Year period for many retailers, and as such we are now playing in the Grand Final of retail.
Brian Walker

Behavioural Economics
Bri Williams
As we head into the Christmas break, I thought it would be worthwhile to note some of the books I have found most helpful on behaviour and behavioural economics.
Bri Williams

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
In less than two years, the market value of Billabong has fallen from $3 billion to $500 million. How the company looks in another two years is very much up in the air.

MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Give the gift of a house down payment


Personal Finance Daily
DECEMBER 19, 2011

Give the gift of a house down payment

By MarketWatch

Should you give your children money to help them make a down payment on a house? Should you ask your parents for help when buying? Amy Hoak writes today in her Home Economics column that because coming up with the down payment is often a first-time home buyer's biggest challenge, getting financial help from friends and relatives is becoming more common. In 2010, 27% of first-time buyers received a gift from a friend or relative to use toward their down payment.

But the process can be complex, because large gifts can have tax implications for the giver, and the recipient needs to know certain factors that could delay getting that mortgage.

Anne Stanley , Managing Editor, Personal Finance

Don't let down-payment gifts delay mortgage loan

Coming up with a down payment is often a first-time home buyer's biggest challenge — that's why many of them get help from relatives or friends. Here's what home buyers should know about down-payment gifts to make sure the closing process is as smooth as possible.
Read more: Don't let down-payment gifts delay mortgage loan.

Audi tops the luxury rides for 2011

It's time to turn on the seat heaters, look back at 2011 through smoked rear windows and pick the luxury car of the year.
Read more: Audi tops the luxury rides for 2011.

The truth about wealth

Despite heated rhetoric emanating from politicians and pundits, the top 1% is hardly a fixed group that enjoys consistent income gains. To the contrary, the wealthiest have become the most crash-prone group in our economy.
Read more: The truth about wealth.

Use the holidays to get a jump on getting that job

The holidays aren't a great time to land a job, but here are six tips for productive things you can do to help your job search.
Read more: Use the holidays to get a jump on getting that job.


These fund managers get a Lump of Coal Award

Here's the second helping of Chuck Jaffe's annual Lump of Coal Awards, given each year to the bad boys and girls of the fund industry who deserve nothing more than an inky chunk of carbon in their holiday stockings.
Read more: These fund managers get a Lump of Coal Award.

These life-cycle funds are off-target

Investors can get into trouble when they judge long-term investments on short-run results. But they also get into trouble if they ignore the short-term and it leads to problems down the road.
Read more: These life-cycle funds are off-target.


Home-builder confidence hits 19-mo. high

Home-builder confidence hit a 19-month high in December, though it still remains mired in weak territory, according to a key index released Monday.
Read more: Home-builder confidence hits 19-mo. high.

Boehner seeks House-Senate payroll tax talks

House and Senate leaders should negotiate a compromise bill on extending a payroll-tax cut for one year, House Speaker John Boehner says Monday, insisting that a Senate version approved over the weekend creates too much uncertainty.
Read more: Boehner seeks House-Senate payroll tax talks.