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NYT Global Update: Libya's Civilian Toll, Denied by NATO

  Global Update   TOP NEWS Libya's Civilian Toll, Denied by NATO By C. J. CHIVERS and ERIC SCHMITT NATO airstrikes killed and wounded dozens of civilians at sites in Libya examined by The New York Times, but NATO has largely refused to acknowledge or investigate the casualties. Interactive : Errant NATO Airstrikes in Libya: 13 Cases Video : NATO Airstrikes in Libya Photographs : The Civilian Toll Death Toll Rises From Clashes in Cairo By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK Egypt's military rulers escalated a bloody crackdown on street protesters on Saturday, even as the prime minister denied that security forces were using violence. Amid New Violence, Civilian Council Suspends Work Photographs : Military Clashes With Protesters Flooding Kills Hundreds in Southern Philippines By FLOYD WHALEY Flash floods triggered by a tropical storm sent water gushing into homes, killing more than 400 and surprising families who fled to rooftops.

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