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Nov 10, 2011

Smartcompany News and Analysis: Property firm behind pharmacy giant in receivership, Sham contracting crackdown for beauty, cleaning and building sectors, Bonuses on the rise

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Today on SmartCompany we reveal why the property company behind the Pulse Pharmacy chain is in receivership, examine the potential private sector impacts of the Government’s $2.1 billion support for a major pay equity case and look at a new report that’s set to launch another big crackdown on sham contracting. Plus in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson looks at how a romantic media merger cost the Fairfax family more than $800 million.

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How I
How I won a $2 million grant from Commercialisation Australia
Whispir's chief executive, Jeromy Wells talks about the the process of applying for a Commercialisation Australia grant. BY PATRICK STAFFORD.
How I

Marketing Strategies
Problem recognition
Strange as it may seem, customers don’t always know they have a problem or a need. BY TOM MCKASKILL.
Marketing Strategies

Aunty B
I think my salesperson is suffering from performance anxiety.
The best sales people in the world know one thing: that they are best in the world at sales.
Aunty B

Selling strategies
Trent Leyshan
Truly exceptional customer service is very hard to find, but when you find it, you will know about it!
Trent Leyshan

The Futurist
Colin Benjamin
Following Glenn Steven’s Cup Day rate cut, smart companies should plan ahead to get ahead of a resurgent Australian economy in 2013-14.
Colin Benjamin

Female Entrepreneur
Naomi Simson
To be creative we must have time to think, to be imaginative we need space to learn and experience new things. Enter the mini break.
Naomi Simson

Customer Experience
Greg Muller
Delivering customer experiences that people want to talk about positively with others takes effort, teamwork and belief. Never get complacent.
Greg Muller

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
The Fairfax family selling out of Fairfax might be the end of an era, but it’s also the end of some ugly losses.

The Australian | Business Briefing Update: Leighton holds back King's $5m

Leighton holds back King's $5m
LEIGHTON will not pay Wal King a $5 million bonus and all such payments are now under review, its chairman said today.
EU could face 'deep' recession
Matthew Dalton THE EU has slashed its growth forecast for the 27-nation bloc and warned a "deep and prolonged" recession was possible.
S&P France error spooks markets
William Horobin and Cynthia Lin S&P was forced to clarify it had not cut France's triple-A rating, adding to already heightened anxiety in European bond markets.
Metcash set for Franklins sale
David Winning TALKS between Metcash and IGA retailers to sell 80 Franklins supermarkets will begin on November 21, Metcash said today.
Econocrat PM's massive mission
Brian Blackstone LUCAS Papademos, Greece’s new leader, will have to implement huge deficit-reduction measures in face of public anger.
Ramsay seals $2bn loan
Cynthia Koons RAMSAY Health Care today said it had secured a $2 billion debt facility and reaffirmed 10-12 per cent growth in core net profit.
Starbucks' new squeeze: juice
Julie Jargon STARBUCKS has launched a $30m all-cash bid to do for the premium fruit juice what it did for the coffee business.
Murdoch rejects cover-up claim
Peter Wilson, Europe correspondent JAMES Murdoch rejected claims he had been told about evidence there was a culture of illegal news-gathering at the News of the World.
Financial Markets
Shares edge up in cautious trade
THE Australian stockmarket had eased back by early afternoon to be almost flat as investors showed caution ahead of the weekend.
Stocks rise on positive lead
Wall St recovers as fears ease
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Platinum Australia suspended
David Fickling A PLANNED capital raising by troubled miner Platinum Australia hasn't been completed as anticipated by the start of trade.
Oil jumps to three-month high
Gold dips as investors seek cash
More Mining & Energy