Nov 30, 2011

Marketwatch | Gold: Price Estimate Likely Going Higher:


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NOVEMBER 30, 2011

Gold likely going higher

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By MarketWatch

Sentiment conditions continue to support higher gold prices, says Mark Hulbert. According to his contrarian analysis, gold is building a strong foundation for a fresh assault on metal's recent all-time high above $1,900 an ounce.

Last week's blistering market action set three market letters tracked by Peter Brimelow to grousing. This week's heady gains might bring sweet relief but one usually bullish letter is now heavily in cash. It might have been a little too early to pull in those horns.

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Gold likely to be higher at year's end

One month ago, Mark Hulbert reported the gold-market bullishness had dropped to its lowest level in two-and-a-half years. With gold only modestly higher since then, he takes a fresh look at the sentiment picture.
Mark Hulbert

Market boosts bears, breaks brave bull

A withering week leaves the bears rampant, and breaks at least one brave bull, reports Peter Brimelow.
Peter Brimelow

From the Trading Deck

Are ETFs better than mutual funds?

For US equi­ties, exchange-traded funds offer a higher per­cent­age of attrac­tive invest­ment options than mutual funds at a lower cost.
David Trainer

A dividend by another name

The current environment is ripe for some high-yield bond exposure.
John Marske

More market insights:

Give yourself a ‘get out of debt' card

Many people wonder why companies can get away with things that individuals can't, particularly when it comes to bankruptcy and the chance for a ‘do-over.' But, says Chuck Jaffe, individuals do have the chance to start fresh.
Chuck Jaffe

Dead-cat bounce can't mask stock downtrend

The November breakdown places the U.S. markets back in the technical muck.
Michael Ashbaugh

Don't put too much stock in stocks

Recent news about leading economic indicators suggests more growth in the fourth quarter than we might actually see, so investors probably shouldn't rush into U.S. equities — yet.
Robert Powell

Where to go when there's no place to hide

Unexpectedly weak demand for the latest German government bond auction suggests that the German economy might be far weaker than previously thought. Since that economy was presumed to be the bedrock on which the entire European Monetary Union rested, this is very bad news indeed. Can a European recession, and perhaps a global one as well, be far behind? The top performers weigh in.
Mark Hulbert ($)

In focus: Oversold rebound

The oversold conditions that we mentioned last week finally combined with some positive news items to launch a monster oversold rally this week.
Lawrence G. McMillan ($)

Investment strategies for revolutionary times

The whole point of Revolution Investing is to help you pinpoint when there really is risk and to avoid panicking when there's not.
Cody Willard ($)

Buy the sellers of raw materials

Emerging markets will use their relatively strong currencies to buy raw materials to build infrastructure. Countries that are a sellers' market for such goods (Australia, Brazil, Canada and Russia) will be even stronger.
Bill Donoghue ($)

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Smartcompany News and Analysis: Employers warned to watch Xmas party social media chatter, Packer’s Jurlique windfall, Why you should pay attention to Bing, Qld resort closes

smart company logo image

Today on SmartCompany we extract five lessons from Australian cosmetics success story Jurlique, which was sold overnight for $335 million, delivering investor James Packer a handsome profit. We also explain why employers need to carefully watch Christmas party social media mentions, examine the closure of Lindeman Island and ask whether women are becoming trapped in “pink gehettos” in the workplace. Plus James Thomson explains in Entrepreneur Watch why there might be some pent-up demand in our economy.

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Top Story
Why webmasters should pay attention to Bing
It’s been two years since Microsoft launched Bing, but it was only a few weeks ago the “beta” tag was taken off. Now, SEO experts say, you need to pay a little more attention. BY PATRICK STAFFORD

Top Story
Contract outworkers to be treated as employees
New Fair Work legislation will have direct consequences for SMEs and their contract workers in the textile, clothing and footwear industries. BY TERRY HAYES

Aunty B
My employee can't take constructive criticism. Help!
Your culture is your heart. You must protect and nurture it – and look after it!
Aunty B

Business Tech Talk
Paul Wallbank
It’s not just school kids who have to be careful online. Having an acceptable computer use policy for employees is now essential for all enterprises.
Paul Wallbank

Internet secrets
Craig Reardon
There’s an important new trend in web design. And it’s of utmost importance to smaller business - maintainability.
Craig Reardon

IT Means Business
Dave Stevens
While the internet has become a vital tool, it can also be a distraction. Do you know what your staff are up to online?
Dave Stevens

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
Despite the patchy economic conditions, there are a big number of first home buyers and investors with pre-approval for loans. Is it a symbol of pent-up demand across the economy?

Financial and Forex Info News | The australian IT: ISPs refusing to sign contract:

ISPs refusing to sign contract
Mitchell Bingemann SOME of the nation's largest internet providers are refusing to sign formal contracts with NBN Co.
Westpac appoints Whincup CIO
Fran Foo CLIVE Whincup has been promoted to chief information officer at Westpac Banking Corporation.
Customs eyes online shoppers
Karen Dearne CUSTOMS will pay more attention to air express cargo deliveries, with e-shopping sparking a 300 per cent increase in imported goods .
Guild prescribes fixes for PCEHR
Karen Dearne THE Pharmacy Guild will not support the personally controlled e-health records rollout unless operating system concerns are addressed.
Google Seoul office raided
THE Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) raided the Seoul office of Google, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said.
UK minister's PC possibly hacked
AN ex-government minister says detectives were investigating whether his computers had been hacked by a tabloid newspaper.
Yahoo aims to strike deal in weeks
YAHOO hopes to strike a deal to sell a minority stake to a private equity firm by year's end, sources said.
Apple to fight ruling on Samsung
Chris Griffith THE legal feud over whether Samsung can sell its new tablet computer in Australia this Christmas may be heading to the High Court
Spanish builder nails Facebook loophole
A SPANISH builder has stumbled on an online loophole that enables users to send Facebook messages in other users' names.
Hackers nab outdated UN emails
THE United Nations Development Program says that hackers posted inactive accounts of more than 100 email addresses.
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IT Business
Salmat signs up Avaya to open net
Harvey's threat to advertising
Supporting legislation needed
ISPs' anti-piracy proposal rejected
Exec Tech
Sony delivers small-screen Android
Pets collared by tracking devices
Face to face with Nexus phone
No local PlayBook price cuts
Telco war over, says Quigley
John Durie MIKE Quigley says many in the telecommunications sector have forgotten the war ended some time ago.

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