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Nov 2, 2011

The Australian IT | PiNG: Choices would end piracy: Ericsson.

Choices would end piracy: Ericsson
Andrew Colley THE debate over dealing with online piracy in Australia has become overly weighted in favour of rights, Ericsson has warned.
Apple admits to iPhone 4S battery bug
APPLE has admitted to a problem with its mobile operating system that is shortening the battery life of iPhones, iPads and iPods.
Gmail has a new look but app crashes
GOOGLE has given Gmail a new look on the web, but in the Apple sphere had to pull its new app due to an embarrassing bug.
Sony predicts more than $1bn loss
SONY expects to lose well over $US1 billion this fiscal year, as its loss-making television business continues to struggle.
SUSE appointee to promote Linux
Paul Broekhuyse SUSE, an operating unit of the Attachmate Group, has appointed Hamish Miles as regional sales director for Australia and New Zealand.
Speed-up downed bourse
Andrew Main ASX yesterday revealed that last Thursday's four-hour outage, its longest in decades, was caused by a software upgrade that failed.
Telstra unwraps 'stocking fillers'
Chris Griffith TELSTRA has targeted the rapidly growing mid-price Android phone market, announcing inexpensive new Gingerbread handsets ahead of Christmas.
Westpac spruiks 'best sourcing'
Fran Foo WESTPAC'S plans emulate outsourcing deals with IBM and Hewlett-Packard in other parts of its operations.
Big W releases shopping app
Chris Griffith THE quest for the hearts and minds of tech savvy shoppers has intensified with Big W the latest chain offering a shopping app.
Apple's Cook tinkers with recipe
TIM Cook promised that Apple would not change when he took over the company's helm from Steve Jobs in August.
Telstra to unveil unlimited movies
Stuart Kennedy TELSTRA is looking at launching a subscription all-you-can-eat online movie service early next year.
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MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Consumer friend or foe? Lawmakers tussle over CFPB


Personal Finance Daily
NOVEMBER 02, 2011

Consumer friend or foe? Lawmakers tussle over CFPB

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: consumers' best friend or a "loose cannon" of a regulatory agency? Depends on whom you ask.

One thing we know for sure: It's been in operation for 100 days, and it appears to be making some progress on protecting consumers.

Read Ruth Mantell's report today from a hearing on Capitol Hill where lawmakers of different political stripes offered up wildly divergent opinions on the agency, as one of its top officials reported on the agency's accomplishments and where it heads next.

Also, don't miss Robert Powell's column for a look at investing opportunities in China.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

CFPB's first 100 days under microscope at hearing

The infant Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs more oversight, Republican lawmakers said at a hearing as a top bureau official defended the agency's work.
Read more: CFPB's first 100 days under microscope at hearing.

Where to invest in China now

There's no shortage of opportunities for investing in China, and that news about an economic slowdown there? It's not the problem that some are describing.
Read more: Where to invest in China now.


U.S. private-sector jobs up 110,000 in October

Private-sector employment registers a moderate increase for October, led by the services-producing sector and small businesses, according to the latest survey based on a sampling of ADP payrolls data.
Read more: U.S. private-sector jobs up 110,000 in October.

Fed holds rates steady

The Federal Reserve held monetary policy steady in November after two meetings that produced historic changes.
Read more: Fed holds rates steady.

Reacting to the Fed: Doves seen rising

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday left interest rates unchanged and took no further action to try to stimulate a slow-growing U.S. economy, but the debate about what to do is far from over. Some senior officials are pushing for further measures.
Read more: Reacting to the Fed: Doves seen rising.

Treasury to auction $72 billion next week

The Treasury will put $72 billion in notes and bonds up for sale next week in its quarterly refunding. Whether to issue floating-rate notes remains a question mark.
Read more: Treasury to auction $72 billion next week.

Occupy Wall Street protester weathers all storms

Occupy Wall Street is holding up, and the protest movement still very much alive.
Read more: Occupy Wall Street protester weathers all storms.

Greece's born-again democracy has lessons for U.S.

In Greece, the left-of-center government finally remembers it is supposed to speak for the working people. Barack Obama, are you listening?
Read more: Greece's born-again democracy has lessons for U.S.


Wall Street has lost its sex appeal

Nowadays, even if Wall Street hired a flock of lovely Victoria's Secret Angels, it's not easy to inspire faith in its products. Unlike the fashion industry, Wall Street has lost its sex appeal. Unless Wall Street wants to lose investors for the next decade, it needs to change the way it does business:
Read more: Wall Street has lost its sex appeal.

A stock market versus a market of stocks

Stock picking remains as possible and valuable as ever in the current environment.
Read more: A stock market versus a market of stocks.

7 billion reasons markets will change direction

The big story isn't Greece or Gadhafi; it's the birth of the 7 billionth human. Five trends for investors to watch as the population grows.
Read more: 7 billion reasons markets will change direction.

Business booms for MasterCard, Visa

Wall Street says good times will continue, but uncertainty remains.
Read more: Business booms for MasterCard, Visa.

Techcompan News and Analysis: Why Groupon is limping towards its IPO; Is your Facebook page ready for Christmas? Spotlight on the Nokia Lumia 800

Thursday, November 3rd 2011

November has arrived, which means Groupon’s float is drawing closer every day. Although the company has been on the books to list before the end of the year, all signs point to the group buying giant listing within days.

But will it be the event investors have been waiting for? Or will it crash and burn?

In our Best of the Web this week, we take a look at a fantastic piece on Groupon, how the company was founded, and the troubles it’s facing as it heads towards an IPO. Although its revenue continues to grow, the culture is changing rapidly and analysts are concerned that it can’t seem to hold on to executives for very long.

Whether it will strike gold while listing is in doubt, but it’s definitely a sign that perhaps this year’s tech “bubble” has left its participants battle scarred.

Also in TechCompany, be sure to read our blogs – Lara Solomon has a great piece on how you should get your Facebook page prepped for Christmas, while Dave Stevens reveals how IT will change your business over the next five years.

Patrick Stafford
Editor, TechCompany

Best of the web
BEST OF THE WEB: Has Groupon grown too fast? 
Groupon might be the leader of the global group buying sector, but concerns about a crumbling culture, accounting issues and an exodus of executives have investors worried ahead of the company’s float. Read more

What we learned this week
WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEK: Don’t skimp on the social 
There's been plenty to learn from the entire Qantas incident this week, but there's also plenty for tech companies to take in as well – especially when it comes to social media. Read more

Nokia Lumia
GADGET WATCH: Nokia Lumia 800 
The Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the first phones the company will launch as part of the new partnership with Microsoft. Read more

Michael Fox
MY BEST TECH: Michael Fox  
Shoes of Prey founder Michael Fox says his favourite piece of tech is an app that works alongside his Apple TV and iPad. Read more

eCommerce Superstars
Australia's eCommerce superstars
From market leaders and established players to rapidly rising stars, business is booming for Australia's best independent online-only retailers. Read more.

Dave Stevens
IT Means Business – Dave Stevens 
How will IT change your business in the next five years? 
In the past few years, the IT landscape has changed significantly for SMEs. So how will these changes affect your business moving forward? Read more

Lara Solomon
Facebook Know How – Lara Solomon 
Are you ready for Christmas shopping? 
Here are some tips for getting your Facebook page ready for the mad Christmas rush. Read more

David Markus
IT Systems – David Markus 
What will be the top 10 technologies for 2012? 
From now, the major frontier in IT will be around how large organisations will structure and deliver information to us. Read more

Craig Reardon
Internet Secrets – Craig Reardon 
Seven reasons for a professional business website 
All businesses need to ensure that their website is in top shape, or they risk losing valuable sales. Read more

Paul Wallbank
Paul Wallbank – Business Tech Talk 
Early adopter blues 
It's a good idea to wait before getting the latest gizmo. Read more.

The Economist | Selected New Articles: Newsbook / Baobab / Prospero.... and more

Newsbook: A Greek drama
Greece is furious with Europe and Europe is furious with Greece
read more »
Newsbook: Fighting freedom with fire
France finds itself in another argument about Islam and free speech read more »
Babbage: Coffee powerhouse
A second act for the founder of Second Life
read more »
Blighty: Shale shocks
The earthquakes caused by fracking in Britain are only tiny
read more »
Newsbook: Out of time and money
Julian Assange loses an appeal while WikiLeaks runs out of cash read more »
Baobab: Who is Kenya fighting?
Kenya seems to be squandering its advantage in its operations in Somalia read more »

Prospero: "Chinglish" on Broadway
A new play by David Henry Hwang considers the humbled position of an American
doing business in China read  more »

Daily chart: International back scratching
Corruption in the public and private sectors go together read more »
Online debate: Personal computing
Have we entered the post-PC era? read more »

Financial & Forex Info News | Kitco New York Market Close Report

New York Market Close Nov 02/11 05:23 PM EDT

The Australian | Business Briefing: Westpac sends jobs offshore

Wall St bounces on Fed pledge
Jonathan Cheng US stocks bounced back after a two-day selloff, as the Federal Reserve pledged anew to support the economy.
Fed 'prepared' to spur US growth
Jeffrey Sparshott and Eric Morath FEDERAL chairman Ben Bernanke says US economic growth is frustratingly slow and the central bank remains ready to act.
US Fed downgrades forecasts
Luca Di Leo and Tom Barkley FEDERAL Reserve officials opted to leave policies unchanged, despite expressing more gloom over the US economy compared to June.
Hunt for MF funds moved offshore
James Frost THE administrator of the failed MF Global is trying to recover local funds that appear to have moved offshore.
Collins crunched as profits dive
Teresa Ooi NEWLY listed Collins Foods lost a quarter of its market value yesterday.
Westpac sends jobs offshore
Scott Murdoch WESTPAC could send hundreds more jobs offshore, despite yesterday reporting a record $6.3 billion cash profit.
Virgin in business blitz
Steve Creedy, Aviation writer VIRGIN Australia is slashing the price of business class seats on  routes between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Woolies may offload Dick Smith
Blair Speedy RETAIL giant Woolworths has flagged a possible sale of its Dick Smith consumer electronics chain.
Financial Markets
Wall St bounces on Fed pledge
Jonathan Cheng US stocks bounced back after a two-day selloff, as the Federal Reserve pledged anew to support the economy.
Oil higher on US demand hopes
Gold rises on Fed bets
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Oil higher on US demand hopes
Jerry A. DiColo CRUDE futures settled slightly higher, paring an early rise after a surprise increase in US oil stockpiles.
Gold rises on Fed bets
Copper up as US dollar wilts
More Mining & Energy

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2011-11-03 06:32:19.0 Gillard reads last rites to Doha
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