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Oct 25, 2011

Stocks & Markets in the News: China Vows Stricter Controls on Social Media


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China Vows Stricter Controls on Social Media
46 minutes ago
RIM Delays PlayBook Update
10:41 PM ET
Venture Capitalists Put Money on Easing Medical Device Rules

Stocks and Markets in the News: Asia stocks fall ahead of key Europe summit.


Australia inflation leaves door open for rate hike Australia’s headline consumer price index rises in line with economist expectations in the third quarter, leaving the door open for interest-rate cuts and pressuring the Australian dollar. 10:21 p.m. Today
Asia stocks fall ahead of key Europe summit Anxiety about the European debt crisis and overnight losses on Wall Street conspire to depress Asian stocks, with Japanese shares taking an additional hit from a strong yen. 9:36 p.m. Today
Japanese shares decline as exporters weigh SYDNEY (MarketWatch) -- Japanese shares declined on Wednesday, with the Nikkei Stock Average down 1.2% at 8,660.29 ahead of a European summit set for later in the global trading day. Investors are hoping for details on how the region plans to tackle its debt crisis but BNP Paribas strategists said "closure on the euro zone saga is far from being reached," and noted that lack of clarity on Europe sent the U.S. dollar to a new low against the Japanese yen. Japanese exporters lost ground on Wednesday with Sony Corp. down 1.7% and Canon Inc. down 1.9%. Canon late Tuesday reported a more than 14% rise in quarterly profit. 8:20 p.m. Today

Smartcompany News & Analysis: Sales shock: Survey says 40% of firms see revenue fall, Training college collapses, Catch of the Day targets sales of $250m, Inside neuromarketing

smart company logo image

Today on SmartCompany, we examine a worrying new report from MYOB, which shows 40% of SMEs have seen sales fall in the last 12 months and the average fall was 27%. As James Thomson writes in Entrepreneur Watch, it’s part of a wave of ugly data about the state of the SME community and more evidence the RBA needs to cut rates. Elsewhere we examine the collapse of another training college, and extract five lessons from the success of Catch of the Day, which turns five today and is targeting revenue of $250 million in 2011-12. And don’t miss Aunty B, who is full of festive spirit right now – yesterday she tackled Christmas parties, today she’s looking at Christmas presents.

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Lunch with an Entrepreneur
Corinne Noyes
Madame Flavour founder Corinne Noyes reveals how she's turning her specialty loose leaf tea company into a global brand. BY MADELEINE HEFFERNAN.
Corinne Noyes

Top Story
Our brains, our wallets – the field of neuromarketing
Increasing evidence suggests that our decision-making is heavily biased via mechanisms that are inaccessible to deliberative thought processes. BY PHILLIP HARRIS.

Aunty B
What should we get our clients for Christmas?
Wine and food hampers are always fabulous, mainly because you can re-gift anything you don't want.
Aunty B

Profitable growth
Julia Bickerstaff
It's no surprise business building projects often get put on the back-burner in favour of more pressing day-to-day tasks. Here's how to make the time to tackle them.
Julia Bickerstaff

Digital Bottom Line
Brendan Lewis
Crossing time zones and unsure how to customise your iPhone's calendar? Help is at hand.
Brendan Lewis

Property Investor
Michael Yardney
It would seem Australia is set to live up to its global status as the lucky country, with the number of millionaire households expected to almost double over the next decade.
Michael Yardney

Franchise tips and trends
Jason Gehrke
The passage of the Small Business Commissioner bill in South Australia's upper house last week heralds a new and dangerous era for franchising in that state.
Jason Gehrke

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
A wave of ugly economic data – including big falls in SME revenue – should force the RBA to cut rates.

MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Tips to trim your property-tax bill

Personal Finance Daily
OCTOBER 25, 2011

Tips to trim your property-tax bill

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

If you're facing a steep property-tax bill, contesting the home value used in calculating that levy can net you some big cost savings.

That is, if your home's value has dropped.

As Amy Hoak notes in her Home Economics column today, a problem can arise if your home's value has increased — in that situation, contesting your property-tax bill may bring home only higher costs.

Amy offers some tips and tricks for figuring out where you stand, and whether you should contest your bill. Read her story, plus don't miss Jennifer Openshaw on some of the common financial mistakes people make — and how to avoid them.

Andrea Coombes , personal finance editor


5 tips to turn lower home values into tax relief

One bright side of falling home prices: Homeowners may be able to snag some property-tax relief by challenging outdated assessments.
Read more: 5 tips to turn lower home values into tax relief.

4 money mistakes you don't want to make

Most people can't spend much of their working day managing money, but if you make a little time around the edges and avoid some of the most common pitfalls, you're bound to come out ahead, writes Jennifer Openshaw.
Read more: 4 money mistakes you don't want to make.

Workers come out winners even after 401(k) lawsuits are losers

Few workers are happy with the performance of their 401(k) plans in recent years but how much blame should be placed with employers?
Read more: Workers come out winners even after 401(k) lawsuits are losers.


How not to seek dividend income

Advisers have been forecasting that stock-market leadership would soon shift toward blue-chip dividend-paying stocks. Unfortunately, the most popular dividend-stock strategy among retail investors has produced disappointing returns in recent years.
Read more: How not to seek dividend income.


Perry stirs pot with new tax plan

Seeking to inject new life into his flagging presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry proposes an optional flat income tax of 20% and balancing the budget by 2020.
Read more: Perry stirs pot with new tax plan.

Hiring doesn't boost confidence anymore

Even though companies are hiring and consumers are spending, we still feel pretty lousy about the economy, writes Rex Nutting.
Read more: Hiring doesn't boost confidence anymore.

Consumer confidence weakest since March 2009

U.S. consumers let their pessimism show in October, as their level of confidence drops to the lowest level in 2 1/2 years, Conference Board data show.
Read more: October consumer confidence weakest since March 2009.

U.S. home prices up 0.2% in August: Case-Shiller

U.S. home prices edge higher for a fifth straight month in August, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller index.
Read more: U.S. home prices up 0.2% in August.

COLA is much ado about nothing

If you are counting on seniors to help jump-start the economy because of the cost of living adjustment, or COLA, they are scheduled to receive early next year ... forget about it! This increase is not as good as it looks.
Read more: COLA is much ado about nothing.

Europe must do debt deal quickly: U.S. Treasury

Europe must move "quickly and firmly" to implement any agreement to solve the euro-zone crisis, says Charles Collyns, the Treasury Department's assistant secretary for international finance.
Read more: Europe must do debt deal quickly.

Scenes from China's economy

In this slide show, see images of Chinese commerce and industry in action. Amid China's prosperity, some analysts are worried of a coming "hard landing" for the world's No. 2 economy.
See slide show: Scenes from China's economy.

The Australian IT | PiNG: Wikileaks faces collapse

Wikileaks faces collapse
WIKILEAKS may be weeks away from collapse, the organization's leader said.
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IBM appoints new CEO
IBM has named Virginia Rometty as its new chief executive following the retirement of Samuel Palmisano.
SAP sells ByDesign locally
Stuart Kennedy SAP is inching towards the first truly local sale of its long gestated, online delivered ByDesign software.
Nokia to unveil first Windows phone
NOKIA is widely expected to unveil the first of these Windows smartphones at this week's Nokia World gathering.
Health Solutions boosts revenue
Karen Dearne MEDIBANK Private's new Health Solutions unit boosted its revenues to $258 million last year.
UTS offers analytics degree
Jennifer Foreshew The University of Technology in Sydney will offer the first research degrees in analytics in Australia.
Netflix shares dive
NETFLIX shares have dived, losing more than a third of their value, as customers switch off the online video rental service.
Politicians should not ignore social media
FRAN FOO POLITICIANS who ignore social media do so at their peril, warned Rishi Saha, Prime Minister David Cameron's former digital head honcho.

Making it clear: What is the eurozone bailout fund?: BBC Global Economy:


Global economy

22 October 2011 Last updated at 22:16 GMT

Making it clear: What is the eurozone bailout fund?Piggy banks with picture of euro coin on side Watch

One of the more common acronyms flying around the eurozone crisis is the "EFSF" - the eurozone bailout fund. But what is it?

Stephanie FlandersHow is the ECB helping out banks? Watch

When banks get into trouble, their central bank steps in to save them, as the European Central Bank has doing lately.

Robert PestonWhy do banks go bust? Watch

We've all become acutely aware in recent years how easily a big bank can reach the point of collapse. But why does it happen?

Understanding the global crisis

The Australian Capital Circle: Abbott adds pokies to roll back list

Abbott adds pokies to roll back list
Tony Abbott has pledged to strike down mandatory pre-commitment if elected, as Julia Gillard strides the world stage at CHOGM in Perth.

Julia Gillard is in Perth for CHOGM. She hanother full day of events, starting with a visit to Hoffmann Engineering Manufacturing Facilities, the Parkwood Primary School and bilateral meetings with Sri Lankan President Mahendra Rajapaksa and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.
Tony Abbott was wheels up and off to Perth this morning for the next three days of CHOGM-related events. Mr Abbott will attend the opening session of CHOGM and hold a series of meetings with political leaders. Chief among those meetings is a sit-down with British prime minister David Cameron and Foreign Minister William Hague that has been pencilled in - the pair could be delayed by events in Europe.
First up : Mr Abbott will hold a doorstop on arrival in Perth. He'll face questions about his pledge last night to 1000 people at the Campbelltown RSL to rescind the government's mandatory pre-commitment scheme. Mr Abbott described the pre-commitment legislation as bad law that could not be supported by any sensible party. "When this legislation comes before the Parliament I predict that we will oppose it," he said. "And if this legislation is passed by the Parliament and if we then subsequently form a government, I predict we will rescind it. That's what I predict." (report).
Need to know : As speculation about a Melbourne Cup day rate cut grows, economic boffins will be logging on to the ABS website at midday when the consumer price index figures for September are released. The figures will help guide the RBA's decision on rates, which have hasn't touched rates since Cup Day last year when they rose 0.25 per cent. The Australian reports: Reserve Bank appears in no hurry to cut interest rates and deputy governor Ric Battellino describes the outlook for the economy as "benign". But every bit helps.
Service strikes: Staff at the communications regulator ACMA
Peter Brent
Peter Brent
Simon Crean as nightwatchman?
It is reasonable to assume that Julia Gillard won’t lead the Labor Party to the next election. But who should Caucus elect to replace her?…
More Peter Brent

CFTC | Enforcement Actions: CFTC Charges Texas Residents Linda Harris, Chance Harris and Two of Their Companies with Solicitation Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Misappropriation in Multi-Million Dollar Forex Scheme


The CFTC filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, charging Linda Faye Harris, Chance Domel Harris, CDH Forex Investments, LLC and CDH Global Holdings, LLC, all of Flower Mound, Texas, with solicitation fraud, making false statements, and misappropriation of investors’ funds in connection with the trading of off-exchange foreign currency (forex) contracts.

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CFTC Charges Texas Residents Linda Harris, Chance Harris and Two of Their Companies with Solicitation Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Misappropriation in Multi-Million Dollar Forex Scheme