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Oct 31, 2011

The Australian IT | PiNG: Upgrade downs Health network

Upgrade downs Health network
Fran Foo AN upgrade went so wrong at the Department of Health and Ageing that a small task took up to 300 minutes to process.
Crash in IT jobs expected
Jennifer Foreshew RESOURCES demand is making Western Australia the likely exception to an IT jobs slump.
Call for delicate Medicare merger
Karen Dearne A SENATE committee is calling for changes to allow a merger of Medicare claims and pharmaceutical benefits information.
PC spin-off idea dents HP's business
Chris Griffith HP suffered from its decision to hold a very public discussion about separating its PC business from other activities.
Travel treaty sparks privacy fears
Karen Dearne THE Gillard government has quietly signed a revised Passenger Name Record agreement with the EU.
Small firm joins big league at CHOGM
Andrew Colley THE technology at this year's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth was arranged by local company ASG.
Group slams e-health liability law
Karen Dearne DRAFT legislation for online medical records comes under fire.
Providing communications under fire
Jennifer Foreshew DANIEL Bennett's technology role in the Middle East differs from most other technology leaders.
Lundy advises G-G on net vote
Fran Foo THE Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, has accepted results of a controversial internet voting ballot by Engineers Australia.
ABB streamlines archives
Jennifer Foreshew ABB's data recovery was causing downtime and loss of productivity.
Quickflix gets in on the local picture
Stuart Kennedy IN the US, mail-a-DVD mob Netflix has dished up a legitimate all-you-can eat streaming video service since 2008.
Kindle's latest e-book reader cheap
Chris Griffith AMAZON has taken a gamble with its cheapest fourth-generation Kindle eBook reader.
Intel's Ultrabooks trickle into market
DOUBLECLICK: David Frith THE first example of Intel's "Ultrabooks" are beginning to trickle into the Australian market.
'Tis the season to blow everyone up
Stuart Kennedy CHRISTMAS blockbuster time in video-game land has rolled around again and the big budget titles are flowing.
Micronet Systems enters a New age
Paul Broekhuyse DAVID New has been named general manager of Micronet Systems after an extensive national search.
Apple fears US embargo breach
Andrew Colley APPLE feared it would breach US export embargoes if it complied with orders to provide some of its company records to Samsung.
Ads come to life
Chris Griffith NEW electronic advertisements in streets and railway stations will use the images of people in front of them to sell products.
Key to life after resources boom
Anthony Wong THE global outpouring of grief in response to the death of Steve Jobs is testimony to the impact of his life on so many.
Astronomical bill for NBN satellites
Leigh Dayton, Science writer THE NBN Co faces a bill of up to $600 million for the launch of two high-speed broadband satellites.
Telepresence saves Canberra $12m
Andrew Colley CANBERRA says its high-end video conferencing system has shaved $12 million from its travel bill in 18 months.
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Upgrade downs Health network
Providing communications under fire
PC spin-off idea dents HP's business
Small firm joins big league at CHOGM 


The Australian Capital Circle: Qantas recriminations overshadow Cup day cut

Qantas recriminations overshadow Cup day cut
A rate cut before the race that stops the nation will be welcomed by punters today.

Julia Gillard is on radio through the morning, including ABC Sydney, 5AA, and FM stations, to defend the government's handling of the Qantas dispute. Ms Gillard told 5AA: "Fair Work Australia's decision was a win for the travelling public...the planes will be in the sky". She'll attend the Labor caucus meeting at 9.30am. The PM flies out to the G20 meeting in Cannes tonight.
Tony Abbott is in Canberra for parliament. He'll attend the Liberal and Coalition party room meetings this morning. Mr Abbott spoke to radio station 2UE this morning, keeping up the pressure on Labor for its handling of the Qantas dispute. "What the prime minister should have done is get on the phone to Alan Joyce and then used the powers available to her under the Fair Work Act,'' Mr Abbott said, adding: "The prime minister had a clear option available to her on Saturday afternoon ... to terminate the dispute."
The day ahead: The Qantas dispute, the Melbourne Cup and the deaths of three diggers in Afghanistan are top of the papers today, while a possible interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank will be foremost in many people's minds today. The Defence Department released the names of the three diggers yesterday: Captain Bryce Duffy, 26; Lance Corporal Luke Gavin, 27; and Corporal Ashley Birt , 26. Two of the families have spoken about their grief (report here); a video of Lance Corporal Gavin talking about his job, his mates, his family and the mission is here.
Parliament will start 30 minutes early today, at 1.30pm, to accommodate the Melbourne Cup; it will resume at 3.30pm. The Australian's in-depth section on the race is here; t
Peter Brent
Peter Brent
Not the headline news
On Saturday three more Australian soldiers died in Afghanistan, shot by an Afghan soldier they were training. When the information was released it was smothered…

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