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Oct 3, 2011

Tax Forum: Venture capitalist Mark Carnegie urges governments to walk a mile in SME shoes: Smartcompany News & Analysis

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Today on SmartCompany, our deputy editor Madeleine Heffernan reports live from the Tax Forum, we examine a new survey which suggests SMEs that use group buying are actually very satisfied with the results and look at Google’s latest experiments with AdWords. Plus we also preview tomorrow’s iPhone announcement, where Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 5 – we’ll have a full report on the event from 7am tomorrow so tune in then.

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Top Story
How the Smart50 are changing your industry
Technology, regulation, structural change - the Smart50 are being forced to evolve quickly as their sectors change. BY PATRICK STAFFORD.
How the Smart50 are changing your industry

Industrial Relations
How politicians are creating IR uncertainty
Governments appear to be scrambling to undermine business confidence and certainty around occupational health and safety and IR law. BY ANDREW DOUGLAS.
IR uncertainty

Aunty B
Who do I make CEO: The young star the CEO or the old pro?
The young star knows your business inside and out and that makes him particularly valuable.
Aunty B

People problems
Eve Ash
Losing a top staff member can be a crushing blow, but these five steps will help you through.
Eve Ash

Michel Hogan
Depending on who you listen to the Gasp Jeans customer service “event” last week was either a tragedy or a triumph. The truth most likely is somewhere in between.
Michel Hogan

Franchise tips and trends
Jason Gehrke
The future of uniform franchise regulation in Australia is hanging by a thread as a handful of independents and minor parties which control the balance of power in the South Australian upper house decide the fate of SA's Small Business Commissioner Bill.
Jason Gehrke

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
There will be more than a few SMEs cheering about the drop in the Aussie dollar. But it’s not all good news.
James Thomson

Stocks and Markets in The News : Asia Markets

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NFC technology 'within months': PiNG - The Australian IT

NFC technology 'within months'
Andrew Colley AUSTRALIA could have its first commercial contactless mobile payment system operating in the new year.
Supplier panel bypassed by ATO
Fran Foo THE ATO bypassed its own technology supplier panel to directly award Accenture IT contracts worth more than $35 million.
Birth, death records prone to ID thefts
Chris Griffith BACKLOGS at some government registries have left the door open for fraudsters to assume the identities of dead Australians.
Asia soaks up local skills
Jennifer Foreshew THE rapid recovery in Asian markets after the global financial crisis is fuelling global demand for talent.
VisiInc plans push into e-health
Karen Dearne PERTH-BASED collaboration leader VisiInc plans to push into the e-health market with its $US16 million of VIA3.
Telstra's 'ready on money'
Andrew Colley TELSTRA says it is ready to give its $1 billion cloud computing war chest a top-up if required.
LTE mobile wireless network access
Stuart Kennedy TELSTRA has lit up its new LTE mobile wireless network, which proved speedy but out of reach for many.
Learning tool for autistic kids
Jennifer Foreshew A COMPUTER-BASED interactive tool is providing parents and therapists of autistic children with high-performance early intervention.
Zendesk just the ticket for REA
Jennifer Foreshew REA Group had a mismatch between its technology and the company's needs.
Frictionless sharing is a concern
Nik Cubrilovic MARK Zuckerberg announced a number of new features for Facebook at the annual f8 developers conference last week.
Windows Phone 7.5 integrates contacts
UPDATED Chris Griffith WINDOWS Phone 7.5 does not seek to be another operating system that supplies blank screen acreage on which you arrange apps and widgets.
Ives to expand NEC's ID projects
Paul Broekhuyse PETER Ives has won the role of business development manager for biometrics and identity management at NEC Australia.
Experts fear e-health privacy breach
Adam Cresswell, Health editor COMPUTER experts have expressed alarm over draft laws on the federal government's $470 million electronic health records system.
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IT Business
Learning tool for autistic kids
Nokia shielded from cuts in Australia
Mystery buyer targets CSG
Airports adopt high tech parking
Exec Tech
Windows Phone 7.5 integrates contacts
Amazon's tablet won't set Oz on fire
Seriously light reading for everyone
Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 7.5
Frictionless sharing is a concern
Nik Cubrilovic MARK Zuckerberg announced a number of new features for Facebook at the annual f8 developers conference last week.