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Sep 23, 2011

Still The Same? Or Need A Change? By Fernando Guzmán Cavero

 Still The Same? Or Need A Change?

 The distortion is so big, fantastic for some , outrageous for a few,  that in this insane search of gains, in their way  using new concepts or  categories side by side with  fundamental , technical or mixed analysis, is taking us to the greatest brink destruction of the  human race. and its habitat.

What will  be the allegations of the defenders of the statu-quo? probably play another game?
 I share with you and with  due respect, for but deeply convinced  that  the only path to a sane  portal, parallel  universe, or however wanted to be called  is a re-structuring of the system, and no more make ups.

I go to sleep with great Bob Seger's song  "Still The Same"

MarketWatch weekly roundup top 10 stories, Sept. 19 - 23


Weekly Roundup
SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

MarketWatch top 10 stories, Sept. 19 - 23

By MarketWatch

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks ended higher Friday but tumbled for the week, sending the Dow average to its worst weekly loss since 2008, with investors alert to any sign of policy makers acting further to bolster the global economy.

The blue-chip benchmark index (DJIA), however, took home a weekly loss of 6.4% — its worst weekly performance in both point and percentage terms since the week ended Oct. 10, 2008, near the peak of the U.S. financial crisis.

The Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP) ended off 5.3% from the week-ago close and off 6.5% from last Friday's close, the S&P 500 Index (SPX) closed off 6.5% for the week.

Crude futures(CL1X) finished at $79.85 a barrel, down 9.2% for the week. Gold futures (GC1Z) ended Friday's session at $1,639.80 an ounce — down $101.90 an ounce, or 5.9%, for its worst one-day percentage drop since June 2006.

Also please be sure to watch our MarketWatch Week Ahead videos for Europe and the United States.

 U.S. Week Ahead: All eyes on Greece

 Europe Week Ahead: H&M and euro zone in Focus

— Greg Morcroft, assistant managing editor

Is Netflix doomed? Remember Krispy Kreme?

As recently as July 25, the online video-rental company (NFLX) was expecting to have 25 million customers by the end of this month. Now it expects 24 million. That will actually be about 600,000 fewer than it had in June. Netflix stock crashed last week to just $155. As recently as July it had hit $299. Late Sunday, Chief Executive Reed Hastings, while unveiling a more formal separation of streaming from DVD-by-mail subscriptions, issued an apology and explanation to Netflix's disgruntled clientele. Read MarketWatch coverage and commentary on Netflix.

UBS increases rogue-trading loss figure to $2.3 billion

UBS AG (UBS) on Sunday raised its estimate of losses from unauthorized "rogue" trades to $2.3 billion, a $300 million increase from its earlier figure. The Swiss banking giant UBS said it had conducted a more thorough examination of the trades that could push third-quarter results into the red and has prompted an investigation by European authorities.The original estimate said the rogue trades amounted to $2 billion in losses. Read MarketWatch coverage on UBS rogue trader.

TSA's bid to speed you through airport security

The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out changes to airport-security procedures aimed at helping passengers, especially frequent flyers, get through the screening process easily and more quickly. Under the so-called "known traveler" program, some 6,000 to 8,000 frequent flyers at select airports daily will be directed toward dedicated lines that will zip them through security faster than you can get your shoes, coat and watch off and into the bins. Read MarketWatch's latest on TSA plans.

Grantham: ‘No market for young men'

Hey, young Turks on trading desks, up-and-coming money managers and Wall Street stock jockeys: You want the truth about the global markets today? Listen to Jeremy Grantham, chairman of Boston-based investment manager GMO LLC: You can't handle the truth. "This is no market for young men," Grantham said. "At least us old men remember what a real bear market is like, and the young men haven't got a clue." Read Jonathan Burton's Life Savings column on MarketWatch.

Is stock market replaying decade of the 1930s?

Playing a script from the 1930s? If we only could be so lucky. Some in the investment arena have been drawing analogies to the 1930s for several years now, of course. While such speculation died down somewhat when the market was behaving well in 2010 and early this year, it has returned with a gusto in recent weeks, owing to the stock market's extraordinary weakness — including another 3.5% decline on Thursday of this week alone for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Read Mark Hulbert's column, on MarketWatch.

Copper, coal: Crystal balls for the global economy

Copper, coal and other industrial commodities can be great tools for predicting economic prospects and right now they're offering a gloomy outlook, but a closer analysis shows a glimmer of hope as the world struggles to avoid recession."People are looking at commodities and trying to figure out if a slight adjustment in the price of oil, copper, aluminum, etc. means that the world will prosper," or the global economy will fall off a cliff, said Byron King, editor of investment newsletter Outstanding Investments. But while some commodities can be leading indicators, making their moves ahead of the broader market, others may only offer a "coincident" indicator for the economy — one that by definition shows the current state of the economy, analysts said. Read Commodities Corner column, on MarketWatch.

Solyndra execs stay silent before House panel

Two top executives from solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination Friday and refused to answer lawmakers' questions about the bankrupt company's $535 million U.S. loan guarantee. Their silence since the company's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, after suspending operations at the end of last month, did nothing to quell the political rhetoric swirling around a federal program to award loan guarantees to energy companies. Chief Executive Brian Harrison and Chief Financial Officer W.G. Stover Jr. repeatedly declined to answer questions from members of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, which is part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Read about Solyndra executives' testimony before Congress on MarketWatch.

5 stock-market trends you don't want to miss

Information flows so freely and fast these days, it's easy to get sucked into the notion that we have at our fingertips all the facts we need to make smart investment decisions. The problem for investors, however, is that we sometimes overlook or choose to ignore facts that could help us make more money, or avoid losing it. What is the single most important fact that investors seem to be overlooking in their analyses of the capital markets today, and what should they do given that insight? Here's how investment professionals answered those questions. Read MarketWatch's Bob Powell on retirement-planning issues.

China manufacturing data paint weak picture

HSBC's preliminary China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, or "flash" PMI, fell to a two-month low in September, indicating a broadening slowdown in the Chinese economy, with industrial output swinging from a modest expansion to a deterioration. The weak data were a factor in the broad equities selloff in Hong Kong Thursday. The headline preliminary PMI for the month was 49.4, down from 49.9 in August, HSBC said in a statement Thursday. The PMI's output index fell to 49.2 in September, down from 50.2 in August and below the 50 level dividing expansion from contraction. Read MarketWatch coverage of Chines economic conditions.

How birth order can affect your job, salary

Not only did your big brother steal your Halloween candy throughout childhood, but as an adult he probably makes more money than you too, say recently released survey findings. As if years of retribution-free noogies weren't sweet enough, it turns out that first-born kids are the most likely to earn six figures and hold a top executive position among workers with siblings, according to findings from jobs website Meanwhile, middle kids are the most likely to report holding an entry-level spot and earning less than $35,000, while siblings born last are the most likely to work in middle management. Read MarketWatch's ‘On The Job' column

Birth order may affect your job prospects: MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily

Personal Finance Daily
SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Birth order may affect your job prospects

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

Your birth order may have some effect on which career you choose — and how much money you end up earning. According to a new CareerBuilder study, those who are born first usually go into government, information technology, engineering and science.

Middle children, meanwhile, often go into law enforcement, firefighting, construction, education, and personal care. Those born last often choose art/design/architecture, editing/writing, information technology and sales.

And only children tend toward information technology, engineering, nursing and law enforcement.

Read Ruth Mantell's On the Job column today for more, plus don't miss Amy Hoak's video on a new-home development that's bucking the housing-market trend and finding strong home-buyer demand — so much so that home prices there are rising — thanks to smart designs.

And read our series of investing stories today for more on how to protect yourself and your money from the current financial-market storms.

That CareerBuilder study certainly fits my family, at least partly. My daughter is an only child and is studying to be a nurse, and I'm a second (and last) child and I chose editing and writing. However, my first-born brother chose real estate. Two out of three.

Andrea Coombes , Personal Finance editor

How birth order can affect your job, salary

Not only did your big brother steal your Halloween candy throughout childhood, but as an adult he probably makes more money than you, too, say recently released survey findings.
Read more: How birth order can affect your job.

Where small houses mean brisk sales

The housing market is a bust, with builders struggling and new-home sales sunk in the mud. But that's not the case at one development in suburban Chicago, where prices are rising due to strong demand. Why? It's all in the design. Amy Hoak reports.
 Watch: Where small houses mean brisk sales.

A pop quiz on credit scores

Get out your pencils: Lew Sichelman quizzes readers on credit scores.
Read more: A pop quiz on credit scores.


5 tips for long-term investing as markets shudder

With shock waves roiling the financial markets worldwide, investors are seeking new ways to protect their portfolios from the next upheaval. But they may be ignoring the best weapons in their arsenal: straightforward strategies for managing money that, over time, boost returns.
Read more: 5 tips for long-term investing as markets shudder.

Market noise deafens investors' long-range hearing

Every business day, morning and afternoon, some VIP rings a bell to signal the beginning and end of the trading day on the New York Stock Exchange. If only someone would ring a bell to herald bull and bear markets.
Market noise deafens investors' long-range hearing.

Is stock market replaying decade of the 1930s?

Some in the investment arena have been drawing analogies to the 1930s for several years now, but especially recently. And that decade actually contained one of U.S. history's most powerful bull markets.
Read more: Is stock market replaying decade of the 1930s?

The six safest stocks around

Yikes! This is a crash. We're down more than 20% from the peak earlier this year. People are panicking. Investors are dumping what they can. How much worse can it get? Plenty.
Read more: The six safest stocks around.

Tune out the fear and panic

The world is ending. You heard me. Europe is going to default. The U.S. will go into a depression, the dollar will shrink to nothing, Congress and Barack Obama will continue to fight in the Coliseum while us citizens shout and roar from the stands, and stocks will go down forever. To zero maybe.
Read more: Tune out the fear and panic.


Charting the week's data on the housing market

Several housing market indicators were released, including some that actually were even positive. Still, there's a huge amount of ground to cover before housing market conditions return to normal.
Read more: Charting the week's data on the housing market.

Government shutdown threat looms larger

Washington is facing a heightened threat of a government shutdown in just a week as the Democratic-led Senate rejects a House-passed funding bill.
Read more: Government shutdown threat looms larger.

Solyndra execs stay silent before House panel

CEO of bankrupt firm invokes Fifth Amendment in congressional hearing called to examine federal loan guarantee that the company secured.
Read more: Solyndra execs stay silent before House panel.

G-20 pledges to stand behind Europe

Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of 20 major economies say they will work in a coordinated fashion to put an end to the latest financial crisis engulfing Europe.
Read more: G-20 pledges to stand behind Europe.

Clinton Global Initiative getting things done

Unlike the elite World Economic Forum where high-ranking executives and policy makers arrive via private jet and tell you what is wrong with the world, the Clinton Global Initiative tells you how to solve problems.
Read more: Clinton Global Initiative getting things done.

Poverty isn't just a game

Jenny Nicholson is tired of hearing how the poor are poor because they make poor choices, so Al Lewis invites us all to see what kind of choices we make when it's our turn to be flattened by the economy.
Read more: Poverty isn't just a game.

Kitco Market Hourly Report

New York Market Close Sep 23/11 05:20 PM EDT

Wall Street stabilizes after disastrous week: Reuters - Investor Daily Alert


Wall Street stabilizes after disastrous week
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Dow Jones industrial average on Friday suffered its worst week since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008, stung by severe anxiety over Europe's spiraling debt crisis and a warning from the Federal Reserved about the U.S. economy. | Full Article

Europe, under fire, seeks to get ahead of crisis
September 23, 2011 04:35 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - European policymakers showed signs they were preparing new steps to cope with the region's debt crisis even as talk of a possible Greek default gained pace on Friday. | Full Article
UBS board considers investment bank's fate
September 23, 2011 01:28 PM ET
SINGAPORE/ZURICH (Reuters) - The board of UBS extended on Friday its meeting amid the glamour of Singapore's Grand Prix event to decide the future of its scandal-hit investment bank and CEO Oswald Gruebel, on whose watch it lost $2.3 billion in alleged rogue trading. | Full Article
Bill Gates backs financial transaction tax to aid poor
September 23, 2011 04:04 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A report by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to Group of 20 ministers on Friday proposes raising new funding for poorer countries by taxing financial transactions, tobacco, and shipping and aviation fuels, according to details of a G20 report obtained by Reuters. | Full Article
Williams raises questions on Fed's latest moves
September 23, 2011 03:53 PM ET
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Just days after the Federal Reserve launched a new round of unconventional monetary policy easing, a top Fed official with a record of supporting such moves questioned how well they can boost the recovery. | Full Article
Congress delays budget fight until Monday
September 23, 2011 03:51 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Congress set the stage for another last-minute budget showdown as lawmakers delayed action on a broad spending bill until Monday, shortly before disaster relief funds will run out completely. | Full Article
Gold slumps record $100; stocks volatile
September 23, 2011 04:00 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Gold prices slumped more than $100 on Friday, the biggest fall on record in dollar terms, as traders sold to cover losses, while global stocks edged up on talk the European Central Bank could take new measures to contain the euro zone debt crisis. | Full Article
Abbas stakes Palestinian claim to state at U.N.
September 23, 2011 04:30 PM ET
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the United Nations on Friday to recognize a state for his people, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said U.N. resolutions could not deliver peace. | Full Article
Greece says not seeking new way out of crisis
September 23, 2011 12:28 PM ET
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece sought to play down reports on Friday that it was considering a solution to its debt crisis involving bigger losses for its banking creditors, while a fresh round of strikes gripped the country in protest against new austerity measures. | Full Article
Libya NTC to announce "crisis" government in days
September 23, 2011 01:26 PM ET
BENGHAZI/SIRTE, Libya (Reuters) - Libya's interim rulers will announce a "crisis" government within the next few days, signaling a breakthrough in efforts to form a more inclusive administration after the war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi. | Full Article
Food for thought: can fish lower your stroke risk?
U.S. FDA guidance on biosimilars may be imminent
Very preterm kindergartners face learning trouble
Dutch doctors urge end to male circumcision
"Telemonitoring" may not help with severe asthma

NYT: Afternoon Business News: Wall Street Ventures Into Positive Territory


Wall Street Ventures Into Positive Territory

As stocks pulled slightly ahead Friday, analysts cited anxiety that governments in industrial nations were not doing enough to support growth.

Amid Warning Signs, Hints That Europeans May Step Up Action

More evidence piled up of an economic slowdown in Europe and a worsening cash shortage for banks.

Judges Compete for Law Clerks on a Lawless Terrain

Federal judges compete aggressively each year to recruit the best law students in a process that has become a frenzied free-for-all.

Far From the Factory, Adding Final Touches

At the port of Newark, dedicated facilities prepare new cars arriving from overseas. Inspections are done, repairs are made and accessories are installed.

Banks Increase Holdings in Derivatives

Even as federal regulators ratchet up scrutiny of the derivatives market, Wall Street is diving deeper into the $600 trillion industry, a new government report found.

CBS NEWS | Political Hosheet Top Stories: GOP debate takeaways (Video)

The CBS News Political Hotsheet newsletter


John Dickerson's roundtable recaps debate winners, losers with CBS' Jan Crawford and Politico's James Hohmann
Read full story
GOP debate takeaways (Video)

Santorum: Don't count me out Former Pennsylvania senator says he can come back from 2006 Senate loss

Romney attacks Perry from the right Mitt Romney was careful to also emphasis an issue where he is further to the right than Rick Perry -- immigration

Gingrich tells conservatives he has right ideas Former House Speaker plans to unveil updated "Contract with America" he said will be bigger, deeper and more profound

Showdown looms as Senate rejects spending bill Democrats block stopgap budget bill in Senate in 59-36 vote

Stocks & Markets in The News: Stocks gain Friday; Dow has worst week since 2008 | MarketWatch - Market Pulse

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks edged higher Friday, trimming steep weekly losses that still amounted to the Dow Jones Industrial Average's worst since October 2008. The Dow average DJIA +0.35% ended up 37.65 points, or 0.4%, at 10,771.48, recovering a sliver of the prior session's 391 point drop. For the week, the blue-chip index lost 6.4% as investors sought cash on slashed expectations that the Federal Reserve and European policy makers would be able to quickly stabilize the global economy. The S&P 500 SPX +0.61% rose 6.87 points, or 0.6%, to 1,136.43 points Friday, led by consumer discretionary and financial sectors, but lost 6.5% for the week. The Nasdaq Composite COMP +1.12% gained 27.56 points, or 1.1%, to 2,483.23. It lost 5.3% for week.

Seguridad Financiera: Qué es Invertir? Derrumbando Mitos

Seguridad Financiera

Qué es invertir? Derrumbando mitos

  Debido a las preguntas que nos hacen frecuentemente acerca de cómo tener éxito en una inversión, hemos publicado nuestro nuevo artículo en el que hablamos de los problemas que tienen muchas personas cuando inician su inversión, y lo que primero les preguntamos: ¿saben realmente lo que es invertir? Con el fin de ir a la raíz de sus problemas y comenzar bien sus inversiones. Puedes leerlo haciendo clic aquí.
Qué es invertir? Derrumbando mitos

7 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life: bBnet:

7 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

Knowing what not to share online helps you protect your professional and personal lives in the digital age--and in the real world. Read More

Google+ vs. Facebook

Find out which powerhouse follows the other's lead--and which one has the better strategy to wipe out its competitor(s). Read More

10 Key Moments in the History of Social Media

This timeline shows how surprisingly few innovations have been made to social media since the mid-1990s. Read More

What's in Your Google Wallet?

Check your pockets--because Google plots to stuff your smartphone with its latest goodies. Read More

A Busy Exec's Guide to Social Media

Unfortunately, your career swallows time that you could be using to fire off your status updates. Discover the buzz that you and every busy exec must know about social media. Read More

VIDEO: What You Need to Launch a Winner on the Web

OpenSky CEO John Caplan shares his secrets on how he successfully relaunched his business--and revolutionized online retail. Read More

CMI | New York Spot Prices at Close

CMI - Gold & Silver
Spot Prices as of the close of trading in New York
As of: Friday September 23, 2011

  Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
Gold $1,641.60 -$98.35 $1,813.05 $1,860.85 $1,295.30
Silver $30.03 -$6.56 $40.85 $42.32 $21.21
Platinum $1,615.40 -$97.10 $1,817.00 $1,885.70 $1,648.00
Palladium $641.00 -$79.50 $721.30 $771.25 $558.00

CBS Money Watch: Paycheck Astrology: Which Signs Get Paid Most?

A new report finds connections between birth sign, birth order, and career path. Read more »
At its annual developers conference on Thursday, the social network giant unveiled a new look for profile pages. Plus: 6 Things Never to Post on Facebook Read more »
News of slow U.S. growth plus the European debt crisis spooked investors. Plus: If Greece Goes Under, Is It Time To Buy? Read more »

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GOP debate: Winners and losers: CBS NEWS | Daily News Summary

CBS - Daily News Summary

Romney comes across as prepared and presidential; Perry falters and Bachmann gets left behind  Debate fact-check
Read full story
GOP debate: Winners and losers
Pakistan: U.S. "can't live without us" As accusations mount that top spy agency helps Haqqani terror network, Pakistani officials return fire with their own dire rhetoric

Palestinians set for U.N. statehood bid Despite U.S. pressure, and certain veto, Mahmoud Abbas will submit formal application for independent recognition

Satellite likely to fall in South Pacific Computer models show dead, bus-sized NASA satellite unlikely to even be seen by humans as it crashes back to Earth

Amanda Knox appeal enters final stage Prosecution begins closing arguments as appeal of murder conviction - hinged on questions over DNA evidence - nears end

Cinemagraphs: Still images that move Photographer Jamie Beck, designer Kevin Burg spearhead new visual language with fashion images that are alive

Poll: Most support raising taxes on wealthy Polls show most support raising taxes on those making more than $250k, but data reveals divisions between parties and among Republicans

Pakistan warns U.S. "can't live without us" As accusations mount that top spy agency helps Haqqani terror network, Pakistani officials return fire with their own dire rhetoric

GOP debate: Winners and losers Mitt Romney comes off prepared and presidential; Rick Perry falters and Michele Bachmann gets left behind