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Sep 18, 2011

Cut SMEs tax rate to 25%: Greens, How household prices will move under carbon tax, Legal wars of the wealthy, Why location beats: Smartcompany News & Analysis:

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Today on SmartCompany we look at The Greens’ call to cut the company tax rate from 30% to 25% for SMEs, examine how the price of a swag of household goods will change under the carbon tax and look at whether Telstra can pull off its latest big re-branding exercise. Plus in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson looks at the faltering Research In Motion, the company which makes the BlackBerry. Its joint CEOs are no longer billionaires and there are calls for the company to sell assets.

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Wealth Update
The big legal battles of the wealthy
Here are some of the reasons why the wealthy are prepared to go to court. BY JAMES THOMSON.
Legal battles of the wealthy

What the budget conscious buyers are snapping up
Apartments have become the logical alternative for price sensitive buyers. BY TIM LAWLESS.

Aunty B
How do I balance entrepreneurship with very young kids?
Understand and accept that for the first 10 to 12 years of your child's life, they are your major focus and the business needs to fit in around that.
Aunty B

Sue Barrett
Smart procurement professionals will centre much of their thinking and advice around value management rather than cost management.
Sue Barrett

Behavioural Economics
Bri Williams
Making a difference requires market research to do at least one of two things: say something new or say something contrarian.
Bri Williams

Retail trends
Kevin Moore
It's undeniable the internet has provided regional residents the ability to tap into retail via the online medium.
Kevin Moore

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
The slumping share price of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has pushed its co-CEOs out of the billionaire club.
James Thomson

Stocks & Markets in The News


Australian and South Korean shares fall, as concerns about a Greek default return to the fore.
Hong Kong stocks drop, weighed by financials
Japan markets closed for holiday
Qantas cancels flights over Tuesday strike
Samsung reportedly files Apple suit in Australia
Sany Heavy plans up to $3.3 bln Hong Kong IPO
History suggest Asian iPhone suppliers to rally
Japan, China data on tap | Asia preview

Is 'conflict gold' a problem worse than imaginary gold?: GATA - THE GATA DISPATCH:

Is 'conflict gold' a problem worse than imaginary gold?

Conflict Gold Guidelines 'No. 1 Priority' for LBMA
By Jan Harvey
Sunday, September 18, 2011
MONTREAL, Canada -- The London Bullion Market Association is working out ways for refiners on its Good Delivery List to avoid falling foul of new regulations against conflict gold as a "No. 1 priority," LBMA chairman David Gornall told Reuters on Sunday.
Due diligence requirements for gold sourced from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo are currently under consideration by both the United States and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
A proposal being considered under the Dodd-Frank financial oversight law would require companies to disclose whether they use "conflict minerals," like gold, from the DRC.
The LBMA, whose Good Delivery List of refiners is the gold industry's chief source of high-quality bullion, says the proposal could be disruptive to the refining industry if it is not swiftly addressed.

 Speaking on the sidelines of the LBMA's annual conference here, Gornall said: "We will issue guidance on conflict gold due diligence so that it is practical for the refiners and credible for the outside world."
"The aim would be that the LBMA's guidance will become the OECD's guidance. We are after all the ultimate authority on physical gold, and therefore there can't be anybody better placed to do it than us," he added.
The association hopes to deliver guidance to members by the end of this year or early 2012, he said.
The World Gold Council, the largest industry group representing global gold miners, said in June that it had proposed standards allowing miners to certify their gold production as conflict-free.
But refiners have additional problems in proving the provenance of scrap gold they receive, 1,645 tons of which was returned to the market last year.
"If you've got primary mined gold, it is pretty straightforward where it's come from and you can prove it," said Gornall. "It's the scrap" that is the problem.
"We are going to have to get to the stage where ... we take everything that is in existence at the moment from a good delivery refiner to be considered as conflict free," he said. "We have to draw a line and grandfather everything prior to that."
As to whether this prove acceptable to U.S. regulators, he added: "That remains to be seen."
Conflict minerals are a hot topic in the United States. Signatories to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, including Apple and Microsoft, have agreed to curb the use of uncertified minerals from the DRC.
The coalition is pushing gold refiners to agree to spot checks on their activities, Gornall said. "We are trying to do something on a broader basis, that doesn't involve individual audits through every one of the good delivery refiners," he said.
"If we can get to a (regulation) that covers not just the conflict gold area but every part of due diligence, we will have done ourselves and the market a great service."
The LBMA's conference has been extended into Tuesday afternoon to include a special session on gold market regulation, said Gornall, who took over as the association's chairman in June.
Regulatory issues are set to become a key concern in years to come as broader financial market regulation spreads, one LBMA delegate said on the sidelines of the event.

Economy/Business News Alert: Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new taxes: The Washington Post

Economy/Business News: Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new taxes
September 18, 2011

President Obama's plan to tame the nation’s rocketing federal debt by finding at least $3 trillion in new savings, to be released Monday, includes $1.5 trillion in new taxes, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Combined with his call earlier this month for $450 billion in new stimulus, the proposal represents a more populist approach to confronting the nation’s economic travails than the compromises he advocated this summer.

For more information, visit

Myer's online operation booming: The Australian IT

Myer's online operation booming

Myer CEO Bernie Brooks
MYER chief executive Bernie Brookes says the upmarket department store's online sales are tripling each week.

Twitter lags as marketing tool

TWITTER is proving a poor platform for driving readers to print news websites.

Keeping new iPhones out of bars

Wanted: experienced security professional. Must have plan to keep workers from leaving unreleased smartphones behind in bars.

Rudd shows tweet can go a long way

Kevin Rudd
KEVIN Rudd last week hit the one million mark with Twitter followers.

Social media whirl far from child's play

Facebook and kids
ONLINE etiquette a must for the young.

Papers' battle of the crocs goes viral

IT was the newspaper contest that launched a thousand internet hits, with The Northern Territory News taking on The Cairns Post.

Data overload set to change buying

Harold Mitchell
THE process of planning and buying media advertising will be fully automated within five years.

Samsung files counter claim against Apple

Samsung Galaxy 10.1
SAMSUNG has hit back at Apple, filing a cross claim in the Federal Court in Sydney citing patent breaches in its mobile devices.

From webcam L-platers to internet stars

You tube grandparents
AN elderly couple's attempts to operate their newly-installed laptop webcam has launched them unwittingly to internet super-stardom.

Poor sales hurt RIM

BlackBerry Playbook
SHARES in Research In Motion fell sharply after it reported a drop in net profit.

SAP's McDermott wired for passion

Bill McDermott
SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott says happiness is the key to running the enterprise software giant.

Struggling rivals gang up on Google

Microsft Yahoo / AFP
Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL plan to band together to sell ads on each other's sites.

Shares drop as RIM disappoints

110916 Blackberry
SHARES in Blackberry maker Research in Motion plunged 11 per cent after its quarterly results missed market expectations.

Potential buyers size up Yahoo

aus bus pix Yahoo
YAHOO has been contacted by potential bidders for some or all of the internet company, sources say.

Media probe may vet the ABC

ABC website The Drum and SBS online could find themselves scrutinised by the government's media inquiry.

Optus in smartphone battle

Optus strikes back in the smartphone battle
OPTUS has signalled a major upgrade to its mobile network to support its customers' explosive hunger for smartphones.

Myer's bet: build web and they'll come

MYER is spending $9m on a new website that is expected to generate up to $40m in annual sales revenue.

E-health push to give stars false IDs

CELEBRITIES, politicians and victims of domestic violence will be given fake identities to prevent hacking into their medical records.

Register could cut drug abuse

SOFTWARE is on trial that warns pharmacists not to dispense addictive medication to drug addicts.

Westfield iPhone app in privacy fiasco

Westfield Find My Car
WESTFIELD has temporarily pulled Find My Car from its iPhone app after a security analyst showed he could monitor all cars in a shopping centre.

Cyber co-operation added to defence treaty

cyber safety
US and Australian officials have decided to include cooperation on cybersecurity as part of their defence treaty. 

Norm Judah
Microsoft has finally seen the potential of its Kinect motion-sensing games controller as a business application interface.
3 of 4
110823 300 cloud computing

Samsung files counter claim against Apple

SAMSUNG has hit back at Apple, filing a cross claim in the Federal Court in Sydney citing patent breaches in its mobile devices.

Telecoms Top Gainers & Losers

Company Name Price Change %Change
NEXBIS LIMITED 0.05 +0.00 UP +2.0%
Amcom 0.87 +0.01 UP +1.16%
iiNET 2.31 +0.01 UP +0.43%

Broad Investments   
0.00 +0.00 UP +0.0%
M2 Telecommunications Group Ltd 3.00 +0.00 UP +0.0%
NewSat 0.01 -0.00 DOWN -8.34%
Eftel 0.02 -0.00 DOWN -4.77%
Singtel 2.40 -0.02 DOWN -0.83%
Telecom NZ 2.04 -0.01 DOWN -0.49%
Cape Range Limited 0.00 0.00 DOWN 0.0%

More Australian IT News

UBS rogue losses climb to $US2.3bn: The Australian Business Briefing.

UBS rogue losses climb to $US2.3bn
UBS John Revill and Neil MacLucas THE boss of UBS says he must carry the consequences of the rogue trades as the loss estimate rose to $US2.3 billion.
Greek budget pain to deepen
Greece Costas Paris and Alkman Granitsas GREECE has received fresh warnings that future euro-zone aid will be withheld unless it makes concrete reforms.
Fear fuels fixed-income boom
ASX Tim Boreham AUSTRALIANS are increasingly looking to previously shunned investment products like corporate and government bonds.
Call for deeper corporate tax cut
gillard Scott Murdoch LABOR is being urged to make deeper cuts to the corporate tax rate to ensure Australia remains internationally competitive.
Myer's online operation booming
Myer CEO Bernie Brooks Scott Murdoch MYER chief executive Bernie Brookes says the upmarket department store's online sales are tripling each week.
More gloom in store at Premier and DJs
More gloom in store at Permier, DJs Tim Boreham INVESTORS scouring for life in the retail sector are unlikely to get much encouragement from Premier Investments and David Jones.
Mullen mulls holy grail of supply chain
Mullen mulls holy grail in supply chain Richard Gluyas IT'S hard to imagine but almost 14 years after the chaos of the maritime dispute, Port Botany still completely shuts down for lunch.
Rogue trader bet up to $10bn
Kweku Adoboli Danny Fortson and Iain Dey THE alleged rogue trader at UBS placed financial bets worth $US10 billion ($9.64bn) before his losses were detected by the bank, according to insiders.
Financial Markets
More gloom in store at Premier and DJs
More gloom in store at Permier, DJs Tim Boreham INVESTORS scouring for life in the retail sector are unlikely to get much encouragement from Premier Investments and David Jones.
Fear fuels fixed-income boom
Rogue trader bet up to $10bn
Financial Markets Coverage