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Sep 7, 2011

Stocks and markets in the news


Asia stocks falter midday
Asian equity markets come off their early gains, with Hong Kong 
and Sydney turning negative but Tokyo staying in positive territory.
10:34 p.m.
A security guard stands in front of a panel displaying world market indexes at an exhibition hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange August 10, 2011. Asian stocks clawed back some lost ground on Wednesday, following a rebound in U.S. shares, after the Federal Reserve made an unprecedented pledge to keep interest rates near zero for at least two years, stemming a global equity rout for the time being. REUTERS/Bobby Yip (CHINA - Tags: BUSINESS) - Reuters Asian stocks extend gains Asian equity markets extend gains as some gloom over Europe’s debt woes and the U.S. economic eases.
9:18 Today

There’s gold and then there’s gold shares
Sure, gold took a dive today but the stars are aligned for higher prices.
9:17 Today
 In focus: Still volatile and dangerous
Today’s rally is on track to being a “90% up day” — and there have been plenty of “90% days” recently, in both directions. As subscribers should know by now, a “90% day” in one direction normally spawns an opposite “90% day” in quick order.
6:49 p.m. Today
Canada shares rise, but gold miners lag gains
Canada’s equity market logs its first gain in four sessions, although gold miners lag as the metal’s price tumbles.
6:23 p.m. Today
Mexico stocks up as investors eye U.S. jobs aid
Mexican stocks climb, fueled by anticipation that financial aid may be on the way to help bolster employment in the U.S., the top export market for Latin America’s second-largest economy.
5:57 p.m. Today   Oil stocks rally on pop in crude prices
Crude’s advance to a five-week high fires up energy stocks.
5:10 p.m. Today

Techcompany News and Analysis: What happens when Google says you’ve shut up shop? Australia’s best business blogs, BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the spotlight

Thursday, September 8th 2011

Nearly all businesses depend on Google to bring them traffic and sales. But what if you found out that Google listed your business as being closed, when it really wasn’t?

That’s exactly what happened to one business profiled in our Best of the Web roundup. Because so many people started clicking the “report this business closed” button on this company’s profile, Google assumed there must have been an error. It’s a feature that can be used by competitors to harm businesses, and definitely something Australian SMEs should watch out for.

Also in our TechCompany roundup this week, we examine some of the best business blogs in Australia and what you can learn from them. Our expert bloggers also provide some great analysis, especially Paul Wallbank on some of Google’s strategic mistakes and Dave Stevens on whether businesses are ready for the National Broadband Network.

Patrick Stafford
Editor, TechCompany

BEST OF THE WEB: What happens when Google says your business has closed – but it hasn’t 
When we type in an address on Google, we trust the search giant will give us the right place on its Maps feature. But what happens when Google says that a business is closed? Read more

WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEK: Keep it simple, the Google way 
Google has famously given its employees 20% of their time free every week to pursue projects they are interested in. The only problem is those projects don't necessarily make money. Read more

Feature: Australia’s 25 best business blogs 
We examine some of the best corporate blogs in Australia, and what you can learn from them. Read more

GADGET WATCH: BlackBerry Bold 9900 
On first glance the BlackBerry Bold 9900 seems like just another version of the company’s infamous business-focused handsets. But does the 9900 perform where it counts? Read more

MY BEST TECH: Daniel Kagan 
Lookout Mobile's Daniel Kagan reveals his favourite piece of tech isn't a gadget, or even an app, but a popular piece of software. Read more

IT Means Business – Dave Stevens 
The NBN – ready for business? 
The NBN is a complex beast, and we can expect a fair degree of misunderstanding about its design and features in the business world, at least initially. Read more

IT Systems – David Markus 
What role does IT play in induction? 
If your business is growing – finding, keeping and motivating the best people will be part of your value creation process. So, plan ahead and make sure that your IT is not impeding that growth. Read more 

Facebook Know How – Lara Solomon 
If I put information on my Facebook page who owns the content? 
Confused about who owns the content you upload onto your Facebook page? Here's the answer. Read more

Online Sales – Chris Thomas  
Domain misspellings: What are they worth? 
Typo squatters are having a field day making money from other people’s brands. One of them might be yours. Read more

Business Tech Talk – Paul Wallbank  
Google's strategic mistakes 
Right now, businesses have to be careful of Google's identity obsession. Read more

Selected Business Articles From

Mining deals hit record $67bn: The Australian Business Briefing

Wall St joins global rally
Wall St Jonathan Cheng US stocks ended a three-day slide as investors latched onto glimmers of hope in headlines from Germany, Italy and the US.
Court rules EU bailouts legal
German high court William Launder GERMANY'S supreme court has ruled that the financial bailouts of Greece and other struggling euro members are legal.
Mining deals hit record $67bn
Coal mining activity Sarah-Jane Tasker GLOBAL mining deals topped $US71 billion ($67bn) in the first half of calendar 2011, making it a record start to any year.
Growth reduces chance of rate cut
AUSTRALIA-ECONOMY-RATE-BANK-FOREX Scott Murdoch THE prospect of an interest rate cut in the next few months is being pared back after the economy showed surprising growth.
Oswal's wife sues ANZ
Pankaj Oswal Andrew Burrell ANZ Bank threatened to report Burrup Fertilisers chief Pankaj Oswal to the authorities for forging key loan documents.
Mobile market tipped to fire up
Vodafone Tracy Lee A NEWLY competitive Vodafone Hutchison Australia and the expected launch of the iPhone 5 are expected to fire up competition.
Metcash has high hopes for Mitre 10
Mitre 10 Teresa Ooi GROCERY and hardware wholesaler Metcash expects its Mitre 10 hardware arm to deliver sales revenue of $1 billion a year.
US economy sluggish: Beige Book
manufacturing Luca Di Leo ECONOMIC activity was sluggish in most parts of the US and some areas weakened, the Federal Reserve's latest Beige Book shows.
Financial Markets
Wall St joins global rally
Wall St Jonathan Cheng US stocks ended a three-day slide as investors latched onto glimmers of hope in headlines from Germany, Italy and the US.
Gold price tumbles 3pc
Oil gains 4pc to near $US90
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Gold price tumbles 3pc
Gold Tatyana Shumsky GOLD posted its second day of losses as investors were tempted to shed the store of value asset in favour of equities.
Oil gains 4pc to near $US90
Copper rises on equities bounce
More Mining & Energy

Abbott rejects Malaysia as Thomson case dropped: The Australian Capital Circle.

Capital Circle Newsletter
Abbott rejects Malaysia as Thomson case dropped
Labor has finally had a win, with NSW police finding Craig Thomson has no case to answer.

Julia Gillard is in Auckland for the Pacific Islands Forum. Today she has a leaders' retreat in the morning and meetings in the afternoon, including with Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill. She's made a string of  micro-announcements this morning: including $4.7 million to support Pacific fisheries; $25 million to tackle chronic disease across the Pacific; unspecified funding to tackle violence against women; $13 million to tackle climate change in the region and an expansion of the seasonal guest worker program. She'll come home early, leaving tonight rather than tomorrow morning, after a visit to Australia's Rugby team.
Tony Abbott is on the Central Coast. He's attending a community morning tea in Tumbi Umbi.
In Canberra: The ABS will release official jobs figures for August
Victorian Liberal Senator Helen Kroger will host the Melbourne launch of John Howard's updated paperback edition of Lazarus Rising tomorrow. The book features an additional chapter, "The New Paradigm". Mr Howard has been doing the media rounds; he appeared on the ABC's Lateline last night to discuss the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Watch it here.
The Conservative: Controversy can be uncomfortable for those involved, and we're sure South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is no exception. He might under a bit of pressure at the moment for his decision to extend an invitation (link ) to anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Mr Wilders, you'll recall, likened the Koran to Mein Kampf and Islam to fascism. But we're sure things aren't all bad for the Senator - Capital Circle couldn't help but notice the SA Senator is now selling his own wine, appropriately named "The Conservative". The 2008 shiraz looks rather promising.
Farewell: BBC correspondent Nick Bryant has just finished his stint in Sydney. Listen to his final piece
Peter Brent
Peter Brent
A peculiar dynamic
Last week a bi-monthly Victoria Newspoll showed the Coalition ahead 57 to 43 in two party preferred voting intentions. At last November’s election the vote…
More Peter Brent