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Aug 27, 2011

News Alert: Hurricane Irene bears down on Virginia Beach

News Alert: Hurricane Irene bears down on Virginia Beach
August 27, 2011 8:19:14 PM

After slowly making its way up the East Coast, Hurricane Irene is now bearing down on Virginia Beach and other parts of eastern Virginia.

Conditions: The region is encountering the windiest period of the storm from now into the overnight hours, with National Airport reporting sustained winds of 29 mph and gusts of 40 mph. As the onslaught of rain continues, the National Hurricane Center reports water levels rising in the Virginia tidewater region.

Power outages: More than 6,500 homes and businesses in D.C. are without power, 15,000 in Prince George’s County, 10,000 in Anne Arundel and 5,000 around Baltimore. Expect these numbers to rise as gusts whip through the area overnight.

Transportation: The Bay Bridge was ordered closed at 7:35 p.m. Saturday due to severe winds and unsafe driving conditions, the Maryland Transportation Authority said.

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CBS Breaking News Alert: Hurricane Irene makes landfall in N.C.

CBS News: Breaking News Alert August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene weakens slightly to Category 1, makes landfall in North Carolina

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MarketWatch | Weekly Roundup -The Week's top Ten Videos


Weekly Roundup
AUGUST 27, 2011

The week's top 10 videos on MarketWatch

By MarketWatch

In case you missed them, here are the 10 most popular videos that appeared on MarketWatch for the week of Aug. 22-26:

Going for gold gains in funds: a fool's errand?

The average gold fund is up 2% and the average gold commodities-based fund was up 5.5%, even as the spot price of gold was up 9% in first 12 trading days of August, according to Chuck Jaffe, who says some investors must have been a bit disappointed. Jonathan Burton reports.
 Watch Video Report.

Steve Jobs through the years

Steve Jobs has spent his career challenging conventions about personal computing. He's transformed an industry and changed the way we think about technology. A look back at the accomplishments of an American business icon.
 Watch Video Report.

H-P CEO speaks out

On today's digits show: H-P Chief Executive Officer Leo Apotheker tells the Wall Street Journal why he's spinning off H-P's PC unit, new data shows RIM's BlackBerry continues to lose market share to Android and iOS, United Continental pilots get iPads, and, thinking of trading in your suit for the tech start up world?
 Watch Video Report.

Mossberg on Steve Jobs's legacy

Walt Mossberg reflects on the impact of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' resignation on both consumers and the tech industry.
 Watch Video Report.

What iPhone 5 really means for Sprint

Sprint will get both the new iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 but it's unclear just how many new subscribers Sprint will be able to reel in come this fall, MarketWatch's Dan Gallagher reports on Markets Hub.
 Watch Video Report.

Jackson Hole probably won't deliver

Hamstrung politicians give Bernanke and Trichet nearly impossible policy task in Wyoming.
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Bank of America's crisis of confidence

No one really knows how much capital Bank of America needs, leading to a crisis of confidence about the bank's health, Deal Journal's Shira Ovide reports on Markets Hub.
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Apple takes a stance in iPhone, iPad privacy

Apple is telling software developers to stop using a feature in software for its iPhones and iPads that has been linked to tracking users and has raised privacy concerns. Jen Valentino has the story.
 Watch Video Report.

What departure of Apple's Jobs means

As Apple CEO Steve Jobs leaves his post, and Tim Cook steps in, Stacey Delo talks with reporters Dan Gallagher and Yukari Kane on the implications for the company.
 Watch Video Report.

Riding inside a dolphin

You've heard of swimming with dolphins, but what about riding inside one? A California company specializes in making watercrafts that are not only shaped like sea-creatures, but go underwater like them.
 Watch Video Report.

News Alert: Hurricane Irene makes landfall; rains start in the Washington area

August 27, 2011 7:59:23 AM

Hurricane Irene made landfall as a Category 1 storm at 7:05 a.m. Saturday near Cape Hatteras, N.C. The storm leading edge arrived in the Washington area early Saturday with rain starting in the lower parts of the Chesapeake Bay and the beaches of Delaware after wind and rain battered the North Carolina coast. The East Coast of the United States continued to prepare for the storm late Friday, ordering more than a million people to evacuate the affected areas. For continuous updates from Capital Weather Gang go to

For more information, visit

August 27, 2011 7:59:23 AM

Hurricane Irene made landfall as a Category 1 storm at 7:05 a.m. Saturday near Cape Hatteras, N.C. The storm leading edge arrived in the Washington area early Saturday with rain starting in the lower parts of the Chesapeake Bay and the beaches of Delaware after wind and rain battered the North Carolina coast. The East Coast of the United States continued to prepare for the storm late Friday, ordering more than a million people to evacuate the affected areas. For continuous updates from Capital Weather Gang go to

For more information, visit

East Coast braces for Hurricane Irene; warning area expanded : The Washinhton Post Today's Headlines

The Washington Post

East Coast braces for Hurricane Irene; warning area expanded
Rains generated by Hurricane Irene began falling on the Carolinas on Friday, as the Washington region braced for a storm that could wreak havoc up the East Coast.
(By Ashley Halsey III and Carol Morello)

Change, in Obama’s rhetoric
Obama’s reelection campaign is promising to be much different from his first run. The “hope” theme is likely to give way to something more negative.
(By David Nakamura)

GOP leaders trying to avoid a fight on 2012 spending
Congressional Republicans are working to avoid the heated political warfare when Congress turns its attention to annual spending measures next month.
(By Rosalind S. Helderman)

Drug war sparks exodus of affluent Mexicans
Tens of thousands of well-off Mexicans have moved north of the border in a quiet exodus over the past few years, according to local officials, border experts and demographers.
(By Mary Beth Sheridan)

Alpha Phi Alpha honors Martin Luther King Jr.
With Hurricane Irene derailing almost everything else, the ceremony became the week’s sole dedication ritual at the memorial to the fraternity’s most illustrious brother.
(By Michael E. Ruane)

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
WASHINGTON — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Obama returns home early from vacation as Hurricane Irene roars up East Coast
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has arrived at Andrews Air Force Base after shortening his Martha’s Vineyard vacation because of Hurricane Irene.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Economy grew 1 pct. this spring, slower than first estimated; likely to fuel recession fears
WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy grew at a meager 1 percent annual pace this spring, a slower rate than previously estimated. The downward revision will likely increase fears that the economy is at risk of another recession.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Change, in Obama’s rhetoric
Obama’s reelection campaign is promising to be much different from his first run. The “hope” theme is likely to give way to something more negative.
( by David Nakamura , The Washington Post)

2 military medical icons become one
Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Bethesda National Naval Medical Center are merging on Saturday.
( by Steve Vogel , The Washington Post)

Pentagon Memorial offers lesson for the living
The memorial honoring the lives lost there pushes visitors to work to figure it out — and how to relate to it.
( by Manuel Roig-Franzia , The Washington Post)

Hints From Heloise: Pets break out of Saturday slot
The readers have spoken: They’d like her to offer pet hints throughout the week, not just Saturdays.
(, King)

Ask Amy: At 13, daughter is a model of maturity
Her daughter, apparently wise beyond her years, decided against pursuing a modeling career because she didn’t want to become obsessed with her weight. So why is her mother having second thoughts?
(, Tribune Media Service)

Fine with being single
What to tell a well-meaning relative who is trying to play matchmaker.
(, The Washington Post)

Waxing philosophical about Hurricane Irene
The Stoics may offer some solace, according to philosophical counselor Andrew Taggart.
( by Emily Wax , The Washington Post)

Former NBA player Crittenton charged with murder in shooting of a woman on Atlanta street
ATLANTA — Javaris Crittenton, the former NBA player once suspended by the league for bringing a gun into the Washington Wizards’ locker room, has been charged with murder in the shooting of a woman on an Atlanta street.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Colts WR Reggie Wayne backs up talk, posts big performance in support of QB Curtis Painter
INDIANAPOLIS — Reggie Wayne spoke up to defend Curtis Painter, then dramatically backed up his words.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Brazilian Zico in Iraq to negotiate deal to be head coach of national soccer team
BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Football Federation says former Brazilian great Zico has arrived in the country to negotiate a deal to coach the national team.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Without Sanzenbacher, and with Posey suspended, Ohio State must rely on Brown, other unknowns
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State’s wide receivers don’t need to be reminded that no one expects much from them.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Mississippi State's defense anchored by talented defensive tackles Cox and Boyd
STARKVILLE, Miss. — Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox and Josh Boyd never had the luxury of many freshmen, spending time on the sidelines while learning from older, more experienced players. Instead, the defensive tackles contributed immediately when they arrived two seasons ago.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Indian Parliament begins debate on legislation demanding by hunger-striking activist
NEW DELHI — A top ruling party politician warned lawmakers Saturday not to bypass India’s constitution as they seek to resolve an impasse with a high-profile hunger striker who has demanded that they pass an anti-corruption bill.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Mexico reels from deadly casino attack on civilians, mostly women
MONTERREY, Mexico — Lorena Villareal Elizondo went to meet a friend at the Casino Royale, a popular low-cost lunch spot, when armed men burst through the door shouting: “Get out! Get out! We’re going to burn everything!”
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

At least 12 dead as overcrowded ferry sinks in eastern Indonesia; dozens rescued
KOLAKA, Indonesia — An overcrowded ferry sank off eastern Indonesia early Saturday, killing at least 12 people, officials said, as search-and-rescue teams scoured the choppy waters.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Iran launches production of carbon fiber despite UN ban over its possible use in nuke program
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has inaugurated its own production of carbon fiber, a material under U.N. embargo because of its potential use in the country’s controversial nuclear program, the official IRNA news agency reported Saturday.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Pakistan: Militants attack checkpoints, killing 12
PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Pakistani officials say hundreds of militants have crossed the Afghan border and attacked three security checkpoints in northwestern Pakistan, killing 12 troops.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Ask Boswell
Sports Columnist Tom Boswell will take your questions about baseball, the Redskins, the Wizards and more.
(, vForum)

ComPost Live with Alexandra Petri
The Compost, written by Alexandra Petri, offers a lighter take on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
(, vForum)

Opinion Focus with Eugene Robinson
Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson discusses his recent columns and the latest news in a live Q&A.
(, vForum)

Debt Ceiling drama: Why Jonathan Capehart thinks your voice needs to be heard
In his Post-Partisan blog post today, Opinion writer Jonathan Capehart said that "Folks should be marching on the Capitol" in protest of the way the debt issue is being handled. Do you agree?
(, vForum)

Chatological Humor: Monthly with Moron
Gene Weingarten takes polls and chats about his recent columns.
(, vForum)

Oracle puts price tag on Mark Hurd's value in first year: gets compensation valued at $78.4M
SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Hurd may get his $100 million payday after all.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Facebook ends its Deals program, a competitor to Groupon
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is ending its Deals program, which offered the site’s 750 million users discounts similar to those offered by daily deals site Groupon.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Pew study finds half of US adults now use social networks; use among Boomers growing
SAN FRANCISCO — Half of all American adults are now on social networks, slightly more than a year ago, and use among Baby Boomers is growing, according to a new study.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Jonathan Ive's 6 creative designs in collection of Museum of Modern Art
Jonathan Ive, the chief designer at Apple, has six of his creations in the Architecture and Design collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York:
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Facebook increases size of photos people post and makes them load twice as fast
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is increasing the size of photos that people post to its website and making them load twice as fast as before.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Hundreds of thousands of travelers will have vacation plans changed by Hurricane Irene
Hundreds of thousands of travelers will have vacation plans changed by Hurricane Irene.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Hurricane Irene to bring widespread power outages; drivers fill up tanks ahead of storm
NEW YORK — East Coast residents braced for power outages and rushed to top off their gas tanks as Hurricane Irene swept closer to the region Saturday. Power plants, refineries and pipelines prepared to shut down and utility repair crews gathered equipment to fix downed power lines.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

A big move in small-caps?
Some investment advisers think beaten-down small-cap stocks are ready to rebound. Others think the economic situation precludes that.
( by Cezary Podkul , The Washington Post)

Oracle puts price tag on Mark Hurd's value in first year: gets compensation valued at $78.4M
SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Hurd may get his $100 million payday after all.
( Associated Press Associated Press , AP)

Gaining by betting against flimsy Chinese firms
Sahm Adrangi’s red-hot hedge fund has increased sixfold, mostly a product of his ability to spot flimsy Chinese companies listed on U.S. markets.
( by Steven Mufson , The Washington Post)

NYT: Today's Headlines: Top News / Quotation Of The Day / U.S. Interactive Feature:/ Opinion / World / Politics / Business / Technology / Sports / Arts / New York Region / Travel / Editorials / OP-ED / On This Day

Today's Headlines


Hurricane Irene Puts East Coast in Line for Fury

The first punch from Hurricane Irene landed in North Carolina, foreshadowing what is to come as it churned north toward New York City.

U.S. Offers Key Support to Canadian Pipeline

A State Department report found sufficient environmental safeguards to proceed with a project to carry oil to Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast.

Commission Raises N.Y. Judges' Pay 27% Over 3 Years

The increases were less than what some had hoped for the more than 1,200 state judges after 12 years without a raise, but also come at a difficult time politically.
"You only have to look at the weather maps to understand how big this storm is and how unique it is, and it's heading basically for us."
MAYOR MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG, ordering a transit shutdown and the evacuation of about 250,000 New Yorkers from low-lying areas.


Interactive Feature: Scenes from the Storm: Hurricane Irene

Times readers submitted their best photos of Hurricane Irene.
Op-Ed Contributor

A Poll Tax by Another Name

New election laws limit minority voting rights.
The Saturday Profile

Black South African Goes From Never a Sip to Vineyard Fame

Ntsiki Biyela left her village in Zululand to become one of South Africa's few black winemakers in a white-dominated industry, accumulating awards along the way.

Grim Evidence of Fighting's Toll Becomes Clearer in Libya

As the fighting died down in Tripoli, the scope and savagery of the violence during the nearly weeklong battle for control of the capital began to come into sharper focus.

After Taking Libya Town, Rebels Hope End Is Near

Brega was captured without much of a fight, as loyalist forces turned and fled, the rebels said.

Digging In, or Just Getting Out of the Way

For people in cities large and small, Friday served as a big day for last-minute preparations.

Teams Run for Cover as Irene Approaches; Jets-Giants Postponed

The approaching hurricane forced the Giants and Jets to call off Saturday's exhibition game.

As Irene Approaches, Banks Prepare for the Worst

As Hurricane Irene travels up the East Coast, New York is steeling itself for disaster, with several big financial firms located in designated flood zones.
The Caucus

Obama Warns of 'Historic' Storm and Cuts Short Vacation

President Obama warns East Coast residents to take precautions as Hurricane Irene nears.

Irene Could Disrupt Fund-Raisers

Three big presidential fund-raisers scheduled for this weekend are up in the air thanks to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene, currently hurtling toward New York.

New Jersey Ruling on Witnesses May Prod New York to Change

Some analysts say a New Jersey Supreme Court decision that set new rules for witness identification procedures in criminal cases could help recast police lineups across the country.

As Trade Volumes Soar, Exchanges Cash In

The latest trading rush is enhancing exchanges' bottom line, but some analysts worry that the volatility and downbeat economic news may frighten away investors in the long term.

Bernanke Blames Politics for Financial Upheaval

In his much-anticipated speech, the Federal Reserve chairman said the nation's long-term prospects were strong, but suggested that the United States fiscal system was broken.

Case of 8,000 Menacing Posts Tests Limits of Twitter Speech

The F.B.I. says William Cassidy published 8,000 Twitter posts, almost all of them about a woman, Alyce Zeoli, and her Buddhist group.

Apple Ends Its TV Episode Rental Service

Apple announced the rental plan last fall as an experiment to encourage sales of shows through iTunes, but rentals did not take off as hoped.

Chinese Protest Suspensions of Bloggers

If the Chinese government was behind the suspensions, it was the clearest expression yet of the government's growing concern about its inability to curb free expression on the Internet.

Electric-Car Makers' Quest: One Plug to Charge Them All

As more electric vehicles come on the market, the need for a common standard for fast-charge connectors is growing.

With Williams Sisters as Model, Prospect Tries to Find Her Way

Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, called Taylor Townsend "one of the best 15-year-olds you can see today in America or I think in the world."

Conviction of Bonds on Obstruction Charge Is Upheld by Judge

The federal judge's decision stymied the efforts of Barry Bonds's lawyers to erase the felony conviction from his record.
Orioles 12, Yankees 5

One Lost Day Follows Another

For the second consecutive start and the third time in his last five, A. J. Burnett was nothing short of terrible as the Orioles pounded the Yankees in front of a crowd of 32,762 at Camden Yards.

Odysseus Is Parading Into Queens

Using puppets and much imagination, two artists are bringing "The Odyssey" to a riverfront park in Long Island City

No Host for MTV Video Awards

MTV has decided to dispense with a host at this year's show, on Sunday, which will include performances by Pitbull, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Young the Giant.

A School for Actors in Ireland

The new National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin mixes public and private money for degree-granting programs.

With Storm Near, 370,000 in City Get Evacuation Order

New York City officials issued what they called an unprecedented order on Friday for the evacuation of about 370,000 residents of low-lying areas at the city's edges.

Evacuation of City's Low-Lying Areas Begins Ahead of Storm

Residents of shorefront communities wrestled with questions of emergency preparedness as they began to leave their homes, while patients from 22 health care facilities were evacuated.

This Storm, Bloomberg Responds Differently

Planning and precaution, both of which eluded the Bloomberg administration during the snowstorm that shut down much of the city, seemed to define its aggressive response to Hurricane Irene.

Over the Alps on a Bike With a Boost

Cycling Swiss mountain passes with battery power (and some breath to spare) isn't such a bad way to cheat.

36 Hours in Portland, Ore.

Long noted for its bike culture and all things independent and artisan, in recent years the city has emerged as the capital of West Coast urban cool.
Practical Traveler

When Teenagers Fly Alone

Can your teenager fly alone? It depends on the airline's policy, but should parents have a choice to opt-out?

Mr. Bernanke's Warning

Washington needs to stop the political antics and focus on housing and jobs.

Relief for Student Debtors

Legislation before Congress would eliminate the unfair protections for private student lenders and give struggling borrowers a chance at a fresh start.

What Did They Really See?

The New Jersey Supreme Court set new, laudable guidelines on eyewitness identification of criminal suspects that could become the national standard.
Op-Ed Columnist

What Makes Steve Jobs Great

The visionary businessman broke all the rules at Apple, except his own.
Op-Ed Columnist

Failing Forward

We have a growing crisis among the nation's children, yet our policies ignore that reality at best and exacerbate it at worst.
Op-Ed Columnist

Britain Goes Nimby

The Brits seem to be all for wind power, but just try to put a wind turbine near someone's backyard.
On Aug. 27, 1962, the United States launched the Mariner 2 space probe, which flew past Venus the following December.