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Aug 15, 2011

Smartcompany News: Cudo tipped to sell for $60 million, The serious business of etiquette, Google’s $12 billion buy, Facebook sacking upheld, Qantas cuts 1,000 jobs

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Today on SmartCompany we look at Google’s $12 billion acquisition of Motorola’s mobile unit, examine reports that group buying leader Cudo is on the sale block for $60 million and ask why Warren Buffett is calling for higher taxes for the rich. Plus we examine the sad story of the collapse of AED Oil just three years after it received $US600 million from an investor and in Entrepreneur Watch, James Thomson cheers some retail innovation.

And don’t forget there are only TWO DAYS LEFT to enter our annual Smart50 awards. We’ve got some fantastic entries this year, but we know that lots of you leave it to the last minute, so it’s officially time to get cracking and enter.

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Top Story
The serious business of etiquette
Is it time for you to go back to business etiquette school? BY EMILY ROSS.

Legal Update
Are you monitoring your employees’ social media use?
Fair Work Australia has confirmed that sacking an employee for comments made on social media websites can be justified in appropriate circumstances. BY PETER VITALE.
Social media use

Aunty B
Where should I get my news from?
Well of course you felt better when you were a one paper a day man. You were probably getting the viewpoint of Rupert Murdoch every day.
Aunty B

People problems
Eve Ash
How long does it take to reply to emails and answer calls? It doesn't take a lot of effort to be an effective communicator.
Eve Ash

Internet secrets
Craig Reardon
The following responses to the online selling boom sum up opportunity versus threat.
Craig Reardon

Michel Hogan
Brands rarely fail due to things on the “not only” list. However, plenty have failed due to things on the “brand is also” list.
Michel Hogan

Entrepreneur Watch
James Thomson
One positive out of the retail sector’s struggle is the new ideas big players are coming up with.
James Thomson

Obama plans to preserve major government role in mortgage market: The washington Post News Alert

August 15, 2011
President Obama has concluded that the federal government must continue to play a significant role in the nation’s mortgage market, a milestone in the effort to craft a new housing policy from the wreckage of the mortgage meltdown. According to people familiar with the matter, a proposal now being developed by the administration could preserve, though with significant new constraints, mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which some critics say contributed to the financial crisis.

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MarketWatch | Personal Finance Daily: Survey: Telecommuters cause less trouble.

Personal Finance Daily
AUGUST 15, 2011

Survey: Telecommuters cause less trouble

By MarketWatch

Don't miss these top stories:

Employees who work from home don't seem to get in as much trouble as their coworkers in the office, according to a recent study of telecommuters and misconduct, Amy Hoak reports today in her Home Economics column. It may seem a bit counterintuitive — that employees who are not under the watchful eye of their corporate overlords behave well despite less supervision. But as it turns out, there are lots of reasons why people would commit less misconduct outside the office. First, they are less likely to get into some types of trouble, such as workplace harassment. And working from home is still a privilege in some companies, so employees value the opportunity and protect it. Read more about the results of the study and about what you can do to make your case for working from home.

Anne Stanley , Managing Editor, Personal Finance

People who work at home are more honest

Employees who work from home commit less misconduct on the job than peers who head into the office each day, according to a recent survey of employers.
Read more: People who work at home are more honest.

2011 Chevrolet Corvette GS

The basic Corvette formula — plunk a big old V-8 inside a sports car and tweak the suspension — still produces a first-rate sports machine.
Read more: 2011 Chevrolet Corvette GS.

Once bit, rich shy from risk of stocks

After taking big risks and big losses in 2008, wealthy investors have become the Cassandras of the financial world, hunkering down with cash, gold, farmland and other haven investments.
Read more: Once bit, rich shy from risk of stocks.


Regulators struggle to draft ‘living will' rules

How to divide a big global failing bank's assets and what parts of a financial institution's structure should be publicly disclosed are two of dozens of complex issues facing U.S. regulators as they draft rules for bank ‘living wills.'
Read more: Regulators struggle to draft ‘living will' rules.

Next budget showdown is just 6 weeks away

The next budget showdown in Washington could be just six weeks away.
Read more: Next budget showdown is just 6 weeks away.

Home builder sentiment stuck at low level in Aug.

A measure of confidence in builders for new single-family homes remained stuck at very low levels during August, according to a report released Monday.
Read more: Home builder sentiment stuck at low level in Aug.

Empire State index negative for third month

Manufacturing activity in the New York region deteriorated for the third straight month in August, according to data released Monday in what adds to concern over the health of the U.S. economy.
Read more: Empire State index negative for third month.

Foreign demand for Treasurys deteriorates in June

Foreign demand for Treasurys weakens sharply in June, with private foreign investors selling a record net amount of long-term Treasurys, the Treasury Department says.
Read more: Foreign demand for Treasurys deteriorates in June.


5 money moves one quant trader is making now

To a generation of investors raised to believe in the power of owning stocks for the long run, Barry Ritholtz has a characteristically blunt message: Buy-and-hold investing is dead.
Read more: 5 money moves one quant trader is making now.

Be an investor or a trader, but not both

There's a simple lesson for mutual fund investors traveling the stock market's wild road these days: Pick a lane. Because traders make money, investors make money, but wafflers get run over.
Read more: Be an investor or a trader, but not both.

Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Google announces plan to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.
Read more: Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

Golden ticket buys wild market ride

During times like this, it's most important to be prepared for whatever comes. We know that's not very reassuring, but what's happening is truly unprecedented and it's been building for years. It's not recent.
Read more: Golden ticket buys wild market ride.

Money Show Investors Daily Alert: Igor Greenwald, The Stock Market's No Oracle.

Investors Daily Alert

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Positive News from China?

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Economic and Financial Market Outlook, James Paulsen
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The Economist Selected New Articles: Democracy in America / Schumpeter / Babbage and ... more

Democracy in America sees Conservative dogmatism defeating Republican pragmatism

Schumpeter defends the put-upon middle manager

Babbage examines the small future of unmanned air power

Free exchange considers why the unemployed don't reduce their wage

Audio: Thailand's new government

Daily chart: Football management

Online debate: Alongside the rebuttals, Robert Guest explains what's wrong with Europe's immigration policy

The Australian Business Briefing: Newcrest tames gold market bulls

Newcrest tames gold market bulls
Gold Matt Chambers NEWCREST Mining will curb production at its big Telfer goldmine and has slashed medium-term company production guidance.
Leighton sets its sights high
Leighton sets sights high after tough year Tracy Lee LEIGHTON chief David Stewart has set an ambitious target to lift net profit to $1 billion over the next four years.
Puffin costs send AED under
oil platform Sarah-Jane Tasker CHINA'S Australian oil and gas partner, AED Oil, has gone into administration as a result of a dispute over the Puffin oilfield.
Bitter DFO dispute heads for trial
Grant Samuel Richard Gluyas AS the day wore on, the body language, or complete lack of it, did not bode well for Graeme Samuel.
Investors mark down UGL
Investors mark down UGL decision to delay guidance Tracy Lee UGL chief Richard Leupen cited global market volatility as a factor in his decision not to issue specific earnings guidance.
Milliner doffs hat to China
lliner takes his hat off to China relationship Andrew Main HAVING spent two decades visiting the Middle Kingdom, Robert Milliner has become what was once called an "old China hand".
Financial Markets
Wall St boosted by Google deal
Wall St Brendan Conway US stocks advanced today, wiping out last week's losses, as corporate deal making helped send blue chips up 214 points.
Soft $US helps gold price
Oil rises 3pc on weak $US
Financial Markets Coverage
Mining & Energy
Soft $US helps gold price
Gold Tatyana Shumsky GOLD snapped a two-day losing streak to finish higher today as a weaker US dollar mitigated selling pressure.
Oil rises 3pc on weak $US
Copper climbs for a third day
More Mining & Energy

The Australian Capital Circle: Economy in focus as anti-Labor protests rise

Capital Circle Newsletter
Economy in focus as anti-Labor protests rise
Labor is talking up the economy as protests against the carbon tax continue and parliament resumes.

Julia Gillard is in Melbourne for the funeral of Clyde Holding, a former federal minister and Victorian opposition leader. She'll return to Canberra in time for Question Time later today.
Tony Abbott is in Canberra and will highlight the one-year anniversary of Julia Gillard's no carbon tit has been a year since Julia Gillard promised "there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead" at a no carbon tax rally on the lawns of Parliament House.
Wayne Swan will deliver an economic statement to the House today at about 1.15pm, before Question Time. He had dinner with World Bank president Bob Zoellick last night and will hold a press conference with him this morning. Mr Swan told his fellow ministers yesterday the public needs to be reassured about the strength of the economy in the wake of global economic turbulence ( report)
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In Canberra today the Consumers and Taxpayers Association rally "for ethical government and against the carbon tax'' has been timed to coincide with the return of parliament. Mr Abbott will join other senior Coalition figures including Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce at the rally.
About 1000 political, civic, religious leaders and families will meet in the Great Hall today to tell politicians "Don't Meddle with Marriage".
The new senators sworn in at the start of July will begin their maiden speeches today. Look out for Greens Senator Richard di Natale after 5pm.
The Institute for Public Affairs climate change policy director Tim Wilson has submitted more than 750 FOI requests to the Department of Climate Change in four months, leading the department to ask him to stop submitting requests (more from